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¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora MEChA! ¡Hey, Familia!

Gral Fco. L. Urquizo:

Obras escogidas

"El Doctor Mata"
[Adaptada de la obra orignal]

Páginas: 1013 a 1021

"Todos tenemos una fiera sanguinaria y cruel escondida en nuestro pecho, que duerme tranquila sin manifestarnos su existencia, y que vive de nuestras pasiones: del odio, de la ira, de la envidia, de la conscupiscencia, de cuanto malo anda en nuestro ser.

[Pero, con el Doctor Mata, con el transcurso de tiempo, pasó algo con él mismo: se lo mató en sangre fría a un entonces vecino allá por Torreon, Coahuila.]

"La fiera, despierta ya, nunca más volvió a dormir.

"El doctor Mata dióse de lleno a los vicios, y de humilde que era se volvió déspota y altanero. Su madre hubo de morir, y ya solo hizo en su vida un desenfreno: las mujeres, el alcohol, el juego se enseñorearon de él; su corpachón, antes encorvado por el trabajo y las fatigas, se erguió fuerte y retador, y sus barbas apostólicas se tornaron en cabrunas asquerosas, y de apacible que era, se convirtió en satírico y lujurioso, en insolente y soez.

"Aquel hombre puro, ya manchado por el primer crimen, jamás volvió a levantarse del fango.

"Hubo un combate fatal, encarnizado y largo. Los trenes se retiraban pausadamente del campo de batalla, saliendo poco a poco del bloqueo de la gran estación ferrocarrilera de Aguascalientes. [Gral Fco.] Villa recorría personalmente la larga línea de carros, apremiando a los ferrocarrileros para que los movieran, dando preferencia a los de heridos.

"Del convoy que mandaba el doctor Mata, como de costumbre salían lamentos y maldiciones; Villa, malhumorado como andaba, se detuvo, y con su fuerte voz inquirió, asomádose por la puerta del furgón donde eran más intensos.

-- ¡Quibo, qué pasa con tanto grito!, ¿qué no son hombres, qué no más ustedes están heridos?

--Mi general, nos maltrata mucho el doctor -- gimió uno.

--No queremos al doctor Mata -- gritaron todos.

"Y aprovechando aquella oportunidad se apiñaron en la puerta los que podían hacerlo, y hablando a un tiempo demandaron que les quitara a su médico.

"Villa allí mismo hizo comparacer al doctor Mata y le interrogó:

--¿Es cierto que usted trata mal a los heridos? Conteste."

--Mentiras, mi general."

--Sí es cierto, jefe, sí es cierto -- gritaron a coro los enfermos."

--Falso, señor ... -- respondió el doctor palideciendo, pues conocía bien a su superior."

--Bueno, bueno -- repuso Villa cortándole la palabra --, pa'qué batallamos -- y empuñando su pistola, con aquella puntería que sólo él tuvo, despachó al otro mundo al doctor, al hombre bueno de otro tiempo, y con él a la fiera terrible que animaba."

UTEP's Miners Duke U. - Style "Pack Attack" at 2005 NMSU Game: Part VI!

The Real Life NMSU-UTEP Mystery Story

Starring Lt. Col. David Abbott, U.S.A.

And Patrick Robinson's Story:

About the Admiral's Statue!

That Miraculously Peed for Three Days Straight!

Yahoo! Mail

Date: Sunday, October 2, 2005
To: Erica Salcido
From: Dennis Morony
Subject: Thanks for your reply, we've just heard from NMSU Board of Regents

"Dear Erica,

"Thanks for your prompt reply. The reason I haven't contacted you earlier was that we were still waiting on the NMSU Board of Regents who responded to us last Friday, October [31].

"Would you believe?

"When we pulled the UTEP Budget/Account/Paayroll sheets Sunday a week ago, it was like zip for BOTH Gold Diggers and the UTEP Cheerleaders."

[Boy, was yours truly ever wrong! Because before long, acting on a hunch, we picked up the electronic trail of Coach Rebecca Cano Salcido, big time! Level one, UTEP's ENRON of Texas-style Shodow Payroll!]

"I think it was Coach Becky Salcido who had the Gold Diggers, but guess what?

"This fiscal year (from September 1 through next August 31) both Ms. Salcido and her job are delisted. [ Not so! It was just set up to look that way! Added 8/31/2006] So, on paper at least, nobody's in charge of the Gold Digger's Dance team. Instead they're directly under the Band, at least administratively speaking.

"Same thing with the UTEP Cheerleaders: Both the 2004-2005 and the 2005-2006 UTEP Budget/etc. sheets show a slot for somebody, but going on two fiscal years now Coach Nobody is listed as doing it. Nor do the account summaries show any activity i.e. [an] increase to indicate ANYBODY is coaching (at least officially) the UTEP Cheerleaders.

"That leaves only three female senior UTEP staff members who could have been reasonably supposed to have been close by to what you've described:

"(1) Lisa D. Campos Emmert, Associate Athletic Director. Acct. No. 29-2662-7009 $60,000 yearly.

"(2) Dawn E. Hearn, Trainer. Acct. No. 29-2662-6009 $55,000 yearly.

"(3) Julie M. Wong, Associate Vice President/ Dean of Students. Acct. No. 14-0215-0009 $82,480 yearly.

"Photos of Ms. Emmerts and Dr. Wong can be accessed through , but Ms. Hearn is something else again, I don't know why.

"Should you know anyone else who was there and saw what you did, feel free to give them this email [address] or my snail-mail address.

"Now, I'm going to send ou the replies we've had so far: Lt. Col. David Abbott, and the [NMSU] Board of Regents. Take a look at how Lt. Col. Abbott deals with two women in his response to me, and how he deals with that issue in his response to the [NMSU] Board.

"Kinda makes you wonder?

"It did me, too!

"If you can't raise the pictures, we can always try to get some and send them to you snail mail.

"Also I'm going to contact the [ NMSU ] ROUND-UP Photographer, if I can, and see what she may have for us.

