Monday, March 31, 2008

"Revolutionary Road"
The old Ho Chi Minh Trail!!

Adapted from: Smithsonian, March 2008. By David Lamb and photographer Mark Leong.

You know, guys, there's a lot of us with vivid memories of the 3rd. Regiment, 2nd PAVN/NVA Division, from our time spent atop Nui Loc Son / Hill 185, as Marines of old Fox Two / One, right?

Last day or two of January, 1967 up to maybe early May, of 1967?

For those of us in this category of Old Fox Two / One Marines, the end of this article is a real wowser, if yours truly says so himself!

Read on ....

Page 66:

"April 1975 and Saigon's last days flashed to mind.

"Thirty - two years ago, I had spread out a map on the bed in my hotel near South Vietnam's parliament.

"Each night I had marked the advancing locations of North Vietnam's 12 divisions as they swept down the Ho Chi Minh Trail to the city's doorstep.

"The end of the war was at hand and it would come amid chaos but with surprisingly little bloodshed."

Humm...! Naw, he's right, to be sure.

Because as the French writer, Todd, points out in his book Cruel April, the whosesale executions started a bit later...

And, now comes a living, breathing two - legged ghost from out of Old Fox Two / One's past, and our nemesis, the tough fighting bo - doi of the Second NVA / PAVN Division!

"I was 12 miles north of Saigon with the 2nd Division before the final advance, said Tran Dau, a former North Vietnamse officer living in Ho Chi Minh City.

"We could see the lights of the city at night.

"When we came in, I was surprised how modern and prosperous it was.

"We had been in the forests so long that anyplae with pavement would have seemed like Paris.

"Dau knew how harsh Hanoi had been toward the South in the nightmarish 15 years following reunification.

"Southerners by the hundreds of thousands were sent were sent to [ha, ha, HA!] re - education camps or economic zones and forced to surrender their property and swallow rigid communist ideology.

"Hanoi's mismanagement brought near - famine, international isolation and poverty to all but the Communist Party elite.

"In 1978, Vietnam invaded Cambodia, overthrowing the regime of dictator and mass murderer Pol Pot, then, in 1979, fought off invading Chinese troops in a month - long border war.

"Vietnam stayed in Cambodia until 1989.

"The former [NVA/PAVN] colonel shook his head at the memory of what many Vietnamses call the Dark Years.

"Did he encounter any animosity as a victorious northern soldier who had taken up residency in the defeated South?

"He paused and shook his head.

"People in Saigon don't care anymore if their neighbor fought for the South or the North, he said.

"It's just a matter of history."

To be honest with you, ex - colonel comrade, I'd say you've a pretty good point, at that!!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dr. Van Roosmalen: Dutch-born Brazilian Primatologist!!

"Justiça Federal manda soltar pesquisador holandês"

BIOPIRATARIA -- Amazonas em Tempo

"Depois de ter sido condenado a 14 anos de prisão e mais multa de 152 mil, TRF deu paracer favárovel à soltura do holandés, ontem à tarde"

Adapted from: "Trials of a Primatologist," Smithsonian, February 2008, by Joshua Hammer, with the aid and asistance of photographer Claudio Edinger.

"[In Brazil] van Roosmalen initially thrived.

"With his good looks, boundless energy, high ambition, prolific publishing output and talent for mounting flashy field trips funded by international donors, he stood out in an instutuion with its share of stodgy bureaucarts and underacievers."

Then after spending some time with van Roosmalen on the Rio Negro, the author observes:

"As van Roosmalen ranted on into the night, I had the feeling that I was sitting in some Brazilian version of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

"Isolated in the middle of the Amazon jungle and under continuous attack for years, it seemed to me quite possible that the scientist had ben infected by a touch of madness..."

Better well believe it, and moreover, this story is a great read!

Friday, March 28, 2008

"Salinas followed proud family history of fighting for U.S."

Adapted from Scott Huddleston, S.A. EXPRESS - NEWS Staff Writer, San Antonio, Texas, Thursday, March 13, 2008.

"By fighting in World War II, William Chacon Salinas preserved his family's rich history of honor and devotion to America.

"In 1947, like his father, a World War I veteran who was an aircraft painter, Salinas got a job painting planes at Kelly Field.

