Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Meanwhile - in a remote, vast and lonely corner of the still - developing Third World:

Southwest Texas U.S.A. -- Zip 78832

A legendary two - fisted  Brackett ISD Superintendent comes out swinging...

Big time!

"Making a Difference"

By Taylor Stephenson. Snippet from his original in the Kinney County Post. Thursday, January 31, 2013.
"I attended a school administrator's conference in Austin the past two days.

"The financial outlook for the state of Texas is good, but the projections are that there will be no new money for schools in Texas.

"The last legislative session cut about $5 billion from educational appropriations.

"So, it looks like another year of school cuts throughout Texas.

"The Texas rainy day fund will grow to about $12 billion this year."


"The funding formula for schools is unfair and inadequate.

"Some districts receive  twice as much per child as others ..."

And friends? He is right: that's not cool! :(


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