"Anyway, thanks again, and I suspect this coming [next issue UTEP] PROSPECTOR
just might have some comment on what's going on here.

"Take care,


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Excerpt: Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of El Paso Story
Copyright: 2005
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.

"It was becoming more and more obvious that what had happened at that UTEP vs. NMSU game of 2005 was exactly what Erica had personally witnessed and described. To make things worse, at least three or more high-level UTEP female employees would more than likely have witnessed it too, assuming that they would have been on the UTEP side of the NMSU football stadium.

"So, why the conspiracy of silence? This would not be the first time that the Sisterhood would have kissed off the well being of some other, less fortunate sisters, who, well, didn't quite fit in with the big overall picture, if you know what I mean!"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

On any day of the week, when the Rabbi rashly took on St. Paul, he shot himself in the foot.

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, DESTINO! ¡Ora, Profe Ezra Cappell!

Topic: St. Paul's famous passage ending in most English language bibles as: "..for it is better to marry than to burn." I Corinthians 7:9

Input on this theme: Steinberg, Milton. Basic Judaism. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1947.

Note: As Rabbi Steinberg puts in honestly and to the point in his preface "I am not neutral on Judaism itself. I am a professing Jew whose faith is a matter of heart as well as head, or ardor no less than conviction. Of this enthusiasm I could not make a secret if I would; I would not if I could."

Personally, I find Rabbi Steinberg a most credible person. He is a man who believes in God and practices his belief. He makes no bones that St. Paul is not among his favorite historical personages. Yet for all that he inadvertently explains St. Paul's true meaning in Paul's controversial phrase: "..for it is better to marry than to burn," ( I Corinthians 7:9 ) and he does it with such clarity and precision, that I can't help wondering if it isn't obvious that St. Paul intended to say the exact same thing, and does. Because the bulk of St. Paul's listeners, perhaps even the non-Jews, would surely have been aware of what Rabbi Steinberg calls on page seventy five "one of [the] most ingenious bits of word play," used by "the ancient rabbis," dealing with the topic of matrimony itself, and which we have highlighted and colored at will:

"The Hebrew word Iish, meaning man, contains a letter i which is missing from the word Ishah woman; just as Ishah has in it an h lacking in Iish.

"Now these two letters i and h when joined together spell out a Hebrew name for God. On the other hand, when they are deleted from Iish and Ishah respectively what remains in either case is the word Esh or fire.

"And the moral of all this?

"When God, that is the hallowed and the ideal, is removed from the relationship of a man with a woman they are both transformed into consuming fires.

"But when God is present between them their humanity is intact; man is man, woman woman, and both truly husband and wife to each other."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
So! Let's take just one more look at St. Paul's concluding words: "..for it is better to marry than to burn." I Corinthians 7:9

"Now: can we get the picture? You bet!"

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story.

Copyright: 2005
Excerpt: 2nd. part of prologue
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.
Genre: Early 21st Century University Magic Surrealism
PR Quote: The warmest, most inspirationally inspiring feel-good story of 2007, if not of this entire century.
Source: Rodney Cobbledik, New Best Sellers Editor for Jivin Times Literary Review, New York City.

Last four lines of our previous posting:

"Nope! There was none of that with these tough male beings, two or three millennium young, who shared, as we have said above, the most remarkable resemblance to our good and hard-partying friends , those legendary Marine Lance Corporals, Dale T-Bone Richardson, lately of St. Xavier's Uniersity of New Orleans, and Huedilla Cundiffe, a career white-collar civil service employee from Philadelphia, P.A.

You bet!

"They set out their intergalatic mission statement in a heartbeat, with first one leading and then the other responding, until the rest of us caught on to the drill:

Alright now: Let's rock!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * **** *******

"O.K. Marines! All ya'all dudes and brothers be listen'in up now, o.k.? O.K.! We not here to be talk'in to all ya'all 'bout ladies, o.k.?

That's right!

"'An all ya'all know what we mean there, right?"


"Like all they'all good-hearted wimmens in one of 'ole Geffrey Chaucer's French-like medieval amour dits, or love visions."

French women! Wow! 'Ole Geffrey still be do'in it? Damn!

"Now, hold up there, ya'all. Don't all ya'all be goin too far off the track, o.k.? 'Cause what it is we say'in to all ya'all gennelmens right now is that ladies -- properly speak'in -- be synonymous with what everyman know he want, dig? Dudes and brothers, when we say the magic word ladies, we be mean'in those very same ladies from the the Magical Mystical Land of the Round Eyed Hoa Ky Cos!"

Right on!

"From the land of the Big PX!"

Got it!

"From the good 'ole U.S. and A.!"

Oh, yeah!

"From the World!"

[Pandemonium on hearing this last, a mixture of enthusiastic and noisy approval]

The World! Women! Yeah! Ladies! English forty-three o-eight! Wow! ¡Ora, MEChA! You got got it! ¡Ora, UTEP! Dy-no-mite!

"The kind of woman that'll always be dog'gin a young man's footsteps, stiffen'in his jaw for him whenever he not be straighten'n up and fly'in right, that kind of woman. Of whom there can be no equal."

Oh, yeah!

[ Suddenly things get real quiet as these two superior beings, whether authentic currours, or merely and eke messengers from some other, and presumaby higher and thus more civilized planet, pause briefly for dramatic effect, only to continue again, but in a tone of deadly seriousness, almost frightening in its intensity.

They are wearing the then-standard green-weenie trousers and plain uniform green jungle blouses.

In conformity with standard earth usage for this itme of year, they are both wearing non-Marine Corps regulation Santa Clause hats at a jaunty angle.

One, who looks curously like T-Bone, just might be clutching what to earthling eyes looks like nothing so much as a recently emptied bottle of locally produced rotgut whiskey mislabeled as Silver Fox, proof that if nothing else, beaming down from one planet to another across the vast reaches of Outer Space on desperate rescue missions mandated by 'Ole Geffrey himself can make a man mighty thirsty indeed!

