Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fabulous new Catholic Church in Arlington, Texas!

Diocese of Fort Worth.

The 29,000 square foot Vietnamese Martyrs Catholic Church.

Snippet from the Catholic newspaper, The Wanderer. December 22, 2011. Original was in reporter Robert Cadwallader's article in The Fort Worth Star - Telegram.

As we are told in a nutshell:

"The congregation, which in three years has raised all but $1.5 million of the church's $6.5 million price -- the rest is on loan from the diocese -- spared little expense in providing a taste of the homeland for those who came to the U.S. as refugees.

"Te architecture of the 29,000 - square - foot church features a 75 - foot bell tower visible from Interstate 20, and the floor, walls, statues, and altars were cut and carved in Vietnam from 750,000 pounds of granite and marble.

"The smooth, glossy pews were crafted in Vietnam from American oak..."

That all adds up a most inspirational story! :)

Friday, December 30, 2011

"Compensation for other top CHA officers is as follows:

"Lisa J. Gilden, JD, VP and General Counsel, was paid $385,705, with other compensation of $35,591.

"Rhonda E. Mueller, CPA, Corporate Treasure, $423,026 with other compensation of $48, 594..."

Now, for the lowest man on the corporate totem pole:

"Edward Giganti, VP Communications and Marketing, $262,491, with other compensation of $39,818..."

Cool! Huh?? :)

"Preferential Option For The Poor Pays well..."

Snippet from the Catholic newspaper, The Wanderer. December 22, 2011.

"According to the Catholic Health Association of America's 2009 IRS filing, Sr. Carol Keehan, D.C., President and CEO of the CHA, received compensation of $953,394, payable to her [ha, ha!] religious order, the [ha, ha!] Daughters of Charity..."

Way to go, Sister! :)

Radio XEMU "♫La Rancherita del Aire♪"

♪Todavía dando ánimo a las masas,

♫ ... en la lucha para transparencia,

♪ ... con tu querida presencia,

♫ Señor Comandante Che Guevara ... ♪

Y, ¿así lo fue?

¡Guau! :)

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, Destino!

January 3. Christmas Weekday.

January 3. Feast Day of the Most Holy Name of Jesus.

January 2. Feast Day of those Bishops & Doctors of the Church: Saint Basil the Great and Saint Gregory Nazianzen.

January 1. New Year's Day.

January 1. The Octave Day of Christmas.

January 1. Feast Day of the Blessed Virgin Mary -- the Mother of God."

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mexican Army hits the jackpot, again...


In Piedras Negras, across the river from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Mexican Radio ♪La Rancherita del Airestated earlier this week that the Mexican Army followed up an anonymous tip and discovered an arms cache of 8 high - powered rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition.

Then, last night, we caught the tail end of a fragment alluding to yet another success in which the Mexican Army is doing well in counter -- electronics communications espionage in Piedras Negras, too!

Way to go, amigos! :)

"Communicating God's Word"

A snippet from Msgr. David A. Rubino's original article.

In the December 2011 issue of the Homiletic & Pastoral Review.

"Words need to be blended with wisdom, eloquence and the heart of the homilist, in equal proportion.

"The parables if Jesus, delivered to an audience accustomed to listening, have an average length of 38 seconds.

"The longest is two minutes and twenty seconds..."

Hmm ... so, Jesus was sending us a message, huh??!! :)

December 31. Seventh Day, Octave of Christmas.

December 31. Feast Day of Pope Saint Sylvester I.

December 30. Feast Day of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary & Joseph.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Hey, Convict!"

"When I did run into a guard the exchange was always the same ... "

Snippets from Russell L. Ford's
A Prison Evangelist's Swan Song: How I Became a Catechist behind Bars.

In Catholic Answers Magazine. January - February 2012 issue.

Having picked the right office lock, Russell is "smuggling" Catholic contraband.

