Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's Milestones: Memoirs 1927 - 1977.

Page 16.

O.K., here it's like the future Pope Benedict XVI is showing us how the NAZI's were beginning to tinker with a sort of New Age Revolutionary approach to promoting anti - Christianity!

Just what we're seeing in Catholic parishes all across America in 2008, including right there in Brackettville, at least with our own shake and bake "Liturgy Committee" para - liturgical productions like what I'm sure is planned for tonight, you can better believe it...

Now, as the future Pope tells us about his own native German village prior to WW II:

"There was, however one very gifted young teacher who was quite enthusiastic about the new [NAZI or New Age, either one!] ideas.

"He attempted to make a breach in the solid structure of a village life that bore the deep imprint of the Church's liturgical year.

"So it was that he erected a Maypole with great pomp and circumstance and composed a kind of prayer to the Maypole [like our favorite Deacon's ritual for tonight of ceremoniously burning deceased persons' name as an offering to some Great Unknown Hindu Tribal Deity or whatever!] as symbol of a life force perpetually renewing itself.

"The Maypole was supposed to bring back a portion of Germanic religion and thus help gradually to expel Christianity, which was now denounced as alienating Germans form their own great festivals, again as a return to the sacredness of nature and to Germanic origins, to take the place of alien notions such as Jewish and Roman religion.

"When nowadays I hear how in many parts of the world Christianity is criticized [including that same criticism implicit in the forthcoming trashy ceremony concocted by our very own St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish Liturgical Committee, for tonight's menu!] as a destruction of individual cultural identity and an imposition of European values, I am amazed at how similar the types of argumentation are and at how familiar many a turn of phrase sounds..."

"The Season of Lights could have been saved"

¡Ora, UTEP!


¡Ora, MEChA!

So says Ms. Adriana Gómez Licón -- Editor - in - Chief. In The UTEP Prospector, November 25, 2008.

"This year, UTEP won't greet the arrival of winter holidays with its characteristic annual Season of Lights celebration.

"Alumni Association President Henry Quintana announced in a press release sent Oct. 17 that limited funds had forced the organization to cancel the popular event UTEP offered.

"The cost to install and maintain the lights is between $35,000 and $40,000 said Richard Daniel Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations.

"While the university only paid about $3,000 during the holiday season, the Alumni Association assumed the cost of the installation and maintenance of the lights.

"This year, they decided to withdraw its sponsorship.

"The financial decision has drawn a lot of negative criticism from UTEP alumni and students who didn't want to see his tradition canceled.

"The Season of Lights dates back to the 1960's.

"It consisted of candles in brown bags lining University Avenue and grew to have more than 200,000 lights covering the school's main buildings and trees...."

Thanksgiving Day Mass Altar Server Show - up List of Honor!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008. 10:00 a.m. Team Mr. Adam Resendez w/ Mr. Jonathan Quiroz & Mr. Christian Quiroz.

Great job, fellas!

I'd say at least 100 or so of us were witnesses to the assistance you all gave to the Rev. Father Pius Ezeigbo and the Rev. Mr. Joe Goebel, Deacon!

Thanksgiving Day Mass 2007 vs. Thanksgiving Day Mass 2008.

St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish Brackettville, Texas.

Thanksgiving Day Mass 2007. 8:00 a.m. 40 +/- persons in attendance.

Thanksgiving Day Mass 2008. 10:00 a.m. 100 +/- persons in attendance.

Congratulations to "Patricia" and the Rev. Mr. Joe Goebel, Deacon for suggesting Saturday evening that the later hour would be be the most beneficial!

'Cause it was! :)

Whew! Another THANKSGIVING -- and now -- it's "thankfully" gone!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Will Democrat Barack Obama's Latino supporters discover he won't deliver on immigration and that they have been used?"

I'm betting on labor to win...

Adapted from this source: Mr. Ruben Navarrette's column, Immigration vow hard to keep, The "San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS." Thursday, November 13, 2008.

"It's true that President - elect Obama owes Latinos an enormous debt for giving him two - thirds of their votes."