"His ancestors included José de Urrutia, a Spaniard and leading expert on American Indians who was a captain at the San Antonio dexar Presidio in the 1730s, and Pablo Salinas, who served at the 1835 Siege of Bexar, the first major campaign in the Texas Revolution.

"William Salinas, also a descendant of Francisco Manuel Salinas, who helped supply horses and mules to colonists in the American Revolutionary War, belonged to the Sons of the American Revolution.

"He felt he'd carried on the Salinas tradition of honor, and was glad to have survived the [Second World] War."

"[H]e began singing in Occitan"

Adapted (or better yet, ripped - off) from this source:"Marseille's Ethnic Boulliabaisse," by Mr. Andrew Purvis, with photographer Ms. Kate Brooks. Smithsonian, December 2007.

Page 93.

"Not long before I left the city [of Marseille], I met with Manu Theron, a percussionist and vocalist who leads a band called Cor de La Plana.

"Although he was born in the city, Theron spent part of his childhood in Algeria; there, in the 1990s, he played in Arab cabarets, clubs he likens to saloons in the Wild West, complete with whiskey, pianos and prostitutes."

Occitan, the centuries - old language....

"Also around that time, he began singing in Occitan, the centuries - old language related to French and Catalan, once spoken widely in the region.

"As a youngster in Marseille, he had sometimes heard Occitan."

Theron goes to say that:

"Singing this language [Occitan] is very important to remind people of where they come from."

"As our author thoughtfully points out, "Nor does it bother him [Theron] that audiences don't understand his lyrics.

"As a friend puts it, We don't know what he is singing about, but we like it anyway.

"The same might be said of Marseille: in all its diversity, the city may be difficult to comprehend -- but somehow it works."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

UTEP 's Library I.T. DIVA Look - Alike Ms. Emily Childs, Student Trainer !!

"Trainers are unsung heroes of UTEP"

Ola's loyal friend and UTEP Library IT co - worker likewise!!

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora. MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

Adapted from: Mr. Aaron Martinez, The UTEP Prospector, and UTEP Photographer, Mr. Mauricio Lara. March 20, 2008.

"From bumps and bruises to sprained ankles and broken bones, keeping the UTEP athletes in the game are the unsung heroes of the athletic department.

"With fewer than 25 athletic trainers, Ms. Dawn Hearn, head athletic trainer, and her staff are responsible for the treatment of more than 230 UTEP student athletes.

"Ms. Hearn has been in charge of the athletic trainers program at UTEP since 1995 and brings more than 25 years of experience to the department."

[No Ms. Lisa D. Campos, this lady, huh??!!]

"All Ms. Hearn asks of her staff and anyone interested in working as an athletic trainer at UTEP is determination, commitment and a lot of hard work."

"Mexicanos muertos en Ecuador"

Adaptada de esta fuente: El Zócalo de Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, México. Por el Señor Licenciado, el Doctor Miguel Angel Granados Chapa. El Miércoles 19 de Marzo de 2008.

"Los estudiantes mexicanos Juan González del Castillo, Fernando Franco Delgado y Soren Ulises Avilés Angeles murieron en el ataque colombiano del primero de marzo, en que resultó herida la también mexicana, egresada de la Facultad de filosofía y letras de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Lucía Morett Alvarez.

"Habían llegado de Quito horas antes de la incursión colombiana en pos de Raúl Reyes, el número dos de las FARC. la organización guerrillera surgido en 1966.

"Dado que habían estado asistido hasta el 27 de febrero al segundo Congreso de la Coordinadora continental bolivariana, no es creíble que su presencia en el campamento guerrillero fuera parte de su adiestramiento para incorporarse a la insurgencia armada.

"También indica esa imposibilidad el hecho de que vistieran de civiles y estuvieron inermes, durmiendo, al occurrir el bombardeo y el avance terrestre del Ejército colombiano sobre las trospas insurgentes."

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Raniero Cantalamessa's latest (2005):

SOBER Intoxication of the SPIRIT:
Filled with the Fullness of God....

Page 16:

"As Cardinal Leo Josef Suenens once said in an interview about the renewal, when a light is turned on at night, there is always the risk of attracting flying insects.