He's shuffling along the prison corridors, juggling the VCR , television, cables and Fr. Fox's Sharing the Faith tapes to share with his fellow prisoners at Draper Prison in Alabama, where -- a quarter of a century later! -- he's in the final year of a 25 - year sentence -- no parole for him!

SCENE: Comes a guard!

"When I did run into a guard the exchange was always the same:

"Hey convict, where are you going with that stuff?

"You ain't supposed to have that!"

"Hey, Boss, all I know is, I'm supposed to take this stuff to classroom three."

"You ain't supposed to have that stuff, convict.

"Take it back where you got it!"

"Hey, Boss, that's fine with me.

"I don't want to do this anyway."

"Hmm. Hold up, convict! Go ahead and take it where you're supposed to take it."

Russell's Teaching Point:

"Nothing I said here was a lie, but there were two psychological elements that worked every time.

"I told the guard I did not want to do what I was doing, which was true.

"Guards love to make us do what we don't want to do, so that was the first psychological factor.

"Since I did not give him any lip when he told me to put things up, he always assumed someone outranking him told me to get the equipment and my agreeable obedience was a setup to get him into trouble, which was the second psychological element.

"Our classes and our group grew from there.

"The guards got so used to us with videos and hardware to show them that such items ceased to be contraband.

"And our members truly blossomed.

"In fact, things began to move so fast that Fr. Killian told me, You catechize 'em, I'll baptize 'em.

"That is how we began the apostolate a quarter of a century ago..."

Way to go, señor! Keep up this terrific work! :)

Meanwhile, in a remote rural corner of the still - developing Third World...

A cow breaks loose in Brackettville, Texas -- 78832.

Kinney County Sheriff's Report

"Tuesday, December 13

"A woman called to report a loose cow west [of] town on Highway 90..."

Thanks to the Brackett News Weekly. Thursday, December 22, 2011.

December 29. Fifth Day, Octave of Christmas.

December 29. Feast Day of Saint Thomas Becket.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now, it's Father Vincent Serpa's turn!

Catholic Answers, January - February 2012 issue


"Has it always been okay for a woman to become a nun if she has chosen to have sex before marriage?

"I figure that she would still be allowed to because she hasn't taken her vows of chastity yet..."


"Many reasons can disqualify a woman from being accepted into a novitiate, but being a sinner is not one of them.

"What a woman confesses in the sacrament is between her and God.

"When she is absolved, she is without sin.

"There have been many great sinners who have become holy nuns.

"You are correct..."

-- Fr. Vincent Serpa --

Way to go, padre! :)

A Question for Catholic Answers magazine's Ms. Michelle Arnold!

"A gay, non - celibate priest keeps trying to convinve me that Jesus was gay...

"and that it is therefore okay to live the lifestyle.

"I am homosexual but living chastely.

"How should I handle this person?" From the January - February 2012 issue.

Michelle's Answer:

"If your account of the situation is accurate, the priest is trying to rationalize his sin.

"I recommend ending your association with this priest immediately.

"And, since he is living in sexual sin and his behavior might well be predatory in nature, I strongly urge you to report him to his bishop immediately ..."

Way to go, Michelle! :)

December 28. Feast Day of the Holy Innocents.

December 27. Feast Day of Saint John.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fortieth Anniversary of the Mother of All Western New York State School District Christmas parties!

At the Hilton Country Club, Hilton New York!

"A suburb of Rochester, New York!"

In terms of both mens' and womens' fashions?

The Sixties still held sway, you bet... :)

Friend "Mark" -- teacher of Middle School Social Studies -- was like yours truly!

Sporting long hair (yeah, I know -- "Me, too!") an elegant brown suit with wide lapels plus an over sized Princess Mara tie.

His blond bombshell of a wife was tastefully gowned and demurely coiffed.


While I still wore my Marine Corps - issue black oxfords, "Mark" had a flashy pair of all - American star - spangled red, white and blue tennis shoes!