And now, in slow motion, like the closing scene in the rock group Blondie's Rapture
video, they began to dance, first on one leg, and then on another, as they continue their talk to us, keeping time to some hypnotic Blondie-like rhythm audible only to them.

The eerie effect thus produced would alternately astonish and fascinate 'ole Freud himself, as we learned in UTEP's Department of English Literary Criticism Class, Spring of 2005.

In fact, it would be a beautiful example of what he calls unheimlich, which means unhomely, or as we say in English, uncanny.]

"Nope! It ain't 'cause of ladies that we here." They continue. "Instead, fellow Gyrines, dudes and brothers, we be com'in down to give all ya'all young men some most terribly important advice and counsel."

Ohhhh! Wow! Hey! ¡Ora, UTEP! That's right!

"What it is, 'Ole Geffrey Chaucer be beam'in us down here to do some serious ho-talk'in to all ya'll. In fact all ya'all might just think of us a a sort of two-man intergalatic ho-patrol, you hear?"

Oh, wow! Ho-talk'in! 'Ole Geffrey sent you! Cool! Oh, yeah! That's right! Right on, brother man! Jus' like UTEP's forty years in the future English forty-three o eight class with good 'ole Doctor J! Outtasight!

"Gennelmens, all ya'all dudes and brothers be listen'in up now, ok.? O.K.!"

That's right!

"'Cause what it is, dudes and brothers, is that whether all they'all be ly'in hos, or all they'all be jiv'in hos, don't none of all ya'all ever be forgett'in this: all they'all ly'in hos are by far the most dangerous of the species."

[Comes now a stunned and uneasy silence, followed by a quiet collective gasp, and soft, worried groans, exclamations, and consternation in general, what we call in Spanish algarbia, or really wild babble.]

Oh, no! You don't say! Ly'in hos! Damn! That's really scary! Even in America? UTEP, too? Is that a fact? What can we do, then? Dangerous ly'in hos, these men are telling us! Oh, my,oh my! 'An all of us been think'in the Vietnam War right here and now itself was bad enough! What's going to happen to us now? Who can all we'all be call'in on for help then? The World's at stake! Maybe now we'll even be losing Viet Nam...!


Monday, August 28, 2006

Israeli Army Occupies Lebanese Village, trashes Christian Church

Source: NPR - National Public Radio
Date: August 25, 2006
Program: All Things Considered
Reporter: Jamie Taraday

"The tiny hilltop village of Qawza is home to a small Christian community. In the first days of August the Israeli army moved into Qawza and occupied buildings, homes, and the local church. Many of the occupied buildings, including the church, were vandalized. We speak to a couple of residents who stayed in the village while the Israelis were there."

Some rough notes, and paraphrases:

One elderly couple in the village were greatly impressed with the first Israeli soldiers they came in contact with shortly after the war came to their village. The husband thinks maybe there were ten or twelve soldiers. He asks the squad if anyone speaks either Arabic or English, and one soldier answers that he speaks English and another that he speaks Arabic. By the time this unit moves out, the couple is very grateful to the Israeli Army, and refers to the soldiers as gentlemen.

But this raport changes dramatically when a new unit came into the village. The second group of soldiers rummaged through everything in their house.

Israeli troops also vandalized the village church ... a large portrait of the the Virgin Mary .. the religious ikons are in pieces. Israeli soldiers turned the church into their sleeping quarters.

"Translators note" (heh, heh): While I may think I got the gist of all this, who knows? Being deaf in one ear and unable to hear out of the other has its limitations!

The Man who sat for the Christian Portrait ..

A tough competent Jewish Rabbi, and a tough competent Christian professor weigh in on Jesus Christ.

Source One: Walsh, Chad. Campus Gods on Trial. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1962.

Page 86:

"The picture that Christianity posts on the bulletin board is Christ. But a word of warning here. Make sure it is a complete photograph, not a fragment blown up to full size. For a long time now, it has been fashionable to depict Christ as a good but pale young man, whose eyes glow with mingled tenderness and sorrow. It is certain that Christ could be gentle and tender, and that he grieved for the blindness he saw around him. But he could also denounce double talkers in language that would bring a suit for slander today; and when he drove the go-getters out of the temple he didn't depend on sorrowful looks. In the complete photograph there should be not merely tenderness and sorrow, but also towering strength, boldness, playfulness, and flashing humor.

"Christianity is the imitation of Christ [This book is also cited by Pope Benedict XVI in "John the Theologian," August 9, 2006, below today's Seer of Patmos on St. John blogged below, and accesible from the same Italian website ]. No one succeeds completely; but some progress far. The great saints and many plain men and women, not officially labeled as saints, have gone far enough to give us some clear intimations of what happens. In them we see the same loving obedience toward God, the overflow of love into concern for all their fellows, the same radiance and indomitable strength, the same enderness, joy, and courage, that are surpemely revealed in the man who sat for the Cristian portrait."

Source Two: Steinberg, Milton. Basic Judaism. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1947.

Adapted from pages 107-111.

"This is not to deny Jesus' originality. His was an unexcelled gift for allergory, a genius for incisive utterance, a skill for bringing into sharp focus that which is perceived, but as through a glass, darkly. He had great talents as a synsthesizer, a collector into organic unity of the disjointed members of a truth. And always there is his own personality, a superb achievement in its own right. All this is originality, but, except for the man himself, on a secondary or derivative plane.

"In only a few respects did Jesus deviate from the Tradition and in all of them, Jews believe, he blundered.

"He would seem to have claimed to be the Messiah foretold by the prophets as the inaugurator of God's Kingdom on earth. The condition of the world since his advent has never impressed Jews as justifying such an appraisal of him.

"Nor was his character altogether unexceptionable.

"He was capable of bursts of ill-temper, as when he cursed the towns of Capernaum, Chorazin, and Beth Saida, or when he denounced a fig tree for not yielding fruit to appease his hunger, though it was not the fruit bearing season. And he was intemperate in his condemnation of the scribes and Pharisees, most of whom were thorougly honest and dedicated men.

