Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Teacher retirement party planned"

The Brackett News, Thursday, April 24, 2008.

"Coworkers, friends and family have completed the planning of the retirement party for...

Ms. Judy Burks.

Ms. Mary Foster.

Ms. Kandace LaMascus.

Ms. Pam Melancon.

...all long time teachers at Brackett ISD."

To which we respectfully add:

"Congratulations ladies, for a lifetime of devoted service!!"

Lepanto: la battaglia del 1571 III ...

"Nel febbraio 1570 era giunto a Venezia un ambasciatore turco con un ultimatum della Sublime Porta: o la cessione al sultano dell'isola[s] di Cipro, di Brackettville, di Spofford, di Cline Check Point, di Fort Clark Springs, o la guerra.

"Venezia aveva rifiutato con sdegno.

"Ma dopo undici mesi di asedio il 1 agosto 1571, nell'isola di Cipro era caduta la città di Famagosta.

"Il patto di resa garantiva la vita ai difensori superstiti, ma quando il comandante turco era penetrato a Famagosta aveva fatto scorticare vivo il comandante della piazza cristiana Marcantonio Bragadin.

"Il corpo era stato squartato, la pelle di Bragadin era stata quindi riempita di paglia, rivestita con la sua uniforme e trascinata per la città.

"Il terrore regnava nel Mediterraneo, l'antico Mare nostrum.

"La sorte dei cristiani di Cipro, di Brackettville, di Cline Check Point, di Spofford, era quella che l'Islam sembrava preparare ai cristiani di tutta Europa..."

Martin Luther on the Blessed Virgin Mary...

Original source for the final quote we'll be using here: Luther, Martin. Luther's Works, Weimar Edition., trans. J. Pelikan. St Louis, Missouri: Concordia, 1957. Volume 4, p. 694.

Secondary source for all quotes generally: Daniel J. Daou, Rev. Father Antoine Bakh, Joseph Bakhos. Building on a Solid Foundation: Examining Seven Topics of the Catholic Faith. Encinitas, California: The Missionaries of Faith Foundation, 2003.

Page 209 of our secondary source:

"Mary is the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of all of us (Martin Luther, Sermon, Christmas, 1529)."

"The veneration of Mary is inscribed in the very depths of the human heart (Martin Luther: Sermon, September 1, 1522)."

Note: It is the following that carries a specific foot note!

"But the other conception, namely the infusion of the soul, it is piously and suitably believed was without any sin, so that while the soul was being infused, she [the Blessed Virgin Mary] would at the same time be cleansed from original sin and adorned with the gifts of God to receive the holy soul thus infused."

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David R. Ketchen...

"Table Raising: Introduction to the Occult."

Adapted from Gary North's Appendix B, page 226 of his book, None Dare Call It Witchcraft.

"After some time one of the group was sure to remark on the curious tingling sensation in his fingers, as though a weak electrical current were passing from hand to hand about the table.

"Kurt Koch, the German theologian whose labors have largely been the field of the occult, has noted and documented this phenomenom (Christian Counseling and Occultism, pp. 44, 121ff.)"

Folks, as Gary North puts so well himself on page 154 of his book we've cited at the top, in terms of what happens when otherwise good people addicted to such practices above become converted to "Charismatic Catholicism," albeit, the wrong kind:

"In short, it is very difficult to deliver societies in occult bondage [including, I'm afraid, at least a certain percentage of parishioners of St. Mary Magalene's Catholic Church in Brackettville, Texas ] by means of evangelism that is based on similar manifestations of occult healing."

Sound radical?

Just hold onto that tingling fingers routine, o.k.?

Now comes Patti Gallagher Mansfield's own book of diverse real - life occult testimony, As By A New Pentecost, ready??

Page 106, testimony by Elaine Kersting Ransil:

"In terms of spiritual gifts, I remember a lot of weird physical sensations -- burning in the palms of the hands, for example..."

CCP is bashed by UTEP Prospector's Ms. Alex Hinojosa!!

"Beijing Olympics a disaster?"

Adapted from her editorial with the above name, published April 24, 2008. Note: CCP = Chinese Communist Party...