"Those were the days..."

Wonder whatever happened to those ex - Catholic nuns "we" dated casually??!!

Great ladies as I recall! :)

Merry Christmas everyone!

¡Feliz Navidad!

♪Si durante esta temporada tú sientes mal,

♫Ven a mi casa esta Navidad!♪

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

6 Mexican Soldiers WIA, 1 later dies from his wounds -- 5 Cartel sicarios blown to smithereens!

Youngest sicario was only 16.

Mexico's Cartel War ...

Last Tuesday, December 13, in Piedras Negras -- across from Eagle Pass, Texas.

Original source is Radio Station XEMU La Rancherita del Aire -- in driblets -- over several days!

In the immediate aftermath of a pitched gun battle, three injured Mexican soldiers were hospitalized locally, three more air - lifted to Monterrey, where one was later pronounced dead.

The local Mexican forensic pathologist's report on the Cartel gunmen was given orally in a dead - pan manner but what he said was roughly this:

Cartel sicario bodies 1 - 4 "showed evidence of massive cranial damage with extruding brain matter," while number 5 had "severe cardio" and / or "thoracic aorta" damage.

In all 5 cases the injuries were "compatible with injuries inflicted by projectiles" -- big mystery there, huh??!! :)

December 26. Feast Day of Saint Stephen.

December 25. ¡Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas!

Last night's Basketball Game in Comstock, Texas:

Brackett H.S. Tigers over Comstock H.S. Panthers 46 - 40.

Jersey #24 -- Senior Varsity player Mr. Joelson Terrazas --

whose jersey #24 was also worn in Varsity Football by his equally legendary maternal uncle Mr. Eddie Solis, Brackett H.S. Class of '73

-- scored up a storm!

When queried, Mr. Solis told us just now that the inspiration for Jersey number 24 came from his own steadfast admiration for Mr. Willie Mays ...

that, folks!

Is what makes high school traditions so American! :)

Way to go Team! :)

December 24. Christmas Eve!

December 24. The Big Rivas Family's First Annual Civic Center Mitote!

En honor de dos caballeros dichosos:

Sr. Hernan Josue Talamantes Rivas.


Sr. Jesus (Tony) Zamora Rivas.

Happy birthday, great and good people! :)

And congratulations to your hard working and dedicated parents, too:

Mr. & Mrs. Jesus and San Juanita Talamantes.

Mr. & Mrs. Rolando and Lourdes Zamora.

December 23. Feast Day of Saint John of Kanty.

December 21. Feast Day of Saint Peter Canisius.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Southwest Texas, U.S.A. 78832

And Brackettville's Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.

Special Bulletin Announcement:

"St. Mary Magdalene CCD Posada

"Wednesday, December 21st @ 5:30 p.m."

Go for it, young people!

Keep these great traditions alive! :)

Pontiff plans March 2012 visit to Cuba!

"Castro set to welcome papal visit to Cuba"

Posted Tuesday, December 20, 2011 by

"Cuban President Raul Castro has announced that his government will greet Pope Pope Benedict XVI with affection and respect when the Pontiff visits early next year.

"Castro met on December [18] with a Vatican delegation making plans for the papal visit.

"Pope Benedict himself announced plans for the trip last week.

"The Vatican has not yet provided exact dates for the visit, but a December 20 announcement said that the Pontiff would be in Cuba at the end of March ..."

Way to go, Holy Father! :)

Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet:

¿Cuba Libre?

Don't hold your breath! :(

"The communist regime is the same as in 1959.

"It's repressive, unproductive and corrupt.

"It's governor, Raul Castro, has the same characteristics as five decades ago.

"He's perverse cruel and a murderer..."

Snippets from Jordan Allott's CWR interview with "Cuba's Conscience," Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet. In the December 2011 issue.


"After having spent the better part of the last 11 years in prison, do you believe the Cuban government has made any changes in the way it treats its citizens?


