Saturday, October 31, 2009

The UTEP Prospector's Ms Veronica Porras has the story!

Muertos celebrated joyfully by the living"

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

From: The UTEP Prospector. Tuesday, October 27, 2009.

"Creeping critters, villainous witches and frightening monsters are -- along with Anglo - concocted indoor paper - trash burning mitotes? -- a thing of the past once the calaveras (skulls) take over to commemorate the dead.

"Nov. 2 is a special day for those who believe there should be an honoring of those who have passed to another existence by celebrating Día de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead.

"It is the result of a combination of Mexican indigenous beliefs and ceremonies that the Spaniards incorporated into the Catholic belief system.

"It was originally celebrated during August and was later moved to the first two days of November, dubbed All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day by the Spaniards, according to Pilar Herrera, Chicano Studies lecturer..."

Way to go, ladies! :)

Happy November Birthdays for the good people of:

First Baptist Church of Brackettville, Texas!

Bryce Slubar
Vickie Ford
Ernestine Paiz
Heather Baggett
Russell Williams
Debbie Ward
Nick Eckenrod
Lily Shaw -- TDY to the Lord's Service in Hungary.
Kirsten Frerich
Barbara Butler
Clifford Lewis
Bret Allen
J.D. Martin
Norman Butler
Susan Smith
Jim McDaniel

La Pryor Bull Dogs smacked Brackett Tigers 55 - 14 last night.


We're still "Ranked 37th in the State of Texas in 1A Schools."

BISD's mail man Karl says it.

Thus for me, I believe it.

That settles it!

Brackett High School still rocks!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Young fellas and ladies from Brackettville's & Spofford's Catholic Parishes!

Excel in both sports and literary achievements!

Literary achievement:

Ms. Kaitlyn López and Ms. Alexa Solis.

Jones Elementary Fifth Graders.

Spofford's San Blas / Saint Blaze community's Ms. Alexa Solis linked up w/ Brackettville's Saint Mary Magdalene's Ms. Kaitlyn López to put BISD's Jones Elementary Fifth Graders on the front page of The Brackett News, Thursday, Oct 29, 2009.

Their co - authored poem is called Halloween Night, and is indeed scary!

Here's a sample:

"Halloween Night"

"I woke up late last night with quite a fright,
I walked into the kitchen
And saw a dead chicken

"It's head was gone right to the neck.
So hey, I thought whatha heck

"I turned the oven on
But the chicken was gone...

"So I ate some paint
For it was the only solution
To my revolution

"I was too tired to weep
So I tried to sleep

"But there was something about tonight
That I couldn't get right
I soon remembered

"It was Halloween night!"

Way to go, ladies! :)

Sports: Track

St. MM's
Altar Server / Youth Group member Ms. Icela Rueda placed 20th w/ a time of 14:59 in Junior Varsity Girls at the Bandera HS XC Meet, Wednesday, October 21, 2009.

Meanwhile St. Blaze / San Blas community's Mr. Joelson Terrazas placed 2nd with a time of 18:41 for the Junior Varsity Boys division, and St. MM's Youth Group personality Mr. Victor Cantu 72nd with a time of 23:02.

Sports: Girls' Volleyball

St. Mary Magdalene's Youth Group member Ms. Nena Molinar helped her team mates "earn the outright title of District Champions."

The victorious Tigerettes waxed both Comstock and D'Hanis.

Ms. Nena Molinar's Kills alone totaled 25, for both games.

Way to go, Nena! :)

Sports: Football

St. MM's
Community member Mr. Victor Robledo w/ Altar Server / Youth Group members Mr. Sam Stewart and Mr. Daniel Molinar scored touchdowns against Nueces Canyon.

Good show, guys! :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"An Invitation To All Parishioners and Guests"

Saint Mary Magdalene's Church, Brackettville, Texas. 78832

"1) The Exposition and Adoration of The Holy Blessed Sacrament takes place on Wednesday of every week at 5:00 p.m. You are invited to come and pray before the Holy Blessed Sacrament.

"2) Dedicate a few moments for Silent Meditation.

"3) Confessions 6:00 - 6:30 pm

"4) Pray the Rosary or Divine Mercy at 7:30 pm.

"5) Night Prayer and Benediction follow at 7:45 pm.