"Religious freedom in Chna is not necessarily freedom, but tolerance for a set of chosen religions, such as Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Protestantism and Chinese Catholicism.

"Leaders of these religions are hand picked by the Chinese Communist Party.

"Beijing has announced that the CCP is the only authority to approve reincarnations and has declared itself the real Buddha for Tibetans, said Zhang Qingli, party secretary of the Tibetan Autonomous Region in a speech last year, according ot the Asia Times."

"As China has grown prosperous over the years, the CCP has looked to a new god, the god of wealth and money.

"These are ideas that Tibet has refused to acknowledge."

Yea, Alex!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Ora, UTEP!

BISD 2008 Grad Ms. Whitney Kaye Gum!

Off to the real world of Le Cordon Bleu Institute of mighty fine eating...

BISD 2008 Grad Ms. Bianca Stewart, sister of Mr. Mikey Flores' pal Sammie!

Off to the real world of university - trained business executive...

"Tigerettes are undefeated champs"

Source: The Brackett News, Thursday, April 24, 2008.


Monday, April 28, 2008

"UTEP strives to go green"

Adapted from Ms. Rebecca Romero, The UTEP Prospector, April 22, 2008.

"The Environmental Advocates, a student group committed to raising awareness about the environment and encouraging environmental activism, will host a week - long series of events in honor of Earth Day."

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

¡Ora, UTEP!

For more info:

One Rousas John Rushdoony may be RIP, but!

Many of his writings are still on target!

"Charismatic youth exploson rocks Holy Trinity Church"

A free - wheeling adaptation of Mr. Angel Hernandez's fascinating report in "Today's Catholic," our Archdiocesan newspaper, the April 25, 2008 edition to be exact!


No telling how many, if any, of Brackettville's Youth Group of St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish were involved in all this excitement, but you can be sure Señor Rushdoony is going to have something to say by way of a pithy opinion about what it all means, for all he wrote his opinions some thirty years back -- if not more.

"SAN ANTONIO * The lights were very low, but you could still see the glimmer of tears in several faces.

"In midst of it all, you could still hear their steps and feel them moving about as they would go support and hold each other.

"There was the lonely whisper that would say, everything will be OK.

"It was then that the air was again filled with a loudness that could be felt to the very core of who you are, while bright rays of light forced themselves into the eyes of everyone there.

"Shortly after, you were able to see everyone rushing quickly into a clutter of people.

"They had started the day being their own individual, but with everything that happened they were now all together as one.

"Together they yelled ... no, rather ... together they loudly and clearly proclaimed the love and mercy of their God [or maybe, somebody's god? :)]..."

Finally, many a column inch later we are told:

"To find out more about the youth programs at the CCCR ... see the Web site."

Better yet, good luck in even finding it... :)

So what does Mr. Rushdoony say to all this?

Page 223 of Gary North's None Dare Call It Witchcraft quotes Mr. Rushdoony's views on what he calls Power from below.

Power from below, as he puts it, "whether feared or courted, is thus very much a part of modern man's faith.

"It can reside in magic and witchcraft, or in other related practices, but, in any case, it is power from below.

"It also means a greater stress on mindless religion, as witness the so - called charismatic movement, an emphasis on mindless experience as power.

"The [so -called] charismatic who learns to babble insanely in what is no tongue at all, has no answer therein to moral and intellectual problems, but he witnesses eloquently to others of the feeling of power in the Spirit, power which is in essence a cultivation of what is mindless and subterranean."

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beware the ongoing Catholic Charismatic Personal Prophecy gig!!

I'm afraid we've all heard it, certainly over the last year or so, like when Willie says to Billy:

"Billy, I just received a personal spirit message for you alone, o.k.? As of now your life's problems are over."

Problem? You bet! And not just here in Brackettville.

In Patti Gallagher Mansfield's zany (albeit fascinating) fantasy trip of different testimonies to the Duquesne Weekend of 1967, As By a New Pentecost, she claims here on page 55 that the Rev. Harald Bredesen tried to warn the Catholic students, some of whom seem to have actually been initiated (as perhaps Patti herself, through delusion) into the world of occult magic, to learn the basics of how to "discern personal prophecy and how to tell if what you're hearing is really God's voice or simply your imagination at work.

