Thursday, September 27, 2012

In a remote -- and hopefully soon to be rain-drenched!

-- developing corner of Southwest Texas ...

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Last Sunday's bulletin celebrates two new members! 

"Congratulations on the Baptism of Laura Louis Seargeant, daughter of David G. and Lana Seargeant by Father Clay Hunt III and Nicolas Andres Montoya son of César  and Mary Montoya by Father Antonio Moreno Saturday September 15, 2012...


"Please join the 2012 Rosary Crusade on October 13th.

"As we all know, the United States is in great need of Public  prayer, repentance and conversion.

"We must ask God to save America through the Rosary of His Most Holy Mother.

"The Rosary Rally will take place in front of St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church. 

"The rally starts at 12:00 noon so it would be appreciated if you could be there about a half hour earlier.

"This will enable us to provide handouts to attendees prior to the beginning of the prayers.

"Please contact Jim or Barbara Voss at the phone numbers indicated for more information ..."  

Way to go, great people!  :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Live Your Faith: Mary's Perpetual Virginity

 "Didn't Jesus Have Brothers And Sisters? Part I."

Abbreviated snippets from Raymond De Souza, KM's article
 in The Wanderer Catholic newspaper. Thursday, September 20, 2012.

"1) There is never in Sacred Scripture any mention of Mary's children. Jesus' brothers and sisters, yes -- not Mary's children. Never.

"2) The Holy Family left for Egypt and came back after the death of Herod -- there is no mention whatsoever of a second child born  in exile.

"If it had happened, why is there no mention of such a fortunate one?

"Surely to be  a true blood-brother  of the Savior deserves a  mention in the Bible! 

"3) The Child Jesus at the age of 12 was found in the Temple after three days.

"In twelve years, it would be natural for them to have a child or two.

"But no.

"No mention  of any other child.

"If they existed, there would have been at least a mention of them such as, Mary and Joseph left their younger children, Rebecca, Jonathan, and the pesky little David with the folks in the caravan  and went  back to Jerusalem, or something like  that.

"But nothing of the sort is registered.

"4) Our Lord gave His Mother to the care of St. John, who was a close relative.

"In the Jewish culture of those days, if you had blood brothers, you would not leave your mother in the care of strangers or even cousins.

"Since Jesus left her to the care of St. John, that's because she did not have other children ..."

Way to go, Señor! :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Great Altar Server team at last Saturday's p.m. Mass at Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Saturday. September 22, 2012. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Justin Hidalgo +  Mr. Angel Jasso.

Way to go guys! :)

Great 3 - man choir at this same Mass, too!

Guitar, Bongos and full - voiced chanting and singing by KC's Mr. César Cantu, Mr. Paul Fernandez and Mr. Carl "Ladies ACTS Cook" Dalton made for a great combo!

Congratulations, everyone! :)

The U.K.'s Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman, II.

More snippets from The Heart of Newman, page 110 ...

"Now in the first place, what is faith?"

"... It is assenting to a doctrine as true, which we do not see, which we cannot prove, because God says it is true, who cannot lie. 

"And further than this, since God says it is true, not with His own voice, but by the voice of His messengers, it is assenting to what man says, not simply viewed as a man, but what he is commissioned to declare, as a messenger, prophet, or ambassador from God..."

Way to go, your eminence! :)

Specific citation: "Discourses to Mixed Congregations 194 - 195."

"IURI CANONICO QUO SIT ECCLESIA DEI FELIX -- [To] canon law which ought to be the source of happiness in God's Church..."

From Cristifidelis newsletter September 14, 2012.

More of the same ...

Fr. Jay Scott Newman:

A convert from the Episcopal priesthood to the Roman Catholic priesthood's opinion on the predicted schism within western Catholicism:
"... And if some Catholics leave the Catholic Church because they trust the sexual revolution more than the Gospel of Jesus Christ, then weren't really Catholic to begin with and the Church will be strengthened by their departure ..." 

Way to go, padre! :) 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Last  Friday: Mexican Government seems to have smacked down Mexican News Radio aka Información sin fronteras ... 

Accumulated bits and pieces of news:

Wednesday September 19, 2012: "Two bears trapped in el ejido de Tepeyac...."

All week long: "Bishop Garza Treviño says Saturday, the 22nd.-- the Mexican Catholic Church will officially kick - off Pope Benedict's Year of Evangelization...."

Friday September 21st:  "Bishop of Piedras Negras denies Vatican has him picked as next Archbishop of Monterrey ....

 "In  a last minute deal, Allende settles clash with the Federal Electrical Commission for $465.000 pesos in unpaid electrical bills allowing the municipal water purification plant to resume operations -- at least for the weekend...

SOUNDS OF NOISY MALE SHOUTING AND ROOTERS CROWING "Fighting cock raisers are infuriated over plans by the state government to limit their favorite occupation..."

Bye, Bye Bad 'ole  crime and violence -- all over and done with! :)

Congratulations to Brackettville, Texas H.S. Homecoming King Jonathan Pinales and Queen Madison Koontz....