"Currently in Cuba we have the same dictatorship we've had during the last 52 years, Castro's Stalinist dictatorship.

"What we've seen in the country's government is the succession of one ruler to another.

"Recently, Fidel Castro was [succeeded] by his brother, Raul.

"Since then, state terrorism has also increased.

"They have even beaten women, and they have murdered people, like Orlando Zapata Tamayo and Juan W. Soto, who were [working] in a peaceful manner for human rights.

"The communist regime is the same as in 1959.

"It's repressive, unproductive, and corrupt.

"It's governor, Raul Castro, has the same characteristics as five decades ago.

"He's perverse, cruel, and a murderer..."

Humm .. good points -- all of them!


What happens starting tomorrow, for example, if the Castro brothers disappear off the face of this earth?

Some sort of unrelieved horror of anarchy, chaos and civil war? :(

U.S.A. -- Immigration and the Law

"It's not up to bishops or priests to come up with a formulation of what the law should be ..."

Ex - Jesuit priest and nowadays Bishop Robert Morlino, currently the head of the Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin.

Snippets from his interview with Jim Graves of The Catholic World Report, called Be Not Afraid. Final print issue of this magazine, December 2011.

"I'm concerned about immigration.

"It's an issue that has become overly emotionalized.

"We are capable of finding a way to welcome the stranger (Matthew 25:35) while respecting the laws of the United States.

"It' s not up to bishops or priests to come up with a formulation of what the law should be; we need great Catholic legislators to do so..."

Way to go, your excellency! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Muringoor, India!

"Retreat center in India draws huge crowds, heals many"

"[N]early 10 million people, including half a million Hindus and Muslims have attended the weekly retreats,

"since it opened in 1990 ..."

Snippet from author Anto Akkara's original, CNS NEWS SERVICE / Today's Cathodic. Friday, December 16, 2011.

"A message on the center's website from Vincentian Father Augustine Vallooran, director of the center's English section, reports that nearly 10 million people, including half a million Hindus and Muslims, have attended the weekly retreats since it opened in 1990.

"The Indian Vincentians opened the center after buying a closed hospital and surrounding land.

"Father George Panackal, the center's founding director, told CNS ...."

His comments!

"This is God's work.

"We are only helping people turn back to God and lead better lives..."

And, so ...

"Father Panackal said that retreats at the Vincentian center follow a holistic approach.

"Retreats are offered in eight languages, including English, and go beyond a good confession and try to touch lives of the people and help them overcome their problems, he said.

"The retreat center is considered the largest in the world; it can accommodate up to 25,000 people for week-long residential retreats..."

Fascinating read! :)

December 18. Fourth & Last Sunday of Advent!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ialibu village, Papua New Guinea...

"[A]n elderly man named Wata walked into our mission station one day..."

Like a great Saint Padre Pio story!

And who knows, maybe it was the famous Capuchin Saint!

Or, the positive side of Mark 16:16! :)

From the Christmas 2011 "Seraphic Mass Association" fund - raising letter their "Capuchin Mission Office" sent us the other day.

It was signed by Father John Pfannenstiel, O.F.M. Cap.

"In the village of Ialibu, in Papua New Guinea, an elderly man named Wata walked into our mission station one day.

"He was about four feet tall and clothed in primitive garments made of leaves.

"Twenty years before he had overheard some villagers being instructed in the Catholic Faith.

"He remembered a brown - robed Friar talking about Jesus and Mary and something called Baptism.

"He said that he knew Jesus and Mary, and every day he talked with them.

"Wata also knew he was dying and asked to be baptized.

"The mission community lovingly gathered together for prayer, decorated an outside altar, and with all the worshiping villagers around him, Wata received the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Communion.

"He then thanked everyone and told them that he was now going to dream.

"The next day Wata was found dead in the parish garden holding his baptismal candle and rosary ...