"There are still many insects flying around the renewal.

"They can do great harm to the work of the Spirit, especially if they are not acting in good faith."

Page 23, on the subject of humility:

"Therefore, if being humble means having a low opinion of oneself and admitting wrongdoing, Jesus was not humble.

"Which of you, He could ask with confidence, convicts me of sin (John 8:46)?

"And yet this same Jesus could say with equal confidence, Learn from me: for I am gentle and humble in heart.

"Humility is not what we often think it is.

"We need to discover what it is in the Gospels."

Page 112, on the theme of "The Healing Power of the Spirit."

"If not being healed always indicates a lack of faith, then the saints are the people who had the least faith of anyone because some of them were sick all their lives.

"Doctors today calculate that when Saint Francis of Assisi died, he had about ten serious illnesses.

"Saint Paul himself prayed three times, that is, an infinite number of times, for the Lord to remove a certain thorn from his flesh, but what did the Lord answer?

And then Father Raniero quotes Our Lord's answer to Saint Paul's prayer:

"My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).

"There are sick people who return from Lourdes not healed but happier than if they had been healed physically.

"When the Lord also heals physically, it is a visible sign to us that He can and wants to heal everyone spiritually."

Tip of the Hat to Wendell Willkie, American Politico!!

Source: San Antonio EXPRESS - NEW'S "Thought for Today."

"No man has a right in America to treat any other man tolerantly, for tolerance is the assumption of superiority." -- Wendell Willkie, American politician (1892 - 1944).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Cesar and Rosa Cantu's son, Mr. Cesar Cantu III, due to graduate!!

Yep! Brackett High's Class of 2008, no less!

"Our Source?" The Brackett News, Thursday March 20, 2008.

"Ms. Icela Rueda placed first in the 800m run"

"Ms. Bianca Martinez placed first in the shot put event with a distance of 33'5 1/4"

So, who says that St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic parish lady altar servers can't be as equally first class in varsity track and field events?

Not Brackett High's ladies' Coach Dusty Brotherton!! You can bet on that!!

Brackett High's Ms. Meldrid Vara and Ms. Erica Rodriguez likewise due to graduate in the Class of 2008...!!

"Cesar Cantu, Jr. welcomed as PAIC of Eagle Pass Station South"

"Cesar Cantu was selected as the new Patrol Agent in Charge of the Eagle Pass Station South."

"Mr. Clay Flores: Scholar of the Month"

So says Uvalde National Bank!!

For more info:

"Benedict baptizes Italian Muslim"

Adapted from the account by Nicole Winfield, of the AP, in Easter Sunday's San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS, March 23, 2008.

"VATICAN CITY -- Italy's most prominent Muslim, an iconoclastic writer who condemned Islamic extremism and defended Israel, converted to Catholicism on Saturday in a baptism by the pope at a Vatican Easter service.

"As a choir sang, Pope Benedict XVI poured holy water over [Magdi] Allam's head and said a brief prayer in Latin."

Monday, March 24, 2008

"Las cangrejas"

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

Por: La. Sra. Licenciada Blanca Esthela Treviño de Jáuregui. [ ] Adaptada de esta fuente: El Zócalo de Ciudad Acuña, Estado de Coahuila, la República Mexicana.Miércoles, 19 de Marzo de 2008.

"Un pescador caminaba por la playa atrapando cangrejos..."

"En un balde juntaba los cangrejos y en el otro las cangrejas.

"Depositó los baldes a medio llenar sobre la arena para ir a comer.

"A su regreso se asombró al ver que el balde de los cangrejos estaba vacío y todas las cangrejas permanecían en el otro.

"Muy intrigado, toma el balde vacío para buscar más cangrejos.

"Cuando regresa lo coloca junto al de las cangrejas.

"Minetras fuma un cigarro, observa que los cangrejos se organizan para colocarse en pirámide y así ayudarse mutuamente para salir del balde.

"Las cangrejas, en cambio, se desgarran unas a otras en el intento de salir primero.

"Cuando finalmente una logra subir al borde del balde para escapar de su prisión, las demás se unen para derrocarla: Es por eso que todas continúan en el fondo del balde."


¿También para unas mujeres estudiantes de la UTEP, bien aplastadas por ciertas damas pedagógicas, etc?