"Pastor Bredesen went on to explain that decisions aren't made on the basis of one personal prophecy.

"Rather, a personal prophecy usually prepares for or confirms something which is unfolding along with many other indications that it is of God."

Good point, Reverend!

Because as Patti tells us herself on page 52, with yours truly adding the bolding of some words, "One of the most amazing things that happened right after the Duquesne Weekend is that the Spirit [Duh? Which one?!] began to teach me directly, often speaking to me through Scripture..."

Humm ... it seems there's a funny thing about the occult side of this demonic component that forever seems to be constantly challenging Charismatic Catholics like poor, deluded Patti: the more we get into it, the more scrambled our brain housing group becomes...

"KCFR Receives Approval for Grant"


The caption to this Brackett News photo by Ms. Tara Eckenrod in the Thursday, April 24, 2008 edition says it all:

"Jeff Janca is holding [in his hand in the black and white photo in the original news item] the [actual, physical] official approval for Kinney County Fire Rescue for a Texas Forest Service Grant.

"The Grant is for twenty - three sets of Wildland Personal Protective Gear that will be used in fighting grass fires.

"The Texas Forest Service Grant pays 90% of the cost of the equipment and the County's share will be 10%.

"A second grant [proposal?] has been submitted which, when approved, will help purchase additional equipment."

Pope Benedict XVI's recent visit still rocks!

Don't believe it?

Then just click on here:

Friday, April 25, 2008

Grupo Operativo Los Zetas te quiere a ti...

"Caen 16 Zetas; tres son ex militares"

Adaptada de esta fuente:La Jornada / Zócalo / México. Martes 22 de abril de 2008.

El señor general Luis Arturo Oliver, Subjefe operativo de la SEDENA Mexicana, nos dice:

"El despliegue de mantas en las que presuntos Zetas en Tamaulipas invitan a miltares a unirse a sus filas es parte de su equema de trabajo."

Más....unos ejemplos...

"[E]l general Oliver informó que entre los ex soldados capturados destaca Vicente Antonio Porras Cisneros, El Rambo, de 34 años de edad, y quien declaró ser cabo de transmisiones y desertor del Ejército mexicano en 1996, y quien fue reclutado como Halcón, por integrantes del grupo de sicarios de los Zetas.

"Delfino Cisneros Prudente, El Negro y/o El Güiro, de 35 años de edad, quien dijo ser sargento segundo en 1989 y que perteneció al Grupo Aeromóvil de Fuerzas Especiales (Gafe) en la Segunda Región Militar en 1997, hasta su deserción en 1999.

"El otro militar es Víctor Alfonso Jiménez Peña, La Araña, de 23 años de edad, quien dijo ser originario de Oaxaca."

"Preparaba Morett guerrilla en México"

Adaptada de esta fuente: La Jornada / Zócalo / Quito, Ecuador. Martes 22 de Abril de 2008.

"La mexicana Lucía Morett, una de las tres mujeres que sobrevivieron al ataque colombiano a un campamento de las FARC en Ecuador, se preparaba para crear un grupo guerrillero similar a esa organización en México, según el diario La Hora, que citó una fuente militar sin identificar.

"El rotativo informó que la unidad de Inteligenica Militar tiene un video del primer interrogatorio que se hizo a Morett en Ecuador, en el que dice que hace varios años viene realizando viajes a países con gobernantes de izquierda, donde se ha preparado para crear en México un grupo guerrillero similar a las FARC.

"El periódico agregó que Morett confirma en el video que fue ella quien organizó el viaje al campamento de las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) en la zona ecuatoriana de Angostura, en la fronera con Colombia donde murieron cuatro compañeros [mexicanos] suyos.

"Una fuente del Ministerio de Defensa consultada dijo desconocer la información que aparece en el diario."

¡Qué sorpresa! (¡je, je, je!)

Satanist Anton Szandor LaVey:

"White Magic" versus "Black Magic"

Here Satan's man of men weighs in on the phoniness of much of Brackettville / Fort Clark Springs / Sabinal's practioners of "good magic," so - called!