"Please join with your brothers, sisters and me to pray the Rosary.

"Listen to message of our Lady of Fatima. My children, pray the Rosary. Pray the Rosary every day ... the faithful must pray the Rosary..."


Last night, Wednesday the 28th, was typical:

Peaceful and tranquil.

Forty (40) good folks were there towards the end.

Maybe a solid twenty - five(25) or more were BHS and Middle Schoolers w/ their hardy and dedicated Jesus Christ * believing women teachers of CCD / Youth Group, etc.. likewise present.

A good and fruitful turnout, to be sure!

And with choir practice to start immediately at the end: Sr. Paul Fernandez -- w/ his bongos in tow! -- all ready to assist Mr. and Mrs. César & Rosa Cantu and everybody else participating make a glorious sound of praise.

Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows, so to speak!

The Ngangulero spirits of our very next annual New Age Indoor Paper - trash Burning mitote quietly bid their time ....

... St. Mary Magdalene's active male clergy securely within their power and control ...

And who knows?

Perhaps by now the males are long since past the point of no return, in ever breaking free...

Because, unlike their stout - hearted Catholic Christian women co - workers, the guys allowed their own brains to be laundered years and years ago.

And by now, they are quite happy with the result. :)

English professor Anthony Esolen, Providence College on:

"What Dante Can Teach Us About Envy"

From the Catholic magazine, This Rock, November / December -- 2009.

We are told:

"His most recent book is The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization."

"Christ Shall Be All in All"

That is not only theology for the end of time, but anthropology for here and now...

"For all notions of height and depth, of power and weakness, of glory and obscurity, all our objects of blinding envy, are reconciled and made beautiful in the love of Christ, who sits incarnate on the throne of God, both God and Man, Son both of God and Man, anointed Universal King.

"That is not only theology for the end of time, but anthropology for here and now.

"It is the law of communion.

"For Christ did not count equality with God a thing to be grasped, but emptied himself, talking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form he humbled himself and became obedient into death, even death on a cross.(Phil 2:6 - 8)

"The Sons of Thunder, John and James, jockeyed for position in the kingdom, but Jesus the Master, the one would suffer in silence upon the cross, showed them what greatness was when he knelt to wash their feet.

"When we race, let us race for love.

"When we set out for that city greater than Rome or Florence, let us cry out that happy Middle English proverb, The more the merrier.

"Envy knows no peace, but in that city there is peace, the tranquility of order.

"It's name is Peace, and its Prince is Love..."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"If that sounds like mumbo - jumbo, it's because it is mumbo - jumbo"

Let's just briefly imagine this wild, laugh - out - loud scenario:

Let's say a real - deal Jesus Christ - believing teacher is patiently trying to explain to her CCD / Youth Group / Altar - Server students -- and / or their bewildered young parents -- why it's a waste of time to ask any St. Mary Magdalene's clergy exactly why our New Age Indoor Paper Trash - Burning mitotes are suddenly an essential part of the Catholic faith, take it or leave it! :)

For all even our aging KC's are going along with the notion that any public -- or for that manner personal and private -- disagreement with this is in and of itself "mortally" bad manners! :)

Moreover, esta dama tan machetona might add:

"Be honest with your non - Catholic friends at BHS or later on at college, or wherever.

"Tell them if what they've too, been hearing from our Catholic clergy here in Brackettville amounts to saying that both Jesus and His Church are being updated, beware!

"Moreover, if what our priests and deacons and Liturgical Committee are currently trying to shove down our throats right here and now sounds like mumbo - jumbo, it's because it is mumbo jumbo! "

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *** ** *** **** ***

Tip of the hat to:

This Rock Catholic Apologetics magazine, November - December issue 2009.

An essay in their Truth to Be Told section.

This month it's Robert P. Lockwood's essay: How Fact Becomes (Anti - Catholic) Fiction.

In this issue he talks about one Giordano Bruno -- for some persons at least -- "a martyr for modern science."

As Lockwood gives us in his opinion:

"Giordano Bruno died from a massive ego, intellectual pretension, a singular dishonesty, an overactive libido, and for being a miscreant priest who allowed himself to be ordained when he didn't believe any essential truths of the faith..."

This author then goes on to tell us that some wandering philosophers four or five hundred years ago (he names one Nicholas of Cusa 1400 - 1464) were genuinely concerned "to find the proof of God -- the action of God's creation -- in all matter great and small."