¿Somos los chupones católicos estadounidenses muy sabio, o qué? ¡je, je, je!

"But Obama and congressional Democrats also owe a lot to labor.

"Those IOUs are headed for a collision.

"I'm betting on labor to win.

"Expect Latinos to get shortchanged again.

"They may get bought off with a couple of high - profile appointments.

"Bill Richardson is already mentioned as a possible secretary of state and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa could also be in line for a prominent role in the new administration."

... they'll know they've been used....

"But nothing else

"And if Latinos are paying attention and holding the new president to account, they'll know they've been used.

"And, if honest with themselves, they'll have something to be disgusted about."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Ejército huye en el Congo"

"Soldados congoleños juegan fútbol en el poblado de Kayna.

"Los rebeldes avanzan y los aliados de los militares les roban las armas que dejan éstos durante la retirada."

El Zócalo de Piedras Negras, Miércoles 19 de Noviembre de 2008.

"Niña ve final feliz tras vivir un calvario"

"Después de vivir un verdadero drama al ser separado de su madre cuando intentaban escapapr del conflicto en el Congo, Protegee, una niña de ocho años, se pudo reunir con ella.

"La menor caminó con miles de desplazados por varios días, en ocasiones tuvo que cargar en su espalda a su sobrinita Response.

"Finalmente encontró a su madre, Esperance Nirakagori, en Kiwanja en un campamento de refugiados.

"En la gráfica superior, tomada el 6 noviembre de este mes, la pequeña derrama lágrimas por su progenitora, mientras lleva a Response cargada, quien también llora desconsoladamente..."

Abajo otro foto de tres seres queridos y ahora también alegres, leemos:

"Esperance Nirakagori sonríe feliz al haberse reunido con su hija y su nieta."

Future St. Mary Magdalene's Alter Server Schedule

Thursday, Nov. 27, 2008. 10:00 a.m. Thanksgiving Mass. Team Mr. Adam Resendez -- includes Mr. Jonathan Quiroz & Mr. Christian Quiroz.

St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish Altar Server Show - up Roll of Honor

Sunday, Nov. 23, 2008. 8:00 a.m. Mass. Team Ms. Bianca Terrazas & Ms. Bianca Martinez.

Sunday, Nov. 23, 2008. 10:30 a.m. Mass. Team Mr. Johnny López.

Hardworking St. Mary Magdalene's Altar Servers can both run and cook!

"Girls XC Team Places 6th at State"

"... Ms. Icela Rueda placed 79th, with a time of 13.57"

"Kinney County Food Show"

The Kinney County Food Show was held on Sunday, November 9th at the Church of Christ.

"These 4 - Hers completed their project by preparing a dish and answering questions related to the dish, food guide pyramid and what they learned in the project.

"[Among] the winners [was] Mr. Garón Rueda."

Source: The Brackett News, Thursday, November 20, 2008.

"Buddha or not, he's gone back to the jungle"

From the Associated Press / The San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS. Sunday, November 23, 2008.

"KATMANDU, Nepal -- A youth revered by many as a reincarnation of Buddha has returned to the jungle to mediate after emerging for less than two weeks, officials said Saturday.

"Ram Bahadur Bamjan, 18, reappeared Nov. 10 after after several months of mediation to bless thousands of his followers, speaking to them at least twice.

"His followers lined up near the jungle of Ratanpur, about 100 miles south of Katmandu, to be blessed by Bamjan.

"He tapped the believers on their forehead [an old American charismatic revivalist trick!] but didn't speak to them individually.

"The followers believe he has been mediating without food and water since he was first spotted in the jungles of southern Nepal, in 2005.

"Believers say he spent months without moving, sitting with his eyes closed beneath a tree.

"But several Buddhist scholars have been skeptical of the claims that Bamjan is a reincarnation of Siddhartha Gautama, who was born in southwestern Nepal roughly 2,500 years ago and became revered as the Buddha, or Enlightened One.