"Very well then, says the Christian, let it be conceded that Jesus is neither God, nor uniquely His son, nor the Messiah, nor a moral prophet, nor even an impeccable human being. [A groveling concession encounntered with at least some of Mr. Frank Gorman and Fr. Rick Mattey and Father Fabian Marquez's "Bible Studies Class" materials at St. Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso, Texas!]

"Certainly he was, despite his defects, a great man, a gifted and exalted teacher. Will not the Jews accept him as such?

"To which the answer of Jews runs: Have Jews, except under the extremest provocation, ever quarreled with such a presentation of him? "

Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, UTEP!"

Ca Campesino = Fair Trade Coffee!

And Fair Trade Tea!

Where and when?

This coming First Sunday of the Month at St. Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso!

After all the morning Masses?

Most likely!

Allá nos vemos !"

"See ya there!"

Dennis "Ex-salesman of imported Mexican coffee, in San Antonio, Texas."

Hey, Familia !

Good work by Pope Benedict XVI on Saint John the Evangelist and "Apocalypse Now"


Here in El Paso?

At St. Patrick's Catheral Bible Studies?

Clandestinely financed by Mr. Frank Gorman, Dr. John The Risen Christ as Trance Experience Pilch's number one local generous benefactor?

Blind-sided and manipulated though he may be?

And Frank's 7 enablers, the candidates for ordination to deacon?

Señor Ernie Rodriguez among them?

Plus enabled by the Reverend Fathers Rick Mattey and Fabian Marquez?

Both priests likewise passive supporters of their Bible Studies teachers?

Who are conditioned to block any classroom discussion of just why Dr. Pilch's so-called anthropological opinions implying, among other things, that Jesus and St. John the Baptist more than likely had a sexual relationship are worthy of respect?

Instead, when challenged, the designated teachers lose it, and go off in the face of their students saying things like:

If you don't like it, write John [Pilch]?

Forget it !


Check it out!

This is one Pope almost 100% free of pretentious jargon when matter of factly discussing Sacred Scrpture.

Sandro Magister:

Click on: "Apocalypse Now"
Then: On "English" Icon, unless your Italian really rocks!

Ciao ...

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University Humanities 3304:
Putting it all together.

Jewish Rabbi does for American Catholic Church.

"Does what, you jerk?"

He explains what evil is all about.
And he does it in a simple outline.

"Oh, yeah? Show me the money, home!"

Coming right up!

Source: Steinberg, Milton. Basic Judaism. New York: Harcourt, Brace and Company, 1947 .

Adapted from Pages 53-56


"Across the light of God evil throws a shadow.

"If He is, why is the world not better? Why is it so marred and weighted down with disorder and suffering that it seems at times not the handiwork of a God of goodness but the contrivance of a fiend?

"These terrible questions are as old in Judaism as the God-faith itself. Nor does the Tradition have a single response for them. It offers instead all the answers framed by all who ever wrestled with the problem. And since no generation and no individual has ever been spared the painful necessity of justifying God's ways, the answers are many and varied indeed.

"These are they, grouped into logical classes:

"I. There are the theories which seek to account for evil in moral terms; among them the following:

"That an evil may be he result of some prior sin of the individual on whom it is visited; that it is often punitive even where it seems not to be, since the antecedent sin may have escaped notice or may go unassociated with its consequence.

"That it may represent the expiation of the wrong-doing not of an individual but of his community; that if a man avails himself of the advantages afforded him by his society, he must be prepared to take responsibility for its iniquities.

"That it is necessary so that man may be a moral being. For how, if there were no evil, could man choose the good?

"That it must be or the good would also not exist, since, were it not for its [evil's]prodding, no one would ever bestir himself, let alone develop attachments to justice, compassion and love.

"That it supplies men with a touchstone on which they may test the stuff of which they are made, an adversary against whom to contend and so grow strong; a contest without which there could be no victory.

"II. There are the theories which seek to account for evil in metaphysical terms, among them the following:

"That evil has no reality in itself but is merely the absence of good.

"That it appears as evil because it is seen isolated or in a partial view.

"That what men call evils are only instances of the laws of life which happen to strike them adversely. If they are prepared to accept the benefits of these rules, what valid complaint have they when these same rules work to their disadvantage?

"III. There are the theories which seek to account for evil as something temporary and destined in the end to be transcended and retrieved, among them the following:

"That it will be compensated and made good in life after death, and here on earth in God's Kingdom to come.

"That it represents the survival into the human condition of other, lower stages of reality, mineral, vegetable, and animal, out of which man has emerged, or on which he stands; that the traces of these are being erased with time and the further unfolding of God's purpose until some day man will be perfectly and purely human.

"IV. There is, finally, the theory that evil is inscrutable, an enigma beyond unraveling, to which the answer, if any, is known to God alone. This is the moral of the ending of the Book of Job where Job lays his hand on his lips in contrition and confession of ignorance. This is the purpose of the rabbinic epigram: It is not in our power to explain either the tranquility of the wicked or the sufferings of the upright.

"Here, no more than listed, are some of the many suggestions advanced by Judaism on the theme of evil. Among these the individual Jew is free to make his selection, adopting the response or combination of responses which best satisfies him."

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hey, Familia! ¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA!

"Still happy with the faulty notion that There's really Nobody Large and in Charge?"

"You sure? Well, then: dig this!"

Source: Keating, Bern. The Mosquito Fleet. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1963.

Scenario: World War II, Pacific Theater. Most likely in 1944. U.S. Navy PT Boats operating in two-boat teams are on the prowl for Japanese targets in the dead of night. PT boat crews liked to sneak up on Japanese transports and then go all bipolar. Best of all, going all bipolar actually worked!

Pages: 204-206

"That split-second timing, the business of opening fire simultaneously with the bursting of the star shell, was drilled into gunners repeatedly by dummy attacks on floating logs.