Anybody doubting that many people are, even (or especially) among those unhappily mis-named "Catholic charismatics," need only to go to Super S. Foods and really check out their (ha! ha!) "religious candle section."

Source:Gary North's None Dare Call It Witchcraft.

Page 178

As LaVey, in his capacity as Satan's mouthpiece, sizes up Brackettville's / Fort Clark Springs / Sabinal's "White Magic" losers:

"White magic is supposedly utilized only for good or unselfish purposes, and black magic, we are told, is used only for selfish or evil reasons.

"Satanism draws no such dividing line."

"Satanism draws no such dividing line.

"Magic is magic, be it used to help or hinder.

"The Satanist, being the modern [New Age?] magician, should have the ability to decide what is just, and then apply the powers of magic to attain his goals.

"During White Magic ceremonies..."

"During white magic ceremonies [whether in Sabinal, Fort Clark Springs, Brackettville, etc.], the practioners stand within a pentagram to protect themselves from the evil forces which they call upon for help.

"To the Satanist, it seems a bit two - faced to call on these forces for help, while at the same time protecting yourself from the very powers you have asked for assistance.

"The Satanist realizes that only by putting himself in league with these forces can he fully and unhypocritically utilize the Powers of Darkness to his best advantage."

¡Claro que sí, señor satanista!

Las dos Presidentes: "Firman acuerdo"

Fuente: Associated Press / Zócalo / Martes 22 de abril de 2008.

"Las Presidentas de Chile, Michelle Bachelet y de India, Pratibha Devisingh Patil, se reunieron este lunes en Santiago de Chile, done encabezaron la firma de una serie de acuerdos de cooperación, a fin de estrechar los lazos bilaterales, y con miras a la firma de un tratado de libre comercio.

"En la gráfica, la Presidenta chilena, Michelle Bachelet, recibió a su homóloga india Pratibha Patil en el Palacio de la Moneda."

"Lepanto: la battaglia del 1571" II.

"Le ragioni storiche dello scontro"

"Dopo che il 31 maggio 1453 Maometto II aveva conquistato la città di Costantinopoli e con essa il milenario Imperio cristiano d'Oriente, i turchi ottomani ritenevano imminente il giorni del loro dominio universale.

"Nel 1521 si erano impadroniti di Belgrade; nel 1526 avevano conquistato l'Ungheria ed erano arrivati fino alle porte di Vienna.

"In Italia avevano invaso e saccheggiato tutti le coste del meridione.

"Tripoli era già stata tolta agli spagnoli, l'isola di Chio ai genovesi, Rodi ai cavalieri che la possedevano e la stessa isola di Malta, nuova sede dei cavalieri, sarebbe caduta nelle mani turche se Jean de La Valette, Gran Maestro dell'Ordine non l'avesse difesa e salvata con eroico valore..."

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Culpan a INEGI por falta de apoyo"

Adaptada de esta fuente original, por el señor licenciado Enrique González Correa / Zócalo / Acuña. Miércoles 16 de abril de 2008.

"Se ortorgan mil pesos por bimestre a personas de comunidades rurales que ya cumplieron 70 años de edad o más."


"Muchos adultos mayores de áreas rurales de Acuña y Zaragoza no acceden al programa 70 y Más, porque el INEGI no levantó el censo correspondiente." Así nos dice el señor licenciado Pedro Alcalá Rivas, Supervisor de SEDESOL.

"Explicó, que al igual que las familias del ejido Braulio Fernández Aguirre, que solicitaron la incorporación de sus parientes que tienen 70 años y más, así en esa misma situación se encuentran en otros municipios, sobre todo de Zaragoza y Acuña."

More on Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa's Sober Intoxication of the Spirit...

Adapted and high lighted from pages 101 - 102.

"Diviners from the east: How modern our ancient Isaiah is!

"Yes, unfortunately, our world is overflowing with sorcerers and diviners.

"Most of the time it is a case of charlantanism and nothing else.