"Los cangrejos desde el principio de los tiempos aprendieron a unir esfuerzos mientras cazaban para sobrevivir.

"Las cangrejas, sin embargo, aún no han aprendido a trabajar en equipo para salir de las prisiones impuestas por ellas mismas y por las limitaciones heredadas de culturas milenarias."

Thursday, March 20, 2008

¡Un Feliz Pascua a todos !

A Happy Easter to all!

Like they said in the cowboy comic strip, Rick O'Shay, so many years ago around this time:

"Christmas is the Promise, but Easter Sunday is the Proof!"

[I believe the character's name in this episode was Hip Shot, unless it was Sheriff Rick himself!]

"Instalan retén contra dengue"

"Fumigan Vehículos a la entrada de la ciudad"

"Busca Salubridad evitar la llegada de moscos o larvas que puedan venir en camiones y todo tipo de vehículos que arriban provenientes de otros Estados"

Adaptada de: La Licenciada Laura Estrada Lugo, Zócalo / Ciudad Acuña / Coahuila / La República Mexicana. Miércoles 19 de marzo de 2008.

"Dentro de las acciones de prevención contra de dengue, ayer se instaló un retén de fumigación en la entrada de la ciudad, punto conocido como la Y, en el que participa la Secretaría de Salud en conjunto con la Policía Federal Preventiva."

"Rain that stained is easy to explain"

San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS, Wednesday, March 19, 2008.

Adapted from Vincent T. Davis, Staff Writer.

Photo Caption / Gloria Ferniz / Staff:

"Dirty rain blurred the view through windshields, but the National Weather Service said it wasn't a health hazard."

Lead lines:

"Big fire near Mexico City put ash in the air; it fell in S.A. area."

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

In Brackettville, Texas: Two more Deputies!!

Sheriff LK "Buddy" Burgess swears in Dustin Slubar and Cody Shannon.

"Law breakers, beware!!"

The Brackett News, Thursday, March 13, 2008

Last post for a poilu's poilu: Lazaire Ponticelli...

Died at age 110, and then he was buried the day before yesterday with Roman Catholic funeral rites and with an honor guard of 21st Century French Foreign Legionaires.

Lazare Ponticelli had fought with th eLegion starting in 1914, then was switched to an Italian Alpine Regiment fighting the Austrians in 1915.

Don't you know this grand old man lived one he*l*l of a long, fascinating life?

If nothing else, he outlived around 8.4 million other French veterans of WWI!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Arremeten primeras damas contra el cáncer de mama"

"Dan a conocer la alianza entre México y EU"

Adaptada de esta fuente: El Universal / Zócalo / México; Sábado 15 de Marzo de 2008.

"La primera dama de Estados Unidos, Laura Bush y la esposa del presidente Felipe Calderón, Margarita Zavala, dieron a conocer la Alianza entre ambos países para la Concientización e Investigación sobre el Cáncer de mama.

"[C]ada día en México 35 mujeres reciben el diagnóstico de cáncer de mama y en 32 de ellas, la enfermedad se detecta en una etapa tardía, situación que complica el tratamiento y la sobrevivencia.

"Alrededor de 4 mil 200 mujeres mueren por cáncer de mama cada año y es la segunda causa de muerte entre mujeres de entre 30 y 54 años de edad.

"En contraste, en [los] Estados Unidos, el 50% de las mujeres detectan esta enfermedad a tiempo y es por ello que 2 millones 500 mil mujeres son ahora sobrevivientes.

"Margarita Zavala señalo que en México se ha avanzado en la detección y tratamiento de esta enfermedad, pero la falta de información y conciencia dificultan esta labor.

"[Por su parte La] Primera dama de los Estados Unidos Laura Bush [aseveró]:

En México, una de cada 258 mil mujeres entre 30 y 40 años, serán diagnosticadas con cáncer en los próximos 10 años. "

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Owning a bank was like owning a license to steal"

Adapted from: Jack Donahue's, Wildcatter, New York: McGraw - Hill Book Company, 1979.

Page 171:

"Owning a bank in rich, growing Houston was like owning a license to steal."

Papges 179 - 180.