He then goes on to say that :

"Bruno's goal was different, describing an endless universe of endless creating that God needed, rather than a universe that needed God.

"As one of his cell mates in Venice put it: He said that God needed the world as much as the world needed God, and that God would be nothing without the world, and for this reason God did nothing but create new worlds...

"If that sounds like mumbo - jumbo, it's because it is mumbo - jumbo.

"Trying to get to the root of Bruno's beliefs is like wrestling with an eel.

"The scientific methods employed by a true nascent scientist like Nicholas Copernicus were processes the free - thinking Bruno loathed..."

Monday, October 26, 2009

"Brackett Volleyball v. Charlotte"

From: The Brackett News. Thursday, October 22, 2009.

"Brackett Defeats Charlotte 25 - 13, 25 - 20, 25 - 16.

"Brackett Leaders:

"ACES -- Ms. Rachel Nash, Ms. Nena Molinar, Ms. Cheyenne Smith (1).

"DIGS -- Ms. Cheyenne Billings (7).

"KILLS -- Ms. Nena Molinar (7).

"ASSISTS -- Ms. Cheyenne Billings (13)

"Brackett District Record: 6 - 1."

Way to go, ladies - we're all proud of you! :)

B.H.S. Senior ♪Musicologist♫ Ms. Heather Knox on Bobby Pickett and "THE Halloween Song."

Here Ms. Knox shows us that Mr. Pickett's'genius was allied to stubborn perseverance.

And the result was a song that REALLY rocked!

Just ask any former entering Donna H.S. Freshman from Fall 1962!

From The Brackett News. Thursday, October 22, 2009.

"What kind of scary music do you think of around Halloween?

"Some think of the Monster Mash written by Bobby Pickett as THE Halloween Song.

"As a child Bobby Pickett grew up hanging out in movie theaters.

"He wanted to be a movie actor following his hero, Boris Karloff.

"After serving in the Army he moved to Hollywood where he started a band, the Cordials.

"One of his fellow band members talked him into writing a song about monsters.

"Using the genre of the day, dance songs like [the legendary Little Eva's] the mashed potato, he came up with The Monster Mash.

"In August of 1962, the song was recorded in one take, but no record label would pick it up.

"Not to be discouraged, Bobby pressed 100 records of the song and drove them around to radio stations.

"The song was an instant success.

"It shot to number 1 in just 8 weeks..

"It was [one] of only a few songs to hit the top 100 three different times.

"It has stood the test of time as a Halloween classic..."

You bet!

'Way to go, Ms. Knox!

"Brackett Tiger Prep Team Branded The Del Rio Longhorns 29 - 0"

And los primos -- Alejandro & Patrick -- jerseys 63 & 64 -- were there, too!

Original source: The Brackett News. Thursday, October 22, 2009.

Saturday & Sunday Altar Servers' Show - up Honor Roll!

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Saturday, October 24, 2009. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM: Mr. Jerry Lee Dehoyos más un cuatito.

Sunday, October 25, 2009. 10:30 a.m. Mass. TEAM: Dynamite Brothers I más una Cuatita II.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

UTEP Miners Win Again!

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

"Donald Buckram would carry UTEP to victory..."

Mr. Alex Morales has the story.

¡Adelante, Alex!

From: The UTEP Prospector. "Posted: 10/22/09."

"UTEP came into the Oct. 21 showdown against Tulsa trying to move up in the Conference USA standings.

"With a win, UTEP would be in the driver's seat and control their destiny in the West division.

"After dominating in the first half, UTEP found themselves trailing by 11 points after Tulsa scored 24 unanswered points to lead 24 - 13 with 12 minutes left in the game, but Donald Buckram would carry UTEP to victory in thrilling fashion with a 28 - 24 victory.

"[As] Buckram said, I was really excited that they finally stuck with the run and not try to pass it when we had a good running game. It was just real enlightening for me to have the game in my hands...

"[H]ead coach Mike Price said, That was a great game and thanks to the 37,000
people who came out on a Wednesday night. I'm sure glad we won the game for them and our team deserved to win this game..."

Right on, Coach Price! :)

Way to go!

Fantastic job by all the UTEP MINERS

October 24, 2009. Feast Day of Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kick - backs a quarter century ago.