"Thieves trade on the the naiveté and credulity of people, and often on their desperation as well when they are faced with overwhelming health or financial problems.

"The godless intention of practicing this art and of resorting to occult arts is enough to make people fall into the snares of the evil one.

"We have only two ways to be healed or to improve: through nature or through grace.

"Nature includes science, medicine, technology and all the resources that man has received from God to govern the earth and his on life in obedience to Him.

"Grace includes faith and prayer, through which healing and miracles are sometimes obtained -- always however, from God, because that power belongs to God (Psalm 62:11).

"When a third way appears -- whether it is recourse to occult powers through occult means, secretly concealed from God without any need for His approval, or the direct abuse of His name or of some of His signs (like the pictures of certain saints [check Super S's stock for proof of this!]) -- then the master and pioneer of this third way enters immediately on the scene.

"He is the one who said one day that all power on earth was his and that he could give it to whomever he pleased if he were adored (see Luke 4:6).

"Devastation in such cases is inevitable.

"The fly is caught in the web of the great spider and will not easily come out alive..."

Amen, Padre Reverendo....!!

Gary North's None Dare Call it Witchcraft, still rocks!!

Page 90, in re: The four (4) books by anthropologist Carlos Castaneda...

"If these are works of pure fiction, totally unrelated to any concrete historical individuals named Don Juan and Don Genaro, then Castaneda is one of the great writers of fiction in our era.

"But if he is a writer of fiction, he is also a master of folklore -- the greatest that UCLA has ever produced.

"His reconstruction of the sorcerer's image of this world is striking in its power and its correlation with what we know of other primitive beliefs...."

"[UTEP's] Annual Greek Week begins"

Adapted from Rebeca Romero's front page article in The UTEP Prospector, April 15, 2008.

"The UTEP campus [was] booming with activity as fraternities and sororities create[d] a spectacle during a week of fun, games and and competitions [that actually took place] from April 12 - 19."

"PRD: No todos son iguales"

Fuente:El Zócalo, Ciudad Acuña, miércoles, 16 de abril, 2008.

Por Miguel Angel Granados Chapa

"Aunque es imposible disculpar a ninguna corriente del Partido de la Revolución Democrática de las trampas y maniobras ilícitas que produjeron la peor elección interna en ese partido, es claro que no puede hacerse tábula rasa de la personalidad de los dirigentes de ese partido.

"En Nueva Izquierda, por ejemplo hay distancia amplia entre la trayectoria de los dos Chuchos que han dado nombre a esa corriente, Jesús Zambrano Grijalva, que perdió ante Alejandra Barrales la presidencia del comité del Distrito Federal, vivió su juventud en la rebeldía estudiantil, pasó por la acción armada y la cárcel.

"Cuando quedó en libertad y resolvió continuar la lucha política por otros medios, fue propulsor y dirigente de Corriente Socialista, un agrupamiento en que obresalieron otros militantes con trayectoria semejante, entre ellos los sinoloenses Juan N. Guerra y Camilo Valenzuela."

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

George Bernard Shaw on King James Bible...

[ Like Paddington the Little Bear, this post, too, ambles on! :) ]

"George Bernard Shaw became a literary legend in our century because of his severe and often humerous criticisms of our most cherished values.

"Surprisingly, however, Shaw pays the following tribute to the scholars commissioned by King James.."

And now, in Shaw's own words:

"The translation was extraordinarily well done because to the translators what they were translating was not merely a curious collection of ancient books written by different authors in different stages of culture, but the Word of God divinely revealed thorugh His chosen and expressly inspired scribes.

"In this conviction they carried out their work with boundless reverence and care and achieved a beautifully artistic result."

This is taken -- and high lighted -- from the Preface to the Thomas Nelson, Inc. edition, copyright 1983.

"Once upon a journey in life, fate bound us together as friends..."

"Where we grew together played together & laughed together.

"Today, after having reached the first big milestone of our lives, it is with great honor of accomplishment, and gratitude to our nurturing parents, that we:


Graduates of Brackett High School,
Class of 2008

Along with our parents:

Jerry & Janie Dehoyos


Rolando & Lourdes Zamora

Request the honor of your presence
At our celebration Dinner/Dance
To be held Saturday, April 26th, 2008
At the Brackettville Civic Center...