"Rakesh, a Buddhist scholar, said last week that being Buddha means the last birth and the highest level that can be achieved and there can be no reincarnation of Buddha, even though Buddhists believe in life after death."

"Bodas de Estaño"

Por la Licenciada Maricela Lomas / Zócalo / Acuña. Martes 4 de Noviembre de 2008.

"Las encantadoras niñas Leslie Arely y Lucila Jacqueline felicitaron a sus queridos padres el señor Cristyan Iván González y Mayra Alejandra de González, por el aniverario de bodas.

"Las más sincera felicitaciones con motivo del significativo acontecimineto.

"Estuvieron festejando el Aniversario de Estaño."

"Bola Blanca a 250 de 480 jóvenes"

Adaptada de el comentario por el Sr. licenciado Jaime Hernández Cruz, Zócalo / Acuña / Martes 4 de Noviembre de 2008.

"Unos 230 obtuvieron bola negra"

"200 jóvenes fueron los que asistieron, así como padres y madres de familias"

"Unos 230 conscriptos, entre remisos y de la clase 1990, son los que realizarán su servicio militar a partir del mes de febrero y durante todo un año en las instalaciones de la Guarnición Militar de esta ciudad.

"Este domingo pasado, se efectuó en las instalaciones de la plaza pública Benjamín Canales, en punto de las diez de la mañana, el sorteo para la selectividad de aquellos jóvenes que habrán de realizar su servicio militar durante todo el 2009, como también de todos aquellos que no lo realizarán.

"[P]or parte de la SEDENA, [estuvo] el Teniente [legendario] de Infantería, Calistro Jiménez Ramírez.

"Finalmente, el titular de la Junta de Reclutamiento, Edgar Iturbe Gutiérrez, recalcó que aquellos que asistieron al evento y entregaron su media cartilla, deberán de pasar en esta misma semana a recogerla, ya con el sello."

Monday, November 24, 2008

"50 of the 267 active U.S. bishops stated that it was a grave sin to cast a vote for the Illinois senator...

"many priests warned parishioners against making such a choice...."

Father James Martin, S.J., Associate Editor of the Jesuit magazine "America," November 24, 2008.

"Malaysians told yoga's too Hindu for Muslims"

Like maybe our Islamic brothers are on to something, huh?!

Want to bet that the lawyer - activist and author of The Hidden Danger of the Rainbow, Ms. Constance Cumbey (at least I think that was her name!) wouldn't have reason to agree with at least some of what our Muslim brothers are saying?

Adapted from Associated Press / The San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS, Sunday, November 23, 2008.

"KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- This nation's top Islamic body fresh from banning tomboys, issued an edict Saturday that prohibits Muslims from practicing yoga, saying the elements of Hinduism in the ancient Indian exercise could corrupt them.

"The National Fatwa Council's chairman, Abdul Shukor Husin, said that many Muslims fail to understand [one might suspect as do many Christians!] that yoga's ultimate aim is to be one with a god of a different religion -- an explanation disputed by many practitioners who say yoga need not have a religious element.

"Abdul Shukor said, We are of the view that yoga, which originates from Hinduism, combines physical exercise, religious elements, chanting and worshiping for the purpose of achieving inner peace and ultmately to be one with god..."

Hummm ... well, .... o.k....... :)

"Carbonífera : Escenificarán historia de México"

Adaptada de la obra original de un tal Señor licenciado Moisés Santiago Hernández, de El Zócalo deCiudad Piedras Negras, Miércoles 19 de Noviembre de 2008. / Nueva Rosita / Coahuila / La República Mexicana.

"Normalistas pretendan transmitir a la ciudadanía la herencia histórica de los héroes nacionales."

"Todo listo para que hoy se lleve a cabo el desfile de la Revolución Mexicana por los estudiantes de la Escuela Normal Experimental, con la finalidad de crear una nueva imagen a los que fueron forjadores de nuestro México, afirmó el profesor Federico Borjón de los Santos.

