Friday, October 31, 2008

"Fr. Quang makes it clear I'm not to go to the First Baptist Church anymore..."

(See previous blog posting below, as cited from original FAX!)

My own hypothetical "5th Quarter After Game Fellowship Friday" -- approach to this rather bizarre -- and repeated! -- demand after 10 or more months have come and gone runs something like this:

Hypothesis One:

The person currently calling himself Fr. Anton Quang Dinh Van is vulnerable to shake downs because of sexual peccadilloes and over - all sexual hanky panky, past or present, of the Lavender Mafia variety, in who - knows - what diocese or archdiocese.

In other words blackmail, chantaje, however you name it.

Hypothesis Two:

The person currently calling himself Fr. Anton Quang Dinh Van is vulnerable to blackmail due to financial hank - panky, past or present.

Hypotheis Three:

He's involved up to his ears in either some form of brujería or outright satanic activities, or has been fatally compromised by those, who, working within the St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish community, are themselves involved in such hypothetical activities.

Hypothesis Four:

Fr. Anton Quang Dinh Van
-- whatever his name may have been on hoked - up immigration documents upon arrival here in the good 'ole U.S. of A. -- is simply either 100% fake or 100% flake.

Hypothesis Five:

The person calling himself Fr. Anton Quang Dinh Van is any combination of the above.

Brother Jeff Janca and Brother Paul Kluzek:

"Threats to be both loathed and feared?"

"Duh??!!" :)

So why his insistence that we break contact with Brother Jeff Janca and all the good people, like brother Paul Kluzek, by no longer attending of the First Baptist Church of Brackettville, Texas?

Not even for good 'ole Christian singing and Bible 101 study?

While he was tacitly implying at the same time that -- for him, at least! -- the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah's Witness in Del Rio is a mighty fine adjunct to St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish any 'ole time?

The answer, for me, at least to this why was a while in coming!

Because Father -- whatever his actual name turns out to be! -- immediately spotted both these gentlemen as threats to be both loathed and feared by him personally!

Folks, I'm going to come right say it just like it is: How could any man of even moderately normal sexual orientation have that violent a reaction to such gentlemen?

Beyond this working hypotheis, of course!

Which the simple fact that as Baptists, he "Fr. Quang ," may have found them both guilty of:

A. Believing in Jesus Christ.
B. Trying to act in accordance with their beliefs.

And given the hypothetical for instance that whatever occult bondage has a murderous grip upon his own soul just might have sensed this same quality in the First Baptist Church of Brackettville, too, guess what?

He would have had to choice but to recognize that these two qualities were perhaps lacking in him!

In turn, it would further explain his usual chattering gibberish a la Charlie Chan when he told us some such pious shinola as:


" Mister Denise, holy brothah' the church she'alla time be ah say 'ah ...

"Maybe I go bishop an' he too? ..

"Be a sayah you, o.k.?

"You go dis church but!

"You no go 'ah dat church! etc...."

So naturally, I asked him, inasmuch as he had called me to come in to see him at the rectory in the first place:

"Father, are you telling me that I can't go to First Baptist Church on Sunday evenings for singing and Bible Studies anymore?"

"'Jess, Mister Denise.


"Holy brothah' the Catholic church, like you 'ah know - ah?

"She - ah -- all!

"A time - ah' ...

"Be a say -ah ...etcetera..."

So on and so forth....!! :)

"Friday, December 21, 2007

"FAX to: The Very Reverend James Patrick Fischler, CICM.

"Dean of the Uvalde, Texas, Deanery, Archdiocese of San Antonio

"Dear Fr. Fischler:

"Item One: On a purely perfunctory note, we left a message on you[r] answering machine in Del Rio Wednesday night, Dec. 19th, 2007 at around 9 P.M.

"Item Two: Fr. Quang makes it clear I'm not to go to the First Baptist Church anymore, therefore I don't.

"Item Three: Fr. Quang was given the opportunity by me of visiting with the friend I refer to in my letter to Archbishop Pietro Sambi, a few minutes to 6 PM, Wednesday night, December 19, 2007.

"Re: Deacon's supposed o.k. of attending one of the Kingdom Halls of a Del Rio Jehovah's Witness group.

"Results unknown.

"Friend may eventually become himself a corroborating witness by the by, should it be necessary.

"Item Four: This am a number of people commented, including yours truly, that the fiscal accountability of this parish is at rock bottom.

"In my own case not only are three(3) weeks of lump some[sic] collection basket contributions