Today's potentially more sophisticated versions.


And just where
is today's version?

Why not right here?

At Saint Mary Magdalene's in Brackettville, Texas.


Back in the Golden Age of Silent Sam Pierce:

When, in San Antonio, at least!

Much of every deal conceivable in real estate was both totally feasible and totally amoral ...


A Property Manager for a big Northeast east company asked me one day.

"Dennis, how much would you charge me -- on a monthly basis only -- for lawn maintenance on those new Ray Ellison El Cheapo duplexes over on Uhr Lane @ Thousand Oaks (or wherever!)?

"Gee, I dunno, Big Al. I'd say $90.00 per unit per month. That'd be hitting 'em every 10 days or so..."

"O.K. [a pause]. But this is what I want you to do for me, alright? Give me a monthly statement listing what you've done, but charging me $150.00 per unit a month instead. [Another pause] O.K., so far?"

"Ummm .. uh - huh... then, what??!!"

"You go to our bank and cash your checks, take out what we've agreed that I owe you and then come right back here and give me my own share, that's what!"

"Ummm ... uh - huh? O.K.!!" :)

And, that's they way we did it, 'way back when...

Example Two:

Fast forward to day's Brackettville & Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish.

Scofflaw blow- off "financial statement" lists some make - believe amount written off for charity. :)

Like maybe $4,500 or so.

"How then, would some punk like rip - off everybody on this level?"

You mean as it more than likely has been done these past two to three months?

Well, it would be quite simple, folks.


needs $500.00 in cold cash to remedy his homeless situation with housing.

The appropriate deacon is summarily dispatched to the local bank and takes the $$$ out.

Maybe from one of the deacon's own accounts, maybe not.

One thing for sure:

On this level, at least, St. MM's is going to access what we might call a verbal co - signer. :)

This responsible member of the Kinney County Community agrees to collect the $100.00 dollars per month for five (5) consecutive months from the lucky "charity beneficiary."

He (or she) then reimburses the deacon concerned every month until the total amount of charity is fully recovered, interest free, much as repayment on an interest - free loan would be.

And, please keep this in mind: Both the deacon and the verbal co - signer -- in this specific hypothetical case right here and now -- are already well - known to us as honest and straight - forward persons as is the "charity beneficiary," herself (or himself).


If so, so what?

Because, any one of two (or more) hypothetical notations may even now be recorded at the St. MM Parish Rectory, by an as yet unidentified third party!

A thieving third party!

Here's one such hypothetical entry this particular thief - personality might make.

Number One:

"$500.00 in emergency charity disbursed to a worthy and needy person in a desperate housing situation. This amount has never been successfully recovered. Person's financial situation prohibits her (or him) from doing so, at least at the present time ..."

Number Two:

Now, this one may be even more likely:

The principle thief -- male or female! -- simply pockets yet another $500.00 in cash from parish funds, and jots down some reassuring stuff - ola like: "$500.00 total in cash disbursements payable to charity this day - week - month - year, blah - blah - blah and etc..."

As long as your bookkeepers and / or other parish functionaries continue getting their share of the rake - off, too, don't worry about actually lacking matching account numbers, or other potentially embarrassing Accounting Acrobatics 101 exercises from ENRON's Golden Era -- no matter what (heh, heh, HEH!).

'Cause either way this rip - off works!

And works!

And just like we hear in the words of the classic Carwash theme from that Hollywood Academy Award - winning picture from years back, this rip - off plus its infinite variations acquires a life of its own:

... And just keeps right on a work'in...

October 23. Feast Day of San Juan Capistrano.


Being one of a number of Marines in 2nd. ITR at Camp San Onofre and / or BITS at Camp San Mateo gave me the rare privilege to know a nice couple who picked us up on Sunday mornings in pre - Nixon San Clemente to take us to Mass in San Juan Capistrano at the old mission.

In 1966 San Capistrano was a really beautiful place.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seguimos adelante!

"Coahuila: El Gobierno de la Gente"

Agradecemos a nuestro destino que quedamos todos los mexicanos en las manos ternuras de los PRI y El Salvador de las Masas...

"La Misión de San Bernardo, es la joya más preciosa del Norte de Coahuila"

Fuente original: El Zócalo de Ciudad Acuña. Martes 20 de Octubre de 2009.