"Dará inicio a las nueve de la mañana en las afueras de la escuela con el ensombremiento de la Adelita , para luego hacer un recorrido por la Villa de San Juan de Sabinas y posteriormente se realizará en Nueva Rosita a las tres de la tarde partiendo por el bulevar Adolfo López Mateos a la altura de la Escuela Secundaria Fortunato Gutiérrez Cruz, para terminar en la plaza principal...'

Y ahora un saludo cordial a todos los alumnos y ex - alumnos de esta escuela fabulosa

Através el transcurso del tiempo, hemos tenido el don de haber conocido a tanta buena gente, alumnos y ex - alumnos -- que incluye por lo menos una buena amiga y comadre de dos hermanos míos -- que han asistido a sus clases allá.

Igual a la secundaria del Estado Federico Ramón Berrueto, en Saltillo, y la famosa Preparatoria Federal por Cooperación Chamizal de Ciudad Juarez, y la Escuela Normal Experimental de Las Nieves, Zacatecas, es nomás que el mero hecho que la Escuela Secundaria Fortunato Gutiérrez Cruz de Nueva Rosita, es una ser en si misma... cuyo lema puede ser igual aquel de La Chamizal:

Siempre Habrá Una Nueva Generación

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"¿Somos los mexicanos muy sabios?"

El Zócalo de Piedras Negras, Miércoles 19 de Noviembre de 2008.

"Traileros eligieron a madrina pechona de lujo"

Adaptada ( ¡'Pos sí, de una manera tan devolada!) de: El Zócalo de Ciudad Piedras Negras, Sabinas Coahuila. Miércoles 19 de Noviembre de 2008. Por el joven dichoso Sr. licenciado Enrique Ramírez.

"Día del Trailero"

"La protagonista de la telenovela Mañana es para siempre, Aleida Nuñez, fue la madrina de los traileros y encabezó el enorme contingente de aproximadamente 250 unidades que el domingo disfilaron por la carretera federal 57, partiendo del mineral de Palaú, para concluir en San José de Aura, municipio de Progreso, Coahuila; evento que se llevó a cabo para conmemorar el Día del Trailero."

1964: "Mary Pinchot Meyer -- mistress of John Kennedy, friend of Jackie Kennedy -- was murdered..."

"Meyer had embraced the 1960s before she met her fate along the C & O Canal. Her affair with JFK came out after* her death."

*Note on this last:

Bravo sierra! My old man knew about it as did many tens of thousands of other moderately skeptical good folks among America's less credulous and toadying Catholic population!

True, as I seem to recall, in most published copies of what looked in retrospect to have been long range surveillance photographs apparently taken at the time, she was simply designated as "the woman in a dark (or was it a light ?) trench coat," or some such thing.

It wasn't like he was puritanical, o.k.?

My dad just figured that any American president as careless about his outrageously flamboyant sex life as was JFK was both: 1) the mother of all national security risks and 2) in the old - fashioned Biblical sense of the term, a fool, given what Dad supposed would have been JFK's resulting vulnerability to blackmail and over - all shakedowns.

And "Now," as Paul Harvey would have said, "for the rest of today's story!"

Adapted from: Woman, Interrupted. By Lance Morrow. "Smithsonian" magazine, December 2008.

"On a perfect October day in 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer -- mistress of John Kennedy friend [Hey! Give us a break fella! :)] of Jackie Kennedy and ex - wife of a top CIA man [Uh, oh! :) ], Cord Meyer -- was murdered in the rarefied Washington precinct of Georgetown.

"I was a cub reporter on the Washington Star.

"I heard the radio dispatcher direct Cruisers 25 and 26 (which I recognized as homicide squad cars) to the C & O Canal.

"There were no cops with the body yet.

"Because I had played there as boy, I knew there was a tunnel under the canal a few hundred yards west of where the body lay."

Our man of men crosses over, hoping he doesn't run smack into the friendly Washington DC CIA noon - duty shift hit man! :)

"I approached the body of Mary Pinchot Meyer and stood over it, weirdly and awkwardly alone as the police advanced from either direction.

"She lay on her side, as if sleeping.