"In the late 1920's the three great marketers of foreign oil formed a cartel, hoping to wax fat on the world's growing demand for oil.

"The three giants decided to sell cheap oil to Europe and other areas outside the United States at United States prices.

"In addition to charging United States prices for the cheap oil the companies decided to add a fake shipping charge as if the oil had come from the [U.S.] Gulf Coast.

"For the scheme to work, production in the United States had to be controlled.

"So the scheme worked."

Ms. Adriana Gómez Licón, The UTEP Prospector:

"E - mail mistake costs thousands"

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!

March 11, 2008

"Repairing damages caused by an e - mail a staff member accidently sent last month will cost UTEP about $12,000, Chief Infoirmatioon Security Officer Gerard D. Cochrane said.

"The email contained personal information for more than 1,500 students, including their UTEP ID numbers."

"Butterflies: Plant it, they will come"

Brackettville, Texas! Spring Time!!

Adapted from: Judy Hominick, Freelance Writer, The Texas Gardener, March/April 2007 Vol. XXVI No. 3.

"Keep in mind that while many flowers produce nectar, some do a better job than others at attracting butterflies.

"Look for orange, red, purple, yellow and pink flowers to entice butterflies to sip a meal.

"Short - tubed flowers -- especially in a cluster like verbena, or phlox - make sit easy fo rth ebutterflies to reach the nectar.

"Size is something else to keep in mind when choosing plants as big is not always better when it comes to attracting butterflies."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Doing Her Part"

"Kelly Katie is modest about her contribution to the WWII effort"

Adapted from Vincent T. Davis account in the San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS. Tuesday, March 11, 2008.

"A few minutes into her story, it's clear that Annette Younger doesn't see what the fuss is about.

"She was just doing her part, she said, like everyone else at the time.

"The year is 1942.

"She's 17 and the world is at war.

"She works from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. six days a week, wearing powder - blue coveralls with her name stitched below the collar.

"She carpools with other women to Duncan Field on the Southwest Side, punching a time clock and joining lines of women ages 17 to 40, as an aircraft sheet - metal worker.

"In the heat and cold, they pull 50 - pound toolkits out onto the airstrip to work on an armada of warplanes......"

A real - good - deal read....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Two Spanish theologians rapped for relativism"

Adapted from Mr. John L. Allen, Jr.'s "Daily" Created Mar 10 2003 - 03:03
"Published on National Catholic Reporter Conversation Cafe ( )."

New York

[ ]

"Within Pope Benedict XVI's broad campaign to affirm traditional Catholic identity, the top doctrinal priority falls in the arena of Christology, meaning the uniqueness of the salvation won by Christ and mediate through the Catholic church.

"The Pope and his advisors fear a sort of religious relativism in which Christ is seen a sone among many saving figures, and the church as one among many valid paths of salvation."

Go, Señor John L. Allen!

Da*m*n -- this is one man who can really write!!

"Missing the mark, instead of the word sin"

Catholic Parish of St. Mary Magdalene's votes to go gnostic!!

Thanks to its own so - called "Pastoral Council!"

Allegedly by a "unaminous vote," heh, heh...

Hooray for Brackettville, Texas, and the Archdiocese of San Antonio!!

Any lingering doubts? Well, just put this into your favorite search engine, with (or maybe even without) quotation marks:

Type "Missing the mark instead of sin," now, see what happens! There's a lot of good discussion on that particular mostly by folks who really dig the resurrection of an essentially pagan Greek concept.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

UTEP'S Ms. Adriana Gómez Licón:

"Texas votes for final four"

Adapted for the UTEP Prospector, March 4, 2008.

"Today, the long - awaited day to vote in the Texas primaries has come and while the presidential candidates have to wait, Texans have their last chance to decide on their favorite candidate.

"After President George W. Bush's administration, the next leader has a full plate, said Tony Payan, assistant professor of political science at UTEP."

Saturday, March 08, 2008

"[Buddy] Burgess takes Sheriff in Democratic Primary"

"Bianca Stewart Crowned Miss Kinney County '08"

"Daphne Hunt, runner up"

"Fort Clark Festival begins Friday"

"Jerry Lee DeHoyos is Israel "Bob" DeHoyos' brother"

"Carl hauls mail from Brackett ISD offices to the main P.O. on Spring Street"

"Ms. Capri Creech, Ms. Hayley Harris and Mr. Israel "Bob" DeHoyos: Class of 2008!!"