"Although we may part down separate paths...."

"Although we may part down separate paths as we venture into our own adult lives, the memories we've built in childhood will last a lifetime..."

Amen to all that, brothers!

Cabe mencionar que fue con tanto gusto que tuvimos la buena suerte de encontrar sus invitación tan ameno pegado a nuestra puerta en la madrugada de ayer.... ¡Adelante, caballeros!

"Amenaza abogado de narco a reportera de El Universal"

Fuente: El Universal / Zócalo / México

"Luego de que EL UNIVERSAL diera a conoccer la detención en Guatemala del ex militar Daniel Pérez Rojas, alias El Cachetes, quien fuera el jefe de escoltas del líder del Cártel del Golfo, Osiel Cárdenas, e idenitificado además como uno de los fundadores de Los Zetas, la reportera Silvia Otero fue amenazada."

"Investigan muerte de locutoras"

Fuente: El Universal / Zócalo / México

"la Comisión de los Derechos Humanos investiga el asesinato de las dos locutoras de la radio comunitaria "94.9 FM. La Voz que rompe el silencio," quienes fueron ejecutadas el pasado 7 de abril en San Juan Copala, Oaxaca.

"El Centro Nacional de Comunicación Social informó que el 7 de abril pasado Felicitas Martínez Sánchez y Teresa Bautista Merino, de 20 y 22 años de edad, respectivamente, fueron asesinadas."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Reverend finally gets ice chest 2 weeks after winning it!

UTEP's "Good Boy Gone Bad" Stefon Jackson ??!!

"Jackson suspended indefinitely"

The UTEP Prospector, April 17, 2008.

"I stand by Stefon and am hopeful that he will clear his name, return to the UTEP basketball family"

So says:

"Tony Barbee, UTEP men's basketball coach."

"Warrant tells a tale of sisterly hate"

"Police say fight with brother's girlfriend led [female] sibling to order shooting"

The San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS, Wednesday, April 16, 2008.

"When Ms. Janet Chavaria, bested in a fight with her younger brother's girlfriend, ordered Mr. Jacob Sotello to shoot, the 20 - year - old didn't hesitate, according to an arrest warrant affidavit.

"The bullet he fired struck 16 - year - old Hector Anthony Chavarria, in the upper left arm and penetrated the would - be father's torso.

"The teen died at a local hospital shortly after the April 2 shooting."

"Revelan ejecución conflictos familiares en Nuevo León"

Fuente: El Zócalo de Ciudad Acuña, miércoles, el 16 de Abril 2008.

"El hombre que apareció ejecutado ayer dentro de una Hummer en la colonia Villas del Obispo, en San Pedro, no le hablaba a su hermana, a quien presuntamente ejecutó junto con su pareja y un sobrino de 4 años la semana pasada en el mismo municipio.

"La ejecución de la familia ocurrió el jueves pasado en calles de San Pedro cuando viajaban a bordo de un auto Mini Cooper."

Saturday, April 19, 2008

King James Bible still one of the best!!

As the forward to the one so kindly given yours truly by the Rev. Jeffrey Janca, of Brackettville's Bible Studies 101 fame puts it:

"In 1786, Catholic scholar Alexander Geddes said of the King James Bible:

If accuracy and strictest attention to the letter of the text be supposed to constitute an excellent version, this is of all versions the most excellent...."

You bet!!

"Filman El Regreso en General Cepeda"

El Zócalo, Miércoles el 16 de Abril 2008 .

"Es el proyecto de la tesis fílmica de una joven coahuilense estudiante del Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos.

"Se dio el pizarrazo de la filmación del cortometraje, El Regreso que estará bajo la dirección de una entusiasta joven saltillense [un lugar donde vivíamos nosotros hace muchos años], Consuelo Martínez Ruiz, estudiante de cine y cuyo proyecto es su tesis fílmica."

Another Anniversary of the Battle of Bin Son I ...

This Monday, April 21, 2008.