"Con la conclusión del empedrado del camino principal, que data de principios del Siglo XVII, a cargo del Gobierno del Estado, el sitio se consolidó como el principal atractivo turístico de Guerrero, donde además se dotó de bancas metálicas y alumbrado.

"Sus visitantes, nacionales o extranjeros, conocen la arquitectura colonial que imperaba en los inicios del año 1700, con paredes de metro y medio de grosor, cúpula y techos adobedados; albergaría la Iglesia Nueva de San Bernardo así como el presidio, que nunca se terminaron."

"Se utilizó para expandir la fe católica entre los lugareños...."

"Se utilizó para expandir la fe católica entre los lugareños, además de formar parte del complejo Misión Franciscano del Rio Grande del Norte.

Y, como nos asegura el estimado señor licenciado Don Jesús Saucedo Ornelas, vecino leal de esta localidad: La Misión de San Bernardo, es la joya más preciosa del Norte; con todos los trabajos que el Gobierno del Estado ha hecho en Guerrero, el Municipio ahora es más próspero..."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Where Brackettville's Slator Hall /Angel Food Ministries Fears to Tred! :)

& Microcredit:

"But it would be just like God to use a secular Muslim economist - turned - banker...

" remind the descendants of the Wesleyan movement just what it means for salvation to be both personal and social."

Adapted from the end of authors Jason Byassee and L. Gregory Jones article in First Things Magazine, November 2009.

It's called, naturally! Methodists & Microcredit.

"John Wesley was not the greatest preacher of his day.

"His occasional friend and sometime nemesis George Whitefield was that.

"Whitefield said My brother Wesley acted wisely. The souls that were awakened under his ministry he joined in societies, and thus preserved the fruit of his labor. This I neglected, and my people are a rope of sand...

"That's an arresting image.

"A rope of sand may seem to the eye like a rope of cords.

"At a glance you might think you could secure a ship to a dock with it.

"But as soon as you touch it, it falls to dust.

"Those who responded to Wesley's preaching were organized into class meetings for the subsequent spiritual quest for sanctification -- based on the understanding that, without a later move toward holiness, the earlier move toward justification counted for little.

"Class leaders would introduce sessions with such arresting questions as So, did anyone sin this week?

"Wesley's gift for organizing was also obvious in the early Methodists' loan fund.

"These Wesleyan gifts for organizing and empowering the poor survive in institutions launched by Methodism and its ecclesial offspring: universities, hospitals, and orphanages.

"But a more surprising descendant may be Muhammad Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize.

"He's shown foreign - aid donors that what is a minuscule amount to Westerners, if given directly to a woman in a Bangladeshi village, can improve her entire family's life dramatically -- and that this can [then] be repeated millions of times over around the world.

"Yunus achieved a repayment rate comparable to what Chase Manhattan enjoys among wealthy Americans, by organizing Bangladeshi women into small groups: If one woman failed to pay back her loan the entire group's access to credit would be put in jeopardy.

"Wesley's loan fund makes it clear that his vision of salvation was not only social, it was holistic -- including bodily and economic well - being.

"The Methodist revival swept across the world because its preachers and converts saw a chance at a renewed, holier, and ultimately more joyful life now as well as eternal life in the future.

"Grameen [Bank] has no interest in the latter.

"But it would be just like God to use a secular Muslim economist - turned - banker to remind the descendants of the Wesleyan movement just what it means for salvation to be both personal and social..."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Newly ordained Fr. Anton Quang Dinh Van must have thought Ms. Carol Sowa of Today's Catholic just another brainless bimbo.

If so, too bad!

'Cause it just might be that he figured wrong!

At least in the article she published on him in the September 17, 2004 issue, it seems she got a hold of some basic combat intelligence.

'Way wrong...:)

Ms. Sowa
appears to have managed to wade through Father Q.'s usual misleading drivel, the stuff so many of us have listened to, stuff along the lines of "¡Je! ¡Manos! Holy Brothah' the Church! She all the time be a say-a!," etc. and ruthlessly cut to the bone to unearth the bare facts -- at least as she understood them.

Including -- among many others -- this bomb shell:

"[H]e initially studied at Khiet Tam High School Seminary, but eventually had to abandon his studies in order to help his family in the rice fields."