"Twenty-five miles short of the patrol area, the [American PT] radar man found a target five miles off the beach. The two skippers were jubilant; here was a target made to order -- too far out to sea to run for the beach, out of the range of protecting [Japanese] shore batteries, in water deep enough for a high-speed strafing run by the PTs, with no chance of hitting a rock. The [two] boats went to general quarters and closed the target.

"Lieut. Jones took the unnecessary precaution of warning his gunners.

Look alive, now -- open fire the instant the flare goes off.

"At 200 yards the skippers could make out a dim shape, but details of the target were hidden in the darkness. Lieut. Jones gave a last warning to gunners to be quick on the trigger, and fired his flare. Twenty-four [machine] gun barrels swung to bear on target.

"The flare burst.

"Lieut Jones continues:

There was the perfect target, a Jap barge loaded with troops -- you could see their heads sticking up over the gunwale.

Open fire! Open fire! I screamed in my mind, but no words came out of my mouth.

What was the matter? Why weren't the guns firing? Thousands of tracers should be pouring into that enemy craft, but no gun on either PT fired. The flare died and I ordered another.

Why was I doing this? Why wasn't the barge sinking now, holed by hundreds of shells? Why hadn't the gunners opened fire as ordered when the flare went off? And what was the matter on the Jap barge? Why weren't they tearing us up with their guns, for the flare lit us up as brightly as it illuminated them?

We closed to 75 yards, still frozen in that strange paralysis under the glare of the dying starshell.

My helmsman spoke up, They're not Japs, sir, they're natives.

I flipped on the searchlight, and our two boats circled the canoe, searchlights blazing, guns trained. That eerie scene will remain in in my memory as long as I live. Thirty natives -- some of them boys -- sat rigidly still, staring forward unblinkingly. I don't know if it was native discipline or sheer terror that held them. Even the children didn't blink an eye or twitch a finger.

We shouted to them that we were Americans, but we gave up trying to get through to them for they refused to answer or even to turn their heads and look at us. We left them rigidly motionless and staring straight ahead at nothing.

Back at the base we discussed our strange paralysis. Everybody agreed he had first thought it was a Jap barge when the flare burst, and nobody could give a reason for not shooting instantly. If even one gunner had fired the whole weight of our broadside would have come down on that canoe.

We'll never understand it, but we are all grateful to Whoever or Whatever it was that held our hands that night and spared those poor natives. And what woolly stories those Halmaherans must be telling their children about that night. I'll bet by now we are part of the sacred tribal legends of the whole Moluccan Archipelago."

Friday, August 25, 2006

Dr. Peter Golding, Australia's Loss
And UTEP's Gain!

Date: Feb. 18, 2004
From: Dennis Paul Morony
To: Mr. Robert Estrada, Attorney at Law.
Position: Member University of Texas Board of Regents

Dear Mr. Estrada:


"Let's hear it for UTEP's University Studies 2350, where even Pro-Fonda Marxist-wannabes can go off in people's faces! Well, at least electronically...

"And get off scot free.

"But you know, personally, I think this sort of vigorous debate is beneficial as a whole.

"Especially to those of us who openly despise Jane Fonda-style communist agitation and intimidating-in-your-face behavior by her self-appointed UTEP staff-student thugs and wannabes as Amigo (or Amiga) Camarada/Compañera H., enraged over what we had to say about Ms. Fonda's trashing of Mr. Cesar Chavez and Joan Baez going on twenty-five years ago, before coming here [to El Paso] to rescue the women of Mexico.

"For one thing, this Marxist confrontational in-your-face attitude helps us gain recruits to a contrary way of thinking in an otherwise uninspiring and academically worthless -- but otherwise totally entertaining! -- obligatory class.

"And as for the UTEP police case involving Ms. Lisa Campos Emmert, Dr. Judith Munter, PhD. and yours truly, bumbling along as he tries to hold to that 3.85 cumuative GPA until at least the end of this semester, what can we say?

"That yourself and your fellow board members don't -- by now -- already know?

"Of a potential forthcoming public relations disaster for UTEP, going quietly tick-tock, tick-tock, like one of those old French Revolutionary plays, getting ready to blow with one awesome Tsk, tsk, tsk and a my oh my!

"Thanks for your attention...

"Yours truly,

"Dennis Paul Morony

"UTEP Senior, English and American Literature

"Enclosures: Copies of posted forum commentary relating to such current UTEP student issues in the obligatory class called University Studies 2350 as these staff-faculty mandated topics dealing with the individual student's exercise of her or his First Amendment Rights to Free Expression and Personal Opinion as:

(1) The War in Iraq, (2) Ignorance, (3) Education."

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Grade Gate! Auburn U. Style!

"If you turned in something you got an A."

"If you turned in nothing you got a B."

Professor James Gundlach of Auburn University, describing Professor Thomas Petee, head of sociology.

Grade Gate! UTEP Style!

"Is your name so and so? It is?"

"No need to come to class any more. You just made an A."

UTEP Specialty Team member quoting UTEP professor Peter Golding. University 2350, Summer of 2003.

Mr. Robert Stull's link to Dr. Peter Golding:

For UTEP's Grade Gate?

Try UTEP Dean of Engineering Dr. Barry Benedict.

Dean Benedict: $161,000 in 2004-2005

Dr. Peter Golding: $64,216 in 2004-2005

"Poor, poor, 'ickle Petey: he needs his pocket money!"

MORE DR. GOLDING sections at risk for UTEP throwaway grades, whether for fun alone, or for extra cash:

Dr. Peter Golding's more recent problematical schedules include: section 32778 University 2350, Summer 2006, and the following sections for Fall 2006: section 15952 University 2350; section 10931 MASE 6301; section 15090 ESE 6396; section 12120 ESE 6396; section 13443 ESE 6398; section 15083 ESE 6399.