Forty - one years ago on this coming Monday, some 89 men in eight rifle squads of Marines [out of nine total], reinforced with weapons detachments, had their personal rendevouz with destiny, inasmuch as 33 were KIA "killed - in - action," and another 56 WIA "wounded - in - action."

This all happened to them at the hands of first - class fighting bo doi [variously translated as dust, nothingness, infantry] in a dug - in battalion - sized element from the 3rd NVA/PAVN Regiment of the NVA/PAVN 2nd. Divison, 'way down south in the valley of the Song Ly Ly...

Lucky me!

'Cause I was in the proverbial SQUAD THAT WAS LEFT BEHIND...

Semper Fi, gentlemen!!

"The spirit of old Fox Two - One still lives on..."


That's me, folks, one of the lucky few, one Private First Class (E-2) Dennis Paul Morony, Fire Team member of Cpl. Forrest Dowdy's Fire Team, of Sergeant Otis Lovejoy's First Squad, First Platoon, Fox 2/1... Fox Company, Second Battalion, First Marine Regiment, First Marine Division, FMF -Wes PAC - a.k.a. "The Big Outfit."

UTEP News!

Item One:

The property The UTEP Prospector reported would be the site of the Catholic Newman Center at 2230 North Oregon was bought by an entity known as Catholic Properties of El Paso July 23, 2007, apparently for around its appraised value of $164,300.

Item Two:

Motivated by goodness knows what, UTEP Dean of Students, Doctor Julie M. Wong, has apparently morphed herself into a brand - new corporate entity, with an effective date of April 25, 2007:

Wong, Julie Marianne [¡Guau!]
Trustee [ha! ha!] of The Julie M. Wong Revocable Trust
6312 Los Bancos Dr.
El Paso, Texas 79912 - 1857

My, oh my! "What next? Heh, heh, heh!"

Anyway, El Paso County has still stuck her good, at least on paper, for a total appraised value of: $245, 611.


¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

"District 3- A - Basketball All District Selection!"

Congratulations to:

Misses Bianca Martinez, Meghann Davis, Bianca Terrazas, Daphne Hunt, Bailee Allen and Defensive MVP, Julie Castillo.

BISD's Ms. Anolda May Watkins!

BISD's Mr. Fermin Villaneva III!

BISD's Ms. Mari Juarez!

"Go seniors of the Class of 2008!"

The Brackett News... Thursday, April 17, 2008.

Friday, April 18, 2008

¡Bien portados!

El Zócalo, Miércoles 16 de Abril de 2008, por la licenciada Laura Estrada Lugo.

"Si un indocumentado tiene propósitos de superación y contribuye al bienestar del país, puede quedarse en México, ya con status regularizado."


"Si el migrante cuenta con la documentación que se le requiere, el proceso de regulación se lleva a cabo en 17 días para obtener un pasaporte que acredita su estancia legal en México."

Así nos habla el Señor licenciado Guillermo Garza Villarreal, Subdelegado del Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM).

A lot of high - flying bugs and moths overhead last night??

Normally, a bird I'd guess is the Texas or Lesser Nighthawk (Chrdeiles acutipennis texensis) shows up around 8:30pm, at least in my neighborhood, followed usually in no more than five minutes or so, by one or more of what I'm told are the Mexican Free - Tail Bats (Tadarida brasiliensis).

Last night was different.

A group of three(3) of each of these critters were all over the place a few minutes before 8:30 pm, whirling and darting anywhere and everywhere.

Instead of keeping their flying to "very low over the ground," as Roger Tory Peterson tells us in his A Field Guide to Western Birds, 1941 edition, page 95, these particular Nighthawks were not bashful about heading up stairs a ways, I'd say for some good pick'ins....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Putting down military roots"

Adapted from Nicole Frugé: San Antonio, Texas EXPRESS - NEWS, Wednesday April 16, 2008.

"It's never easy to be the new kid in school, especially when it happens three times in as many years -- on three continents.

"Stephen Scott, 16, spent his freshman year at a boarding schol in Cobham, England, and his sophomore year in Perth, Australia.

"He now attends TMI -- The Episcopal School of Texas.