... plus such runner ups as Elena's daughter Ms. Phyllis Aguirre and Becky's son Mr. Adam Charlie Resendez...

'Way to everybody! :)

September 26. Feast Day of Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian.

September 27. Feast Day of Saint Vincent de Paul.

September 28. Feast Day of Good King Wenceslaus ... On the Feast of Stephen and Saint Lawrence Ruiz and Companions.

September 29. Feast Day of the Three Awesome Archangels: Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Piedras Negras Mexican News Radio aka Información sin fronteras...

1755 hours. Thursday, September 21, 2012: Paloma Vega and Graciela Hernandez and Reynaldo Peña have just checked in, and Graciela is speaking: 

"Late breaking news: at approximately 4:30 pm this afternoon four armed suspects were detected traveling in a grey vehicle in the vicinity of López Mateos and Ramón Cepeda ... 

"Ruben is out there right now, microphone in hand, adelante Ruben -- what's the latest?

"Well it looks like the authorities have cordoned - off the scene, Graciela.

"But we're told three people are dead and - maybe - one more is in custody.

"So what happened?

"We're simply told that the sospechosos shot  at a roving patrol of Los GATES -- and died shortly thereafter... etc... (a pause!) Back over to you Graciela ... 

NOTE: Los GATES is the Spanish acronym for Special Armed Tactical  Goups.   Crack shots every one ... :)

"Truth never hurts, unless  it ought to!"

Marquee Magic from Frontier Baptist Church.

Rev. Ned Sitzes, Pastor.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

 Way to go, Reverend! :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mexican News Radio -- aka Información sin fronteras -- still running amok over Jail Break of the Millennium!

 El Señor Presidente: "This is deplorable! Over the past few years at least 1,000 such state prisoners have escaped custody. But! Not one in Federal Custody!"

Other Sources: "The public is living in a state of psychosis....!"

Mexican Human Rights Organizations: "we find that conditions in the Piedras Negras' state prison are inhumane to begin with -- no adequate  provision for drinking water and food, etc..."

Bishop Alonso Gerardo Garza Treviño: "No one is in control of that institution ..."

Last night's broadcast: "Zaragosa: police have just recaptured 2 escapees driving a four - wheel drive Jeep Wagoneer -- with Texas' license plates. Both men  had an arsenal of automatic weapons plus at least one grenade launcher...

"American law enforcement agencies in Eagle Pass, Texas, etc. -- have been provided with photos and descriptions of all escapees ...

 "U.S. Border Patrol, State Police and American Intelligence are by now all involved -- the patrulla from day one, as they have been employing constant helicopter and motor boat patrolling all along the Rio Bravo ...

"Panic on the part of our own top law enforcement officers -- increasing the size of their personal retinues of armed guards to dozens or more-- seems to be fueling even more psychosis among our fellow citizens ...

"Today an armed commando of four criminals hijacked a passenger bus of the Coahuila  Line and robbed 42 passengers at gunpoint of cash only.

"As far is known, not one passenger made an official report ... "

"One other escapee --  a teenager -- was picked up as well today. His story is that during the uproar he casually strolled out the main gate and took off.  When asked why, he said he was tired of being hungry all the time. Local cops promised to see what they could do about that!"  :)

Elton Mile's Tales of the Big Bend turning into a good, relaxing read!

Features such classics as the Lost Haystack Mine, Old Fort Leaton, The Steer branded MURDER, The Marfa Lights, Bob Bobcat Carter --- and many more! :)

 Covers both Hispanic and Anglo - oriented material: great reading!

And with fine source notes, too! :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The U.K.'s Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman!

Snippets regarding the topic of "Faith," from The Heart of Newman, page 109.

"Faith is the correlative, the natural instrument of the things of the Spirit.

"While Christ was present in the flesh, He might be seen by the eyes, but His perfect and powerful presence which we now enjoy, being invisible, can be discerned, and used by faith only.

"Thus faith is a mysterious means of gaining gifts from God, which cannot otherwise be gained; according to the text: ..."

Now, the text...

"If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth ..."

Back to Newman ...

"If it was necessary for our justification that Christ should become a quickening Spirit and so be invisible; therefore  it was as necessary for the same, in God's providence, that we should believe ...

"... As the Spirit is the only justifier, so faith is the only recipient of justification..

"The eye sees what is material, the mind alone can embrace what is spiritual ..."

Way to go, your eminence! :)

Original cited source: "Lectures on Justification, 214 - 16."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mid - September at UTEP is ..

Minerpalooza Time!

Plus, The Battle of Interstate Ten time!

Way to go, Familia ...

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO

From the Fall 2012 quarterly magazine Marian Helper

Fr. Joe Roesch, MIC takes questions.

"Q. What were Jesus' most important  revelations to St. Faustina? Why? "

Here's a brief fragment:

"A ... Further, receiving Divine Mercy is an important means to prepare for the Lord's Second Coming.