"Auburn Prepares for Post-Scandal Football Season"

NPR - National Public Radio
In: All things considered
Date: August 24, 2006

"Being a whistle-blower at a top football university is tough. Fans don't want to hear about academic problems that could hurt the team or lead to NCAA sanctions. But professor James Gundlach, who teaches in the sociology department, decided to speak up after he noticed that several football players who were taking his major had never been to a class."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Excerpt: Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story

"I'll say this for one Mr. Andrew Bolt, those Australian reporters have a whimsical sense of humour all too often rare in their American counterparts. When forwarding my email to him at of Tuesday, April 27, 2004 to one Allison Harding, at -- with the subject listed like this: fake academic? -- one Mr. Bolt played it low, flat and cool.


I hope you're well and blooming, Allison. But just in case you need some light relief, I'm passing on an email I got this morning from a desperate student in El Paso who is wondering whether he's been taught by a flake or a fake from Monash. Is there any way to check whether you do indeed have a 1987 PhD graduate called Peter Golding?

Andrew Bolt

But! Down Under the women are every bit as unflappable as the men, as the following reply makes clear:

Hello Andrew,

Hope all's well with you and Sally.

Re your query - I checked with our alumni office and Peter Golding holds a BSc(Hons)1977 and a PhD in Physics 1982.

Cheers, Allison

"It was now time for Mr. Bolt to pass all this along to yours truly with a handsome note of apology:

It pains me to say, given your description of his teaching, that Mr. Golding is indeed a genuine example of an Australian PhD graduate.

I don't know of his subsequent academic career, but did receive this from Monash University: [As cited above! dpm]

"And, yet, did Mr. Andrew Bolt leave it at that? Could it be that at this point our scene shifts to a a modest building near the middle of Canberra, the Australian Capitol, at 68 Northbourne Avenue? Perhaps the monitors for a Special Intelligence Section of the Australian Federal Police (AFPs, for short) get their own email transmission, or better yet maybe even a phone call at Tel. (02) 6233 3000 from some well-known Aussie reporter, most likely acting at his own behest as yours truly wouldn't have been able to do zip. So, who knows?

"Because in any case a few days later an odd and quite possibly unrelated activity is observed taking place at UTEP.

"An official-looking vehicle pulls up with a flourish to the side of Hawthorn Street, right in front of the green and white sign that reads BIKE ROUTE, and near a wide opening flanked by two vitex bushes and two more signs indicating Pedestrian Traffic Only. This would lead the cars occupants in a downward slant to the UTEP School of Engineering, where one Dr. Peter Golding might be assumed to have his office.

"Like something out of the famous short story, Incident at Owl Creek, a big man jumps out of the driver's side and strides purposefully forward, trailed by two other individuals. But this man is not a Northern scout, like in the story. But for the likes of UTEPs Dr. Peter Golding he has the potential for being equally lethal.

"As it is, he is dressed head to toe in black. No, to be sure, this man is not a Northern scout. Because here in El Paso that uniform on the UTEP campus can mean one thing and one thing only. The big man is a Texas Precinct Constable.

"And he is on professional business within the scope and purpose of his job as a top law enforcement officer..."

"¡Ora, UTEP!" "¡Ora, MEChA!"

Con ositos de peluche más 'plai-do,' así venceremos!"

But does all that include purported off-campus fraternity gang rapes and sororities sanctioned for commercial sex?

And how about purported Duke U Pack Attacks on coeds of other institutions by Miners' football team members?

"¡Hey, Familia!" "¡Ora, UTEP!"

A tip of the hat to: A former high ranking UTEP student sorority official.
A commentary on: A recent [UTEP] Prospector article.

"Student Development fully staffed, ready for new year."

By: Daniel Collins
In: The Prospector
Date: August 23, 2006

"Walking into a staff meeting at the new Student Development Center, one might notice jars of Play-dough scattered across a desk or a stuffed dog with a UTEP Miner's T-shirt clutched to somebody's chest. As one person's hand carefully rolls the brightly colored Play-dough into small spheres on the tabletop, spirited conversation shoots back and forth across the room with the staff eagerly discussing plans for the upcoming year."

Caption under accompanying photo:

"The new staff of the SDC, from left, Director Dr. Edith Fernandez, Shannon Osborne, Erika Portillo, Tonya L. Dawson and the administrative assistant Maritza Olson discuss upcoming programs."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * **** ** ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** *

"There was almost something wistful, if not downright whimsical, in this candid shot of six hardworking fully professional UTEP University women. Why? Because at least four of them more than likely really did believe that their dreams for helping UTEP students could make a difference.

"It would not be until the end of their first semester, at the earliest, that the cold hard reality of being gainfully employed by the university equivalent of an ENRON of Texas-style continuing criminal enterprise begin to set in. Yet they were certainly sincere. I wished them luck. In view of what happened later at least one would need it. Big time!"

Excerpt: Day of the Ly'n Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

UTEP Miners' Duke U-Style Pack Attack!

Hey, Familia!" "¡Ora, UTEP!"

A Real Life UTEP - NMSU Collegiate Mystery!
Lt. Col. David Abbott, U.S.A.
And the fabulous Admiral's Statue.
The one that miraculously peed.
For three days straight. Part V.

Date: 9/22/2005 at 07:54 PM
To: Dr. Pat Williams
Position: NMSU Regent's Chief of Staff
From: Dennis Paul Morony
Re: Allegations of Harassment and Assault Against NMSU students at UTEP/NMSU Game.


"As a sometime UTEP student and a Miners' fan myself I was somewhat perplexed and concerned about a published account in the UTEP student newspaper, THE PROSPECTOR (Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2005) by an eyewitness of incidents occuring September 3 at your stadium, in which uniformed NMSU ROTC cadets (presumably LTC David L. Abbott's unit) were being more or less shoved around and spit upon, incredible as that all sounds, like something out of some shake and bake Hollywood movie of the late 1960s, directed by the likes of Sam Peckinah, of Riot on Sunset Strip fame.

"Plus, the individual reported what appears to have been two(2) separate incidents in which NMSU female photographers were physically shoved around and verbally assaulted and abused by UTEP males; the second incident purportedly took place within ear shot of Coach Mike Price.

"My question is simply this: have any NMSU Campus Police reports been filed in this case, and if so has it been vigorously investigated?