"This in the true miracle of Christmas, as it is experienced even today all over the world.

"God loves every one of us, and values us so much that He became one with us in Jesus Christ.

"Because of Jesus' birth in a lowly stable in Bethlehem, all human life is graced and blessed.

"Every human life is precious and treasured by God, from primitive villages in Papua New Guinea to urban neighborhood I live in here in Pittsburgh ..."

Way to go, Padre! Our next stop this morning will be the Brackettville Post Office 78832 -- to send you good folks what little $$ we can, you bet! :)

December 14. Feast Day of Saint John of the Cross.

December 13. Feast Day of Saint Lucy.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 12. Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

An example:

In spite of the seasonal early - morning darkness, wetness and cold, guess what?

At Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church in Brackettville, Texas -- 78832:

This Monday morning at 6:00 a.m. there will be a traditional musical arrangement of las mañanitas -- with live music! -- followed by the Rosary.

Then, at 7:00 a.m. -- Mass will begin!

Friday, December 09, 2011

Southwest Texas, U.S.A.

Friday's 7 o'clock a.m. morning Mass was well - served!

At Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church in Brackettville, 78832.

Friday. December 9, 2011. 7:00 a.m. Mass. Altar Server TEAM Ms. Brianna Flores w/ Mr. Alex DeHoyos.

Well-done, great people! :)

Whimsical news last night from Piedras Negras Radio XEMU:

La Rancherita del Aire

1) Reacting to Piedras Negras civilian reports of sujetos armados -- media code phrase for Drug Cartel gunmen -- the Mexican Army chased down a vehicle - full of armed aggressors packing some real fire power!

Don't know about the heaviness of the hoods collective brain - housing group, but their arsenal was reportedly heavy on such things as .223 & 5.56mm caliber + some bigger stuff.

Interestingly enough the Army uses these calibers interchangeably, most likely depending if the captured weapons are designed for civilian or military use.

2) An official announcement from the beverage industry claims that Piedras Negras is NOW the World's Leading Consumer -- per - capital wise -- of Coca - Cola!

3) Bored young people across the river in Eagle Pass High School -- decided to send out multiple cell phone messages claiming a balacera -- or shootout -- was in progress...

Guess they were hoping for a an early Christmas break, huh?? :)

Thursday, December 08, 2011

From Brackettville, Texas to Le Roy, New York!

From the Archdiocese of San Antonio to the Diocese of Rochester.

Today, even rural - area Catholics are celebrating the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the exact date: December 8th!

Way to go! :)

At Brackettville's Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish Church -- this morning's 7:00 a.m. Mass was attended by some 60 early birds.

Including young people, as well!

Our local pharmacy even provided an honorary acting deacon to assist our pastor, too! :)

As for later on ...

At the 5:00 p.m. Rosary & Procession this afternoon - followed by the 2nd. Mass at 5:30 p.m. -- most likely a bunch of good people will assist!

"Excerpt Lecture 8.

"[W]hy ET speculation has serious consequences for Christian theology ..."

The Vatican Observatory's Brother Guy Consolmagno's views notwithstanding??!! :)

From Professor Benjamin Wiker's class from "Catholic Courses: Seven Myths about the Catholic Church & Science: A Refutation of Popular Errors.."

"Excerpt Lecture 8:

"In our final lecture, we'll approach the idea that alien life, intelligent or otherwise, is out there, somewhere, in the universe.

"We're going to address both sides of the issue, secular and religious.

"We have no proof for alien existence and we'll discover why ET speculation has serious consequences for Christian theology ..."

Humm .... interesting point, professor! :)

Rome: Astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno

"Vatican astronomer discusses earth - like planet"

Originally posted Wednesday, December 7, 2011.

At: ...

"Kepler 22 - b, the planet whose discovery was announced on December 5, has conditions ... to make life possible -- according to an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory.