Oh, my!

How sad and wistful!

After all, anyone familiar with the vast Asian hinterland knows what this "looks like!"

A bunch of hard working rural people "poor but proud," working from "Can see to can't see" in back - breaking "stoop labor."

Now, the following info:

From our 2007 St. Mary Magdalene's / Archdiocesan calendar:

"NOTES: [Wed.] 7/4/07. Fr. Q says he left Vietnam in 1980, at age 24!"

(Noon Mass, 7 present)

"NOTES: [Thu] 7/12/07 Says [sic.] he was in seminary in Vietnam, & grandparents sent him on trip, re: St. Benedict."

(8 @ Daily Mass)

TRANSLATION: He is claiming that his grandparents sent him to Europe, to Italy, to Monte Cassino.

Folks, trips to Europe didn't come free to Vietnamese seminarians -- high school, or otherwise -- anymore then they did to laborers in the rice fields of war torn South Vietnam.

Perhaps he was talking to us about a totally mythological Grandma & Grandpa who -- if real after all -- just might have been totally loaded to the gills with lana.


Or better yet, maybe the not - so - mythological priests at Khiet Tam High School Seminary may have been already disturbed by signs Junior was well on his way to being both militant and gay.

If so, maybe they just kicked him out, huh?

Hence: How much -- if anything -- does this man say -- or has ever said -- that is even remotely believable?

Too, the perennial question: given the working hypothesis above, would Fr. Q been necessarily vulnerable to blackmail while 1) here in Brackettville, 2) before he came to Brackettville, 3) after leaving Brackettville??!!

Is he even now "skimming" from Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish?

If this strictly hypothetical for instance is actually so, is he doing it long distance -- electronically -- and if he is, how long has the local banking community been aware of his still having the necessary pass & ID codes?

Which, if any, of the key players on the various parish committees, councils, etc. - would most likely be still collaborating with him?

If so, what would be their hypothetical percentage of the rake off??

Would their share of Fr. Q's hypothetical continued skimming be also masked by phony "technical assessments' and "car expenses," on the worthless, laugh out loud "Parish Financial Reports," published at random intervals?

Why that curious telephone call allegedly received by one of the parish secretaries in person on the morning of August 10, 2009?

The one most likely received sometime between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. ?

Why were both names linked by the caller, that of Fr. Q. and that of Fr. Pius?

Was "somebody" late on a regularly scheduled pay - off?

Or, what?


Adapted from The Kinney County Post. Tuesday, October 20, 2009.

And St. Mary Magdalene's Dynamite Three Ace It!

"Queen Elena Molinar, King Daniel Molinar"

"Elida Molinar, FFA Sweetheart: escorted by Ramón Gutierrez."

Kinney County Post. Tuesday, October 20, 2009:

[A free - form adaptation, only!]

"Tigers Bop Bobcats 48 to 7."

"The TIGERS played exceptionally well on both sides of the ball.

"Offensively, Victor Robledo scored 4 touchdowns, two of those were made on runs of over 70 yards.

"An unfortunate injury happened on the first play of the game.

"Freshman Charlie Resendez broke an ankle.

"We wish you a speedy recovery, Charlie."

October 20. Feast Day of Saint Paul of the Cross.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"But Jesus warned that the road to destruction is broad and comfortable, and the road to salvation is narrow and difficult (Mt. 7:13 - 14).

"Do Christians care anymore?

"The Southern Baptists do.

"The Pope does.

"And so do we..."

From a paid (or so we might assume!) add for the New Oxford Review in the Roman Catholic publication, Inside The Vatican, October 2009.

"We are the New Oxford Review, an orthodox Catholic monthly magazine that doesn't shy away from the hard teachings of Jesus.

"We know why we're Catholic, and we're not afraid to tell the world about it.

"What we hear from many of our pulpits these days are bland greeting - card sentiments.

"If you're sick and tired of all the pablum and milk served up in the name of [Brackett - style? :)] Catholicism, if you hunger and thirst for the red meat and red wine of authentic Catholicism, subscribe today!"

"Sample copy: $3.50

"Room 503
"1069 Kains Ave..
"Berkeley, California 94706."

Sunday's Altar Server Show - up HONOR ROLL

St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish in Brackettville, Texas.