"In His great mercy, the Lord wants to give grace to all people before the final judgment, so no one can say that he or she had never heard of God's mercy..."

In the next question, Fr. Joe quotes what St. Jerome has to tell us about why Catholics venerate relics...

Yet another brief fragment:

"We do not worship, we do not adore, for fear that we should bow down to the creature rather than to the Creator, but we venerate the relics of the martyrs in order the better to adore Him whose martyrs they are ..."

Mexican News Radio: 126 + plus hoods broke loose yesterday afternoon from Piedras Negras prison across from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Plus, two people were killed in a tragic head - on collision in South Kinney County this past Sunday night.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Another 3 - man Altar - Server crew rocks at Saturday p.m. Mass in Brackettville, Texas' Saint Mary Magdalene's  Catholic Church.

A rainy - day Saturday.  September 15, 2012. 5:30 p.m. Mass w/ Fr. Antonio Moreno and Deacon Jimmy Bader plus Baby Nicolas and his parents and godparents who were front and center!

When his godfather gave him a squeeze, Baby Nicolas dutifully screamed and hollered -- to the congregations' delight!

Because Father Moreno had gravely assured us that a yelling male baby is a sure - fire future priest! :)

TEAM Mr. Justin Hidalgo and Mr. Moses Hernandez and Mr. Xavier Herrera.

Way to go, guys! 

Like maybe Baby Nicolas had a charismatically prophetic message for each one of you! :)

Last Friday's Southwest Texas Homecoming Game between the Brackett H.S. Tigers and the La Pryor H.S. Bulldogs ...

... saw the Tigers growl and the Bulldogs howl!

Way to go, Tigers! :)

September 19. Feast Day of Saint Januarius.

September 20. Feast Day of Saints Andrew Kim Tae - Gon and Paul Chong Ha - Sang.

September 21. Feast Day of Saint Matthew.

September 22. A Saturday of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meanwhile -- in a remote -- still - developing -- even if still largely depopulated -- corner of the Third World ... :)

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Last Sunday's  Women's ACTS Retreat's BBQ Hamburger Fundraiser a $$$ success $$$!

Even Brother Juanito & Sister - in - Law Martha drove in all the way from Del Rio to get theirs -- after attending Father Moreno's 11:00 a.m. Mass, of course!

We all got together for the first time since Christmas 2001.

Way to go, ACTS Ladies! :)

"Workers mean more to God then their work!"

Marquee Magic from Pastor Ned Sitzes' Frontier Baptist Church.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

'Way to go Reverend! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012

Southwest Texas -- U.S.A.

Three - man Altar Server Team rocks!

At Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Saturday. September 8, 2012. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM: Mr. J.T. Rosas + Mr. Roman Rosas and Mr. Angel Jasso.

Way to go, great people! :)

September 12. Feast Day of the Most Holy Name of Mary.

September 13. Feast Day of Saint John Chrysostom.

September 14. Feast Day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

September 15. Feast Day of Our Lady of Sorrows.  

September 17. Feast Day of Saint Robert Bellarmine.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Ms. Leah Libresco!

American TFP's Crusade magazine September / October  2012.

"A Prominent Atheist Converts"

 "In June, Washington, D.C. atheist - activist Leah Libresco sent shock waves through the the secular internet when she announced her decision to convert to Catholicism ...." 

'Way to go,  Leah! :)

The rest of this story:

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Congratulations to Saint Mary Magdalene's  CCD / Altar Server Mr. Adam Charlie Resendez, Jeresy #14.

Brackett Tigers Defensive Player of the Week 
makes 15 tackles.

Way to go, Mr. Resendez, B.H.S. Class of 2013! :)

Tip of the 'ole cachucha to the Kinney County Post. Thursday. September 6, 2012.

September 7. First Friday Mass at 5:30 p.m.

At Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

September 8. Feast Day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012


Like maybe at Spofford's Saint Blaise / San Blas Chapel??!! :)

"ACTS Core Group Retreat from St. Joseph, Del Rio, Texas.

"Saturday, September 15, 2012. Saint Blaise Chapel 8:00 a.m. -- 4:00 p.m..."

Way to go Father Moreno and everyone!

Just this last Sunday a.m., we finally forked over the last installment of $280.00 cash to a fine ACTS caballero after the 9:00 a.m. Mass. 

Thus, our final yearly pledge to ACTS is done...! :)

This past Monday's 5:45 p.m. daily  Mexican Radio News Broadcast reported a fatal accident involving a cement truck and another vehicle on Highway 90 in Kinney County.

As usual!

In Southwest Texas, U.S.A.

Great Altar Servers make  a difference!

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church ...

Brackettville 78832.

Saturday. September 1, 2012. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. J.T. Rosas and Mr. Roman Rosas.

Way to go, gentlemen! :)

Sunday.  September 2, 20129:00 a.m. Mass. TEAM Ms. Jackie Pacheco and Ms. Brittany Castilla.

Way to go, ladies!  :)