"JV girls win 1st at LaPryor meet, varsity girls win 2nd."

"Super S's Foods Ms. Jolisa is going in for Early Chilhood Development!!"

Friday, March 07, 2008

"SGA should get its act together"

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

Anonimous editorial, page two, The UTEP Prospector, February 28, 2008.

"As we begin to prepare for another season of Student Government Association elections, one must wonder what it is SGA does perched atop th ethird floor of Union Building East other than give dismal amounts of money to organizations and throw parties for themselves."

What the hel*l is going on up there?

"With the recent resignation and whistle blowing of former Vice President for Internal Affairs Ms. Claudia Gonzalez and former Supreme Court Chief Justice Ms. Diana Moreno, we can, at least from thier perpective, see a little bit of what has been happening these past months.

"There is surely enough blame to go around, but really, what the hel*l is going on up there?"

Humm .. good point, Mr. (or Mz.) A. Nonimous!!

Psst!! Wanna bet it's not Editor - in - Chief Elida S. Perez?? ¡Guau! Wow!

Ellis Sandoz's The Voegelian Revolution: "Common Sense."

Pages 18 - 19.

"I have no doubt that the right starting point for one who wishes to understand Eric Voegelin is an appreciation of the centrality of common sense and ordinary experience in his work.

"The recovery of commonsense understanding, the exploration of its dimensions and continuity with theoritical reason and science, its application as the starting point for everyman's man's grasp of truth and order, and its centrality to any critique of received doctrines -- all are regulary displayed in Voegelin's work.

"This is a key to his [Voegelin's] remarkable power as a teacher and to his writing and thought more generally, one which accounts for its vigor, robustness, independence, and manliness."

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Col. Ken Allard of SA EXPRESS - NEWS:

This was in his column for January 31, 2008, quoting President Thomas Jefferson:

"If a people expect to remain ignorant and free, they expect what never was and never will be."

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Brackettville's Jason Price makes it to Austin!

SA EXPRESS - NEWS, Tuesday, March 4, 2008.

Photo caption by Ralph Barrera / Austin American - Statesman.

"Mr. Jason Price, 9 (center right), of Brackettville, who is in his second year of showing, lines up Squatty Motto as he awaits the judge.

"Mr. Price -- and his goat -- finished eighth."

"Medal awarded 56 years after it was earned"

Adapted from Los Angeles Times, plus the San Antonio EXPRESS - NEWS, Tuesday, March 4, 2008.

By Sarah D. Wire, Los Angeles Times.

"WASHINGTON -- More than a quarter - century after his death and 56 years after he single - handedly took out three enemy machine - gun nests in the Korean War [1950 - 1953], Army Master Sgt. Woodrow Wilson Keeble was awarded the Medal of Honor on Monday -- the first Sioux [Dakota] to receive the United States' top decoration for bravery in battle."

Well, hey! Better late than never!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March 2, 1836: Texas Independence Day!

Celebrated here locally yesterday, March 3, 2008.

"Clintons rally for El Paso support"

Adapted from Kathryn Holly, The UTEP Prospector, February 26, 2008.

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

"With Texas primaries just around the corner,presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has been ou tin full force rallying for support.

"Last week, Sen. Clinton's husband Bill and daughter Chelsea visited El Paso.."

"[UTEP] SGA officers resign..."

"...cite intrusive [UTEP] administration"

Adapted from Catherine Cromer, The UTEP Prospector, February 26, 2008.

She quotes one Ms. "Claudia Gonzalez, former SGA vice president of internal affairs."

Ms. Gonzalez's quote:

"The main purpose of our resignation letters was to let people know about the internal events happening in SGA."

NOTE: SGA = Student Government Association.

"Ms. Sarah Davis places 5th at San Antonio Livestock Show"

Courtesy photo caption from: The Brackett News, Thursday, February 28, 2008.

"Ms. Sarah Davis placed 5th in the American Breed Cross at the San Antonio Livestock Show, out of 38 steers in class.

"There were 2,012 steer entries in San Antonio."