"Yesterday's PROSPECTOR (September 21) had no more mention of the allegation at all, period.

"At the very least, given the nature of the alleged offense, i.e. Male on Female it stands to reason that at least one(1) or more female UTEP administrative staff members should have been on premises, even if not exactly physically present.

"Yet, so far, at this end, things are curiously quiet, and the allegations STILL unrebutted!

"Thanks in advance, for any help you can give me in this matter.


"I just don't think it should be automatically swept under the rug, IF TRUE, by either the Board of Regents for NMSU, nor by the corresponding members of the Board of Regents, the University of Texas System.

"Sincerely yours,

"Dennis Paul Morony"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Excerpt: Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story.
Copyright: 2005.
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.

"It wasn't long before we had a pretty good grasp of the women from UTEP's side of the equation who should have been nearby while all this was going on. What we didn't catch on to at first was that one of them would most certainly have been Coach Rebecca Cano Salcido, who has a cameo appearance as herself in Soul Shake Down, Shalonda Renee Russell and Her Golddiggers, along with cameo appearances as themselves of Golddigger Captains Rebecca Lee Fargo and Annette Cerros.

"Frankly, if Lt. David Abbott had had the common sense the Good Lord gives most jackasses, things may never have gotton this far. But Lt. Col. David Abbott, USA, didn't. Instead he lied. And, so far as yours truly was concerned, had his own a*s in a sling from that point on in our story.

"And if all that wasn't enough, NMSU's Doctor Pat Williams simply could not resist over reaching in her otherwise commendable attempts to buy her people time to effect the necessary cover up with her counterparts at UTEP. She did this by letting all ten cats out of the bag at once. Trust me! It made for some first class reading."

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


[Albeit not like Bill St. James' s show!]

To the Golden Age of: Pre-blogger UTEP Spam!

[A whole bunchola of innocent and unsuspecting folks, both UTEP and Non-UTEP, got blitzed by the following, in the early Spring of 2005.]

Now, here we go:

"The following excerpt is from a current work in progress. Day of the Ly'in Hos: The University of Texas at El Paso Story. Copyright 2005"

"This is a simple unpretentious little tale of the modest, random financial exploits of some ambitious members of UTEP's Camorrista Academica -- Academic Mafia -- who originally shared a common background: the UTEP Linguistics and Languages Department. Over the course of years they gradually, and with a careful and calculating prudence, recruited additional help here and there. And while being careful to talk wisely all the while about how dedicated they were to such things as helping my/our/dear people/women/ minorities etc. succeed, or ayudando a todo mi querida gente para superar, they have shown themselves amazingly brazen in actual performance. They set out to turn UTEP into the academic equivalent of an Enron of Texas-style continuing criminal enterprise, and they have succeeded. Brilliantly.

"And their strategy has been basically this: they have robbed their beloved people blind, spiritually, psychologically, and financially, and with not a trace of remorse that any outsider can ever hope to see, unless it is when one or more of their henchmen finally gets caught and ends up jailed, as with Dr. Gasanov. In at least two(2) instances, they have not hesitated to use what seems to be a sort of Orwellian (or at least anonymous) enforcement division to shut up any and all dissent."

Hey, Familia!"

Five El Paso schools could be reorganized

By: Gustavo Reveles Acosta
In: El Paso Times
Article Launched: 8/18/2006 12:00 AM

"Fewer El Paso County public schools earned failing marks in No Child Left Behind Act ratings this year, but five high schools face harsh punishment because they have not met the minimum federal standards for the fourth year in a row."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"In may have been inevitable, but it was still fascinating to watch. The formerly more than merely adequate University of Texas at El Paso was slowly spiraling out of control as its entire educational department faced almost certain decertification by the State of Texas higher education authorities. The rot was something to behold."

Exerpt: Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story.
Copyright: 2005
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.

"¡Ora, UTEP!" "¡Ora, MEChA!"

El Diario's photographer!
Really complicates things!
UTEP vs. Fans incident photo:
Two(2) bodies down on the ground!

"Accidente mancha inicio de gira"

Por: Alicia Ramírez Pulido
En: El Diario de Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua
Fecha: Viernes 11 de agosto del 2006

"Un incidente que no pasó a mayores, aunque los involucrados fueron a dar al hospital, manchó el inicio d ela gira "Fijación Oral" que la cantante colombiana Shakira realizará por Estados Unidos y Canadá.

"El percance se presentó la noche del jueves, al final del concierto que la cantautora ofreció en el Don Haskins Center; en donde por espacio de una hora con 30 minutos, la prensa y algunos fans estuvieron esperando la salida de la intérprete.

"Aunque al principio se manejó que un vehículo de color guinda, en el que se transportaba Shakira y que era conducido por una mujer había atropellado a un guardia de seguridad contratado para la ocasión, por la institución educativa, y a un fan, la policía de UTEP, desmintió dicha versión.

"En un comunicado emitido por el departamento policial universitario, a través del departamento de relaciones públicas y comunicación se declara que el accidente es completamente ajeno a la cantante y que se suscitó cuando un seguidor de la intérprete en su afán por acercarse a ella forcejeó con un elemento de seguridad y ambos cayeron a un costado del camión que transportaba a Shakira.

"El documento firmado por Kimberly Miller niega que la camioneta haya golpeado a los dos afectados en el incidente, por lo que destaca que no se levantaron cargos de ninguna índole, no hubo detenidos y que no hay asunto legal que perseguir.

"Información extraoficial proporcionada por un testigo de los hechos señala que los afectados tuvieron un choque de cabezas antes de caer al suelo, lo cual provocó que a uno de ellos le saliera sangre de la nariz y la frente, motivo por el que ambos fueron enviados en ambulancia a recibir atención médica, al hospital.

"Otro testigo que prefirió mantener su nombre en el anonimato confirmó la versión oficial emitida por la policia de UTEP.

"El portavoz de la policía de El Paso, Javier Samaniego, señaló que en el departamento jurídico no existe ningún tipo de reporte de accidente ocurrido el día antes mencionadao, en los alrededres del Don Haskins Center.