And the journalist quotes Stephen as telling us:

"There's not going to be a fourth high school in this deal."

Good luck, Steve.

"Es más importante tener buenos sacerdotes que muchos sacerdotes"

Así nos dice el Santa Papa Benedicto XVI!

El Zócalo, Miércoles 16 de Abril de 2008. NOTIMEX / Zócalo / Washington.

"Esto es incompatible con el sacerdocio, quien verdaderamente es culpable de pederastia no puede ser presbítero, por eso han sido excluidos del orden sagrado." Benedicto XVI Sumo Pontífice.

"La flotta cristiana ha ottenuto vittoria"

Lepanto: la battaglia del 1571.

"Al centro della mezzaluna che avanzana, sulla nave ammiraglia, chiamata la Sultana, sventolava uno stendardo verde, venuto dalla Mecca, che recava ricamato en oro per 28.900 volte il nome di Allah."

Lepanto: la battaglia del 1571.

"Non virtus, non arma, non duces, sed Maria Rosarii, victores nos fecit."

"Non il valore, non le armi, non i condottieri, ma la Madonna del Rosario ci ha fatto vincitori."

Note: i condottiere = first - class fighting men.

Lepanto: la battaglia del 1571.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lauran Paine's The Undertaker!!

"They beat a route army under Francisco Otero"

"Frank, all hell busted loose below the border.


"There's been one pitched battle.

"They beat a route army under Francisco Otero.

"Otero's route army numbered no less than six hundred soldiers, mostly on foot but with some lancers.

"No one knew who commanded the Santanistas, but whoever he was, if he could route six hundred regulars, you can bet your last dollar he'll have recruits swarming to his grito from everywhere."

"All hell's loose down there.

"Some bandoleros came up an' made a pass at Rincón.

"Scairt the he*l*l out of people.

"A big band of them."

"Reventón militar: 500 kilos de yerba"

¡Catean casa y taller en el Ejido Santa María!

"Revisan el lugar y encuentran además cinco rifles y cuatro chalecos antibalas ya en mal estado, decomisando tres vehículos donde ocultaban la droga en costales"

Fuente: El Zócalo de Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico.

"Elementos del Ejército Mexicano en coordinación con la Agencia Federal de Investigaciones (AFI), incautaron más de 500 kilos de mariguana, cinco armas de fuego y tres vehículos, en sorpresivo cateo a un domicilio del ejido Santa María, municipio de Jimenez, Coahuila."

Welcome to the gold 'ole USA!

His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI!!

And, Holy Father, don't worry about "our" SMM's "OSOMs" -- pronounced "oh - sums" which refers to those of us, including yours truely, heh, heh! --who are "Over 60, Over Medicated," and who (in many cases) are still addicted to the idea of Jesus Christ as nothing more than maximum man.

And who are still sincerely convinced that sitting around in a circle holding hands and mumbling and chanting our little hearts out to the throbbing drum beats of "Kum Badi Hi, Kum Badi Ha, Kumba Moonie - Moonie Soon, Kum Ba Hee, Kum Ba Ya!" like those Bright Young Things at Duquesne U. 'way back in 1967 was truly the high point of 2,000 years of Christianity.

Because here at Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church in Brackettville, Texas, in spite of all these losers, we've a rapidly growing bunch of tough, charismatic, [in the authentic style of former Papal Household Preacher Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa] up and coming generation of young parents with teenage children of their own, who really do believe in God.

And who, unlike the bulk of the rival gang of so - called American - Catholic OSOMs, even act like it, twenty-four seven!

So, here at SMM and over America, Holy Father, it is the young parents (mostly in their early forties and below in age) and their own children -- including youngsters as well as teenagers -- who are the Catholic world's future, just like their millions of peers in Latin America, Asia, Africa, etcetera.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Winner of Saint Mary Magdalene's drawing gets stiffed??

Pastor says to him in person, "I don't know anything about it!"


You bet!

The winner himelf is likewise a pastor!

"My, oh my!"

$5654.50 according to the SMM bulletin (Fourth Sunday of Easter is what "we made."

Whoopee... so how many other Brackettville winners are being stiffed??