Sunday, October 18, 2009. 8:00 a.m. TEAM: Mr. Raúl Rivas + Mr. José Rivas + the Dynamite Brothers I (or was it II?) Patrick and Dante.

Sunday, October 18, 2009. 10:30 a.m. TEAM: Mr. Jerry Lee DeHoyos + Mr. Mike Flores + Mr. Tony Flores + Ms. Danielle Gerardo -- más otro cuatito.


Mass for 5:30 p.m. Saturday, October 17, 2009 was "unobserved;" this is not even a remotely negative reflection in any manner shape or form on the following scheduled Altar Servers:

TEAM: Mr. Sam Stewart + Mr. Daniel Molinar + Ms. Cheyenne Peña + amigo Tony.

"Pope Urges Former Students To Read Bible"

it is the word that frees, that gives strength and purifies....

Adapted from: Inside The Vatican magazine, October 2009.

"Christians become missionaries only if they know God and if his will causes them joy, says Benedict XVI.

"The Pope said this [on] Sunday, August 31, [2009], at Castel Gandolfo during a Mass to close a three -day meeting with his former students from the time when he was a professor of theology at the University of Regensburg.

"The Holy Father encouraged his students to read the Bible, to listen to Jesus' message.

"If we wish to hear the full message of Jesus, the way God guides us, if we want to know how God approaches us, we must read the Old and New Testaments, he said.

"Benedict XVI said joy must be the mark that distinguishes a Christian who knows the will of God, because this law is also an expression of God's friendship; it is the word that frees, that gives strength and purifies..."

"And Jesus said, Go forth into the world and sample the truths of all religions"

Trick Test Question:

A) This is a direct quote from Rev. ____'s revolutionary homily at our Neighborhood Baptist Church yesterday (heh, heh!).

B) Nope! It's a direct quote from St. Mary Magdalene's Liturgical Committee as they strive mightily to justify coming up with yet another indoor - paper trash burning New Age mitote for next month's memorial for the deceased (ho, ho, ho!).

C) Paid advertisement for the New Oxford Review, ridiculing contemporary trends in the so - called American Catholic Church, without saying so directly.

The Answer Tomorrow! :)

October 19. Feast Day of Saint John de Brébeuf + Saint Isaac Jogues & companions.

October 19. Feast Day of Saint Frideswide -- of Oxford, England -- 650 AD - 735 A.D.

To friend of _______:

As far as we know there's been no follow up on that tragic Eagle Pass case.

Ditto whether or not it's has been assigned to the cold - case squad.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"An Evangelical Word to Catholics"

that all who accept Christ as Lord and Savior are brothers and sisters in Christ

From: The magazine First Things, November 2009.

Actual title: "Do Whatever He Tells You: A Statement of Evangelicals and Catholics Together." No specific author or authors cited....

"Since its inception in 1994, Evangelicals and Catholics Together has proceeded with two common assumptions: that all who accept Christ as Lord and Savior are brothers and sisters in Christ, and that we recognize spiritual kinship in one another as dialog partners in this process.

"These assumptions have been tested over the years in our explorations of many controverted themes including the nature of justification and the relation of Scripture and Tradition.

"This testing is also evident in our current discussions about Mary, the mother of our Lord, her place in the teaching of Holy Scripture, and her role in the history of redemption.

"We seek here greater mutual understanding of Evangelical and Catholic perspectives on the Blessed Virgin Mary bearing witness to our different understandings of the one apostolic faith..."

The following list of ladies and gentlemen are the Evangelical Protestant members of the ECT:

"Mr. Charles Colson, Prison Fellowship.

"Dr. Dale Coulter, Regent University.

"Dr. Joel Elowsky, Eastern University.

"Dr. Timothy George, Beeson Divinity School.

"Dr. Frank James, Gordon - Conwell Theological Seminary.

"Dr. Cheryl Bridges Johns, Pentecostal Theological Seminary.

"Dr. T.M. Moore, Prison Fellowship.

"Dr. Thomas Oden, Drew University.

"Dr. J.I. Packer, Regent College.

"Dr. Cornelius Plantinga, Calvin Theological Seminary.

"Dr. Sarah Sumner, A.W. Tozer Theological SEminary.

"Dr. Kevin J. Vanhoozer, Wheaten College.

"Dr. John Woodbridge, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School."