"She was dressed in a light blue fluffy angora sweater, pedal pushers and sneakers.

"I saw a neat and almost bloodless bullet hole in her head.

"She looked entirely peaceful, vaguely patrician.

"She had an air of Georgetown.

"The cops from the homicide squad knew me.

"They told me to move away."

Enter Lee Harvey Oswald's Soul Brother!

Poor 'ole Ray Crump, Jr.!!

"The police found a man in the woods down by the river.

"His name was Ray Crump Jr., and he was black.[¡Guau! Wow! #1 :) ]

"His clothes were wet.

"He had a cut on his hand.

"The murder weapon was never found. [¡Guau! Wow! #2 :) ]

"It may still be at the bottom of the river. [Da*m*n! Sherlock Holmes had better move over for this genius! :)

"Crump was acquitted for lack of evidence..." [Cool! At least my guess would be that THAT was good news, maybe the only good news. Plus, who knows? Maybe even simple justice!]

Friday, November 21, 2008

"[UTEP] Miners ride past [SMU] Mustangs, 36 - 10"

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Adelante, DESTINO! ¡Ora, MEChA!

UTEP's Mr. Quinton Martinez -- Sports Editor -- w/photographer Mr. Fernie Castillo, both of The UTEP Prospector, has the story, November 18, 2008.

"Trevor Vittatoe put on the kind of statistical performance normally reserved for a quarterback on the opposite sideline, tossing for a career - best 410 yards and three touchdowns, leading the Miners to an easy 36 - 10 win over SMU Nov. 15 at the Sun Bowl.

"UTEP had 544 total yards, including 134 on the ground, for the team's best offensive output of the season, yet the defense also had far and away its best night of the year.

"If not for a late cosmetic touchdown for the Mustangs, the Miners could have held SMU completely out of the end zone on the night.

"[H]ead coach Mike Price said, I'm sure happy we are playing for something in November and playing for a chance to go to a bowl."

Catholic bishops warning to incoming administration is grim:

President - elect Obama's plans for aggressively pro - abortion policies, legislation and executive orders will permanently alienate tens of millions of Americans.

From: "Today's Catholic" newspaper, The Archdiocese of San Antonio, Texas. November 21, 2008. Bishops cite post election abortion deregulation fears.

"BALTIMORE (CNS). --Fears about laws and changes in regulations on abortion that might advance under a new Democratic - run Congress and White House are the central focus of a statement approved by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Nov. 12 during its annual fall meeting.

"The [major portion] of the 830 - word, untitled statement focuses on concerns about the possible passage of the Freedom of Choice Act, calling it an evil law that would further divide our country, and adding that the church should be intent on opposing evil."

2008 Elections not a referendum on abortion ....

"It warns against interpreting the outcome of the Nov. elections as a referendum on abortion and says aggressively pro - abortion policies,legislation an dexecutive orders will permanently alienate tens of millions of Americans...

"[A] group of African - American women working for Oakland organized the Good News Employee Association (GNEA)..."

Adapted from "This Rock" Catholic magazine, December
2008, Will the government Tell Christians to Shut Up? By author Ronald J. Rychlak.

His bio:

"Ronald J. Rychlak is a professor of law and associate dean at the University of Mississippi School of Law. He is the author of Hitler, the War, and the Pope (2000) and Righteous Gentiles (2005)."

Now, this excerpt:

"Like many municipal governments, Oakland, California uses a closed e-mail system and several bulletin boards to carry out its business.

"The city's employee groups also use the bulletin boards and e - mail system to promote their activities.

""In 2003, a group of African - American women working for Oakland organized the Good News Employee Association (GNEA), which they described as a forum for people of faith to express their views on the contemporary issues of the day.

"They prepared a flier explaining that the group honored the Natural Family, Marriage and Family Values.

"GNEA posted its flier on the city bulletin board and asked for permission to spread more news about it on the city's e - mail system.

"Not only was GNEA's request to use the e - mail system denied, the flier was taken down and destroyed by city officials.