"[S]ays Brother Guy Consolmagno, We've got a star that's like the sun, with a planet that is like earth's size, in an orbit that is like earth's orbit..."

He goes on to add:

"All of this is telling us that it could be a planet that has conditions, just the right amount of heat, just the right amount of sunlight -- to make life possible, and it's the first one that we have really got that matches all the details we are looking for.."

Cool! :)

December 9. Feast Day of San Juan Diego Cuautlatoatzin.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Ave Maria University Professor Joseph Pearce briefly lectures us this morning on:

"The Hidden Meaning of The Lord of the Rings:

"The Theological Vision in Tolkien's Fiction"

Today's snippet is "Christ Figures in The Lord of the Rings."

From or: 1 - 800 - 437 - 5876.


begins carrying the One Ring -- which represents Original Sin -- On Christ's birthday, December 25th.

"The destruction of evil is achieved on March 25th, the traditionally - held date of the Crucifixion.

"Gandalf the Grey:

"Gandalf the Grey lays down his life for his friends in Khazad - düm, but is resurrected and transfigured becoming Gandalf the White.

"He wields supernatural power and is recognized as a prophet and leader of the highest nature.


"Aragorn is the king returned from exile.

"He works miracles of healing with his hands, and emerges triumphantly as a figure of Christ the King.

"His very name means hope for mankind..."

December 8. Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.

December 7. Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary Day.

"¡El Charro Inolvidable!"

30 de noviembre 1911 - 30 de noviembre 2011.

Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The "Lone Star State's" Texas Revolution!

"The black experience
in the years 1835 - 36 had a dualism unlike that of any other group in Texas society.

More snippets from Paul D. Lack's book, The Texas Revolutionary Experience.

Pages 263 - 265.

"The black experience in the years 1835 - 36 had a dualism unlike that of any other group in Texas society.

"Breakdowns in authority induced by war and rebellion gave slaves improved opportunity to seize freedom.

"Preservation of such gains required that blacks leave Texas with the Mexican army, a path chosen eagerly by many.

"The sudden collapse of the Mexican invasion effort prevented the disintegration of slavery, and the presence of the Anglo - American political order stimulated rapid growth of the institution in the decade after the Revolution.

"In response to those racial policies, black Texans continued to identify with Mexico as a land and force of freedom.

"Mexican military ventures in Texas and around the Rio Grande attracted ex - slave participation.

"Runaways and other blacks fought in Tejano - led uprisings and Mexican invasions.

"Even without direct Mexican assistance, runaways, especially those who fled in groups, sought their liberty in Mexico during the period of the Republic as they had during the Revolution.

"For Texans of Hispanic and African descent the outcome of the Texas Revolution was a sudden reversal of fortunes.

"Powerful racial and ethnic antagonisms -- expressed not only institutionally in slavery but also by custom in the form of endemic Tejano - Anglo hatred, suspicion, and conflict -- became fixed in the Texas identity during its brief experience of nationhood ..."

Interesting! Very, very sad, yet very, very interesting, huh??!! :)

Monday, December 05, 2011

Texas' Demographics in 1835 - 1836.

Compiled in the aftermath of the Texan victory over Santa Ana at the Battle of San Jacinto...

A snippet from Paul D. Lack's excellent study The Texas Revolutionary Experience: A Political and Social History 1835 - 1836.

Page 255.

One Henry M. Morfit "began making firsthand reports in August [of 1836] to his superior, U.S. Secretary of State John Forsyth.

"Recognition, the diplomatic issue of the day, rested on the potential of Texas for achieving stability.

"Like others, he estimated the Anglo population before the Revolution as at just under forty thousand.

"Indians numbered about twelve thousand; blacks totaled around five thousand, and native Mexicans thirty - five hundred, leaving the Anglos numerically dominant but not united.

"The Texans he spoke to divided the population into settlers who had come before the revolution and volunteers who had emigrated since the outbreak of hostilities -- seeking a good climate, revenge for Americans who had died in the war, or future wealth.