"Destacó que si el percance sucedió en la calle Glory Road, lo más probable es que fue atendido por la policía universitaria, ya que esa es una área que corresponde a la casa de estudios."

Monday, August 21, 2006

Russians smuggled into city to strip, feds say

"Gasanov, a researcher at UTEP and a director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), was known in UTEP's scientific community (6 R. 128,132)."

Source: No. 02-50566. In the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Hey, Familia!"
"¡Ora, UTEP!"
"¡Ora, MEChA!"

"The usual UTEP Orangutang Pee Research Projects?"

UTEP Restricted Funds
Contracts and Grants - Research
2004-2005 Budget

Name: Aleksandre Taktakishvili (Post Doctoral)
Job Code: 0509
Dollar Amount: $53,634
Account Number: 26-RSCH-0009

"Is he a drifter from former Soviet Armenia?"

Name: Dmitry V. Bizyaev
Job Code: 0509
Dollar Amount: $35,880
Account Number: 26-RSCH-0009

"Is he being exploited as an illegal immigrant from the former Soviet Empire, or is he merely someone being exploited legally?"

Friday, August 18, 2006

2005-2006 UTEP Budget
Mr. Robert W. Stull,
Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
and Miner Foundation

Salary Rosters

Name: Mr. Robert W. Stull
Title: Director
Time: 70% and 30%
Account Numbers: 29-2661-1009 & 19-0420-0009
Salary: $128,625 + $55,125 = $183,750 total.
Percentage of increase: 5.0% over last year's budget

Sports Medicine

Salary Roster

Name: Ms. Dawn E. Hearn = +9.0% over last year = Mr. Stull's Lisa factor?

Student Athlete Services

Salary Roster

Name: Ms. Lisa D. Campos Emmert = +10:0% over last year

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the light bulb just might have finally flickered, in the early Spring semester of 2005, but still poor Mr. Stull had to answer to Lisa. My, oh, my! What it must be to be sooo henpecked!"

Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story

Excerpt: From prologue
Copyright: 2005
Genre: Early 21st Century American University Magic Surrealism

"Just who were these two mysterious visitors from Chaucer's House of Fame? From one of the remoter regions of our galaxy? Or were they maybe employees of the rumor section described in The House of Fame's Book III, Line 2128, the employees having the job classification of currours, and eke messengers? Anyhow, whether they really were couriers or such like messengers, they sure seemed to fall right out of the sky, or out of UTEP's English 4308, Fall of 2003, that Christmas season night of nineteen sixty-six.

"And they had the wildest, craziest most blatantly sexist so-called message conceivable, as they hastened to explain what brought them down to us, perhaps having traveled by riding piggy back from the far reaches of Outer Space on that fabulous bird described in the original House of Fame, Book II, Lines 529 and 530 as This egle, of which I have you tolde, That shone with fethres as of gold.

"Then again, perhaps the gold covered up the fact that this eagle was a real-deal Soul-Talk'in Eagle, as he is quoted in Chaucer's original House of Fame as calling him Geffrey, at least in Book II, line 729.

"Now, those lucky us belonged to Second Lieutenant George Mallon's Ist Platoon, Fox Company, the Second Battalion, First Marine Regiment, aka The Professionals. We were young men celebrating as best we could under regulation green canvas on that cold and rain swept battalion ocmbatrear of the old Fleet Marine Force, Western Pacific Area Command (wes PAC for short), Southern Quang Nam Province, the Republic of Vietnam. A part of that same Marine expeditionary Force whose wartime casualties would eventually total 13,000 killed in action and 88,000 wounded in action out of a total of 550,000 Marines committed to combat over the duration of the war.

"Mellow holiday sounds such as those coming from Rifleman Dale "T-Bone" Richardson's portable turntable featuring Mr. Joe Tex's Coming Home from Viet Nam song, combined with the haunitng, dreamy, heavy-on-the-clarinet of the brand new Percy Faith - Spence Maxwell creation, Christmas Is, playing on Armed Forces radio, Da Nang, courtesy of Lance-Corporal Huedilla Cundiffe's transistor, helped provide a festive air, in spite of it being wartime.

"For all too many of us, it was our first Christmas away from home. And for yet another thirty or more of us within all three rifle platoons of Fox Company itself, including weapons attachements, our last Christmas on Planet Earth, period.

"Suddenly two strangers materialized among us. And took on the apparances of both Huedilla and T-Bone, leaving the real Huedilla and T-Bone to momentarily fade away right in front of our very eyes, leaving both young men wearing startled looks on their faces, as they feebly beckoned us for aid and assistance. But to no avail. Instead these two strangers took on their outward physical traits and even some of their mannerisms and began to speak.

"And while these mysterious visitors might have dressed differently in that famous Chaucerian House of Rumours back home on their own planet, with us they were wearing plain Marine green wienie utility trousers with plain green bush jackets and red Santa Clause stocking caps, stuck on at juanty angles. Poncho liners worn toga like around their shoulders gave them good, swiring props for heir frequest rhetorical flourishes.

"And, no!

"These guys did not begin with a lot of preliminary, garrulous, rambling to and fro,peculiar to the I was there with Willie and Joe genre, beloved by grumpy old men everywhere.


"Such as yours truly has often been accused of doing.

Doing what?

"Rambling on. Habitually.

Oh, yeah! Now we see!

"These two currours, and (or) eke messengers weren't like that at all.

Uh, huh!

"Nope! There was none of that with these tough male beings, two or three millenium young, who now shared, as I've said, the most remarkable resemblance to our good and hard-partying friends, those legendary Marine Lance Corporals, Dale T-Bone Richardson, lately of St. Xavier's University of New Orleans, and Huedilla Cundiffe, a career white-collar civil service employee from Philadelphia, P.A.

You bet!

"And guess what? They set out their intergalactic mission statement in a heartbeat, with first one leading and then the other responding, until the rest of us caught on to the drill.

Alright, now. Let's rock!