"City officials concluded that it violated a city regulation prohibiting discrimination and / or harassment based on sexual orientation.

"The most controversial sentence was: Marriage is the foundation of the natural family and sustains family values.

"According to the officials, the sentence is inflammatory, perhaps even a hate crime.

"They warned that statements like this could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

"In 2007, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the city's action..."

"It Couldn't Happen Here?"

Priest: "[W]e should be prepared for wholesale persecution of Christians in this country..."

A free - wheeling adaptation from this source: Editor Ms. Cherie Peacock of "This Rock" Catholic magazine, December 2008.

"Now, in addition to hate crimes, we have hate speech.

"Because you and I are guilty.

"At least I am, and I hope you are.

"My most recent offense was putting a sign in my window supporting Proposition 8, an amendment to the California constitution defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

""Now, a sign supporting traditional marriage makes me a hater -- at least according to the shouts of passersby.

"When did we become the enemy?

"Back in 2001, I was having a conversation with a priest friend about the troubling direction our country was taking.

"He told me that we should be prepared for wholesale persecution of Christians in this country during our lifetimes.

"He fully expected to go to jail for upholding the Church's teaching on homosexuality.

No, I argued. This is America...

"No, I argued.

"This is America.

"We have freedoms, protections.

"It couldn't go wrong that quickly.

"A mere seven years later, I now believe that Father was right.

"He usually is ..."

Thursday, November 20, 2008

"FAX To: The Very Reverend James Patrick Fischler, CICM, Dean of the Uvalde, Texas, Deanery, Archdiocese of San Antonio.

"Date: Friday, December 28, 2007.

"Re: Other items covered in both the Tuesday, December 11 meeting with Fr. Quang, our pastor, plus our early morning meeting -- again at Father's request -- on Friday, December 14, 2007, from around 8:40 a.m. to 9:05 a.m. This memo is in fulfillment of Fr. Quang's Protocol.

"Dear Father Fischler:

"Item One: Both Deacon Dr. Joe Goebel and Dr. Don Smith, the latter head of the Charismatic Renewal Group at St. Mary Magdalene's Parish Church here in Brackettville, Texas, 120 miles south west of San Antonio, seem to be pushing some very specific personal opinions regarding the Virgin Mary, as though the Catholic Church itself had already endorsed them and made them a part of the magisterium.

"Item Two: Father Quang D. Van, the duly established pastor of our parish church has been informed of all this, both verbally and in writing.

"Item Three: Both Deacon Dr. Joseph Goebel and Dr. Don Smith are tough, capable and effective leaders, totally dedicated to their respective causes, solid and for the most part mature citizens -- without an ounce of neurosis and if anything, even less subject to psycho-somatic afflictions than the normal run of human beings -- who have suffered and sacrificed much in achieving their life goals.

"Item Four: Finally, because of their dedication to their respective causes, they've been amazingly successful in turning a big section of St. Mary Magdalene's Parish, 2007 A.D. into a reasonable facsimile of some medieval Albigensian enclave like Montaillou, the famous Promised Land of Error, in 1307 A.D.

"Item Five: As the French author Emmanuel Leroy Ladurie points out [in] his celebrated study cited in Item Four, Catholic Conservatives as well as non - Christian Albigensians who for all they might differ in such things as their views of the Incarnation, could and did make common cause aganst the common enemy, which was Episcopal or outside secular authority of any kind. (this is just a rough paraphrase, as I'm writing from memory!). *

"Item Six: Deacon Dr. Joe Goebel feels strong enough in his own power base to openly intervene in a visiting priest's homily, as he did on December 8, 2007, at the 9:00 A.M. mass with Fr. Richard Rick [sic] Benonis.

"Deacon emeritus Mr. Robert Nelson, [too] was present.

"Item Seven: The same applies to Dr. Don Smith at our regular Wednesday night Charismatic Renewal meeting at 6:00 P.M. in the old church building on December [12], 2007.

"He confidently dismissed both Fr. Quang's and Father Benonis' assertions of the Church's teaching as to there being only three baptisms: Water, Blood and Desire.