"This latter motive loomed most significant at the time and depended on securing claims to bounties of land ..."

Interesting! :)

December 7. Feast Day of Saint Ambrose.

December 6. Feast Day of Saint Nicholas.


Yo pensé: si mataron a mi amiga Tatiana, después me matan a mí, y decidó
huir en un descuido de los guerrilleros ..."

"Fue reclutado hace un año

"Niño guerrillero huye de las FARC

"Asegura que el grupo le prometió regalos de Navidad..."

Fragmento del original: Zócalo Acuña. Viernes 2 de diciembre de 2011.

"Su primera experiencia amarga la sorteó 15 días después de haber sido reclutado cuando fue testigo del asesinato de una menor de 14 años acusada por las FARC de ser nfiltrada>"

Y, ahora nos dice:

"A mi amiga Tatiana le dijeron que era sapa y le dieron un tiro en la cabeza cuando estaba junto a mí."


[Así] narró el pequeño y agregó que a diario los guerrilleros que no obedecen las órdenes de los cabecillas son amarrados de pies y manos a un árbol durante 8 y 10 días.

"[D]ijo, Yo veía muchachos castigados, con lágrimas suplicaban agua y comida.

"El menor fue reclutado en diciembre del año pasado por guerrilleros del frente 21 en el Sur del Tolima, que lo engañaron con el ofrecimiento de juguetes para él y sus hermanos.

"Dice que huyó por los malos tratos que recibía.

"Tiene problemas de audición porque cuando recibía instruccioones sobre explosivos, un petardo que estalló accidentalmente afectó en gran manera su oído izquierdo.

"El menor se fugó la noche del martes de un campamento de las FARC y fue recuperado por tropas de la Sexta Brigada que lo encontraron en una zona rural del municipio de San Antonio, Tolima ..."

Hey, UTEP!

¡Hey, Familia!

UTEP Finals Fall of 2011 are here!

And any UTEP student majoring in English & American Lit who's been studying both Moby Dick & Ahab's Wife this semester had better watch out!

'Cause you just might find yourself taking a ...

"Whale of a Test!"

A lot of us from UTEP Fall 2003 remember that "Whale of a Test" quite well! :)

Good luck, everyone! :)

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

Big time sophisticated multi - state communications Narco Network busted by Mexican Army!

"Al crimen organizado

"Desmantelan red de comunicación

"Aseguran sofisticado sistema al servicio del narco en cuatro estados"

Un fragmento de este fuente original: Zócalo Acuña. Viernes 2 de diciembre de 2011.

"Efectivos del Ejército dearticularon una sofisticada red de radiocomunicación clandestina presuntamente operada por el narco en Nuevo León, Tamaulipas, Coahuila y San Luis Potosí.

"En el operativo decomisaron unos 4 mil aparatos y antenas.

"La Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (Sedena) informó que este sistema se abastecía de paneles solares y los aparatos estaban instalados en partes altas de cerros y sectores despoblados..."

¡Bien hecho, señores! :)

Saturday, December 03, 2011

"The people of the North and South had traduced and vilified each other ..."

Astute views of legendary old time Texas Ranger Captain John Salmon "Rip" Ford on the American Civil War 1861 - 1865.

Snippet from Thomas Tyree Smith's excellent book Fort Inge: Sharps, Spurs, and Sabers On the Texas Frontier 1849 - 1869.

Page 129.

"The people of the North and South had traduced and vilified each other until they seemed to have lost sight of the fact that they were one people ...

"War came with all its calamities, its rending of family ties, its sacrifice of life, its hardening influences, its extravagant expenditures of treasure.

"The South spent the hoarded wealth of centuries, and the North created a debt of billions of dollars before either seemed disposed to consider the awful consequences of a war between brothers ..."

Folks, for whatever it's worth he's talking billions of dollars -- way back roughly 150 years ago! :(