"Item Eight: Witnesses names were given orally in all cases to Fr. Quang D. Van, and after this, to both Archbishops Pietro Sambi and José Gomez [who are already] involved in this developing case, as we advance [to] the next step.

"Thank you, Father!

"Respectfully Submitted,

"(Scribble, scribble, scribble!) :)

"Copies: for later courier deliveries."

*"Rough paraphrase," my size 11 1/2 to number 12 infantryman's foot!

Hey, it's like we had to spend maybe up to two (2) hours or so the other night with both the French and English verisons to come up with at least a half - baked defense of all these "italicized liberties," you better believe it! :)

"Showing God's Face on the Battlefield"

A chaplain explains why he served

Adapted from the Jesuit magazine, "America," article of the same name by Father John J. McLain, S.J., November 17, 2008.

Biographical note:

"John J. McLain, S.J., a former chaplain for the U.S. Army's Special Forces who served in Afghanistan from 2002 - 2003 and was awarded the Purple Heart, now works in secondary education."

Now, for a brief synopsis:

"Why the Military Needs Chaplains

"To my mind, there are four compelling reasons why priests should take up the role of military chaplain.

"First, Christ is present on the battlefield.

"The priest chaplain points as much as possible to Christ's presence, witnesses to it by his own presence with those in the military, attests to it in preaching and praying, in listening and counseling, and offers Christ's real presence through the sacraments.

"Christ's presence also manifests itself through myriad acts of compassion even on the battlefield, which the chaplain sees, articulates, gathers up and passes on.

"On one occasion, as one of our medics treated the grandson of an old Afghan man in a tiny mountain valley far from anywhere, I asked him what he thought of having American soldiers in the valley.

"He looked at me thoughtfully for a moment and he replied:

There are some in the valley who say you are infidels.

They say we should drive you from the valley.

But I know only what I have seen.

"And what I have seen is that the Americans treat people with more compassion than many who would call themselves Muslim.

"Second, even in the midst of what some Catholics (and others) might judge to be an unjust war, a chaplain mnisters to those who need God.

"Without condemning or condoning aparticular war effort, the chaplain ministers to everyone engaged in it..

"Third, the task of the chaplain is to help others find God, and the meaning that only God can provide, in a context where it is difficult to remember even that one is human.

"Persons in the military must work their way through ethical decisions in the midst of the chaos and violence that can call out the worst in human nature and threaten to dehumanize those embroiled in it.

"Frequently a chaplain's work is the source of a word or deed of compassion that calls good people back to themselves and helps them to remember, in the midst of horror, bloodshed and rage, who they really are and who they want to become....

"Fourth, a chaplain offers God's abundant comfort and compassion to the suffering.

"The priest tends to the fearful, the sick, the lonely, the wounded and the dying.

"He also brings stability into an explosive environment because he celebrates the most stable sacrament of all -- the love of Christ that never fails and never ends."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Arraigan al jefe de Interpol México"

Adaptada de esta fuente: EL UNIVERSAL / Zócalo / México, D.F. Miércoles 19 de Noviembre de 2008.

"Un juez federal de la ciudad de México ordenó el arraigo por 40 días de Ricardo Gutiérrez Vargas, director general de Asuntos Policiales e Internacionales de Interpol, de la Agencia Federal de Investigación (AFI).

"El arraigo es para investigar que existen elementos de prueba para determinar la probable responsibilidad de Gutiérrez Vargas en la colaboración con [el Cártel de] los [hermanos] Beltrán Leyva."

"Asesorará Nobel mexicano a Obama"

Mario Molina, premio Nobel mexicano, estará en el equipo de Obama

Titulares originales ubicados en: EL UNIVERSAL - Zócalo / Washington, Miércoles 19 de Noviembre de 2008.

"In July 1964, several liberal [Catholic] theologians received invitations to the Kennedy family compound..."

...for a discussion of how a Catholic politician should handle the abortion issue."


"The skillful operatives of the Kennedy family would round up the votes to end restrictions on abortion and eventually to provide public subsidies.

"The Jesuit theologians would provide protective cover for this effort, ensuring that Catholic colleges, universities, and theological journals gave a sympathetic reading to the politicians' public statements.

"For two days the theologians huddled in the Cape Cod resort town as guests of the Kennedys ... (page 81)."

Adapted / extrapolated from this source: Philip F. Lawler's 2008 release, The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston's Catholic Culture.

"The participants in that Hyannisport meeting composed a Who's Who of liberal theologians, most of them Jesuits.

"Father Robert Drinan was there, as was Father Charles Curran (the leader in the dissent against Humanae Vitae ; his writings on moral issues were later condemned by the Vatican).

"Father Joseph Fuchs, a Jesuit professor at Rome's Gregorian University, was on hand; so were the Jesuits Richard McCormick, Albert Jonsen, and Giles Milhaven.

"(Milhaven was later instrumental in the early public work of Catholics for a Free Choice; McCormick would become the Rose Kennedy professor of the Kennedy Institute for Bioethics at Georgetown University, and spend years teaching theology at Notre Dame.

"Thus the basic lines of pro - choice rhetoric were sketched out by Catholic theologians, at the residence of America's most famous Catholic family, nine years before the Roe v. Wade decision.

"The late President Kennedy had already laid out the foundation for the arguement that a Catholic politician must not attempt to enact his private religious views; now his brothers were prepared to take the next step forward.

"They were ready to explain that they were personally opposed to abortion, but ......(pages 81 - 82)."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Acabamos de disfrutar un Gran Mitote!"

"Con motivo de celebrar el Gran Dia del Guajalote"

All of us here at the KCL most sincerely thank all the good folks who helped out on this so - important project, spear headed by Brother Joe Williams of Cyber Space 101 fame, who got busy with turkey - cooking & dressing detail starting at around 6:00 a.m. this morning as well as Ms. Martha Peña Padrón and Kinney County Courthouse co - worker Ms. Catherine Martinez.

Along with Brother Joe's very own Mom and Dad Williams, among the other guests of honor were: Mrs. Sue Freeman, Mrs. María Elena Mena Peña, Ms. Margarita Talamantes, la Sra Jean Gallegos, Mr. Edward Solis, and so many more!

Ms. Padrón in particular was determined to break the ice, and proceeded to do so, getting yours' truly into the act, like something right out of those old - time days of banana - peel humor!

St. Mary Magdalene's Altar Server Schedule: Weekdays

Thursday, Nov. 20, 2008. 7:00 a.m. Mr. Raúl Rivas + Mr. José Rivas, Mr. Arturo Castillo + Mr. César Castillo.

Friday, Nov. 21, 2008. 7:00
a.m. Mr. Sam Stewart & Mr. Daniel Molinar.

Was a gran mitote underway this past Sunday afternoon in the Old Rectory Building?

Of St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish?

In Brackettville, Texas?

(Heh, heh, heh!)

Pastor Nathan Lafrenz rang the bell 3 times @ +/- 11:00 am last Sunday!!

In Brackettville, Texas!

So, either his Lutheran or Episcopalian Congregations must have had a special celebration, huh?

Most likely they share the same bell, just like they share the same pastor!

"Cardinal at C.U.A.: Obama is Aggressive, Disruptive and Apocalyptic"

"Stafford Says President - Elect Campaigned on Extremist Anti - Life Platform"

Source: "The Tower Newspaper"

Here in Brackettville, Texas, USA, one typical Catholic over sixty whose opinion we asked was quick to claim that "He [Cardinal Stafford] must be a Republican.


"And if so, anyone who questions my right to vote pro - abortion is too, and so far as that Pope Benedict XVI and the Roman Catholic Church is concerned, *?*! both of them, for good measure!"

We confirmed this when we more or less asked next: so, what happens now? If we voted pro - abortion?

'Cause the equally jocular reply seemed to be:

"We'll say bye - bye and go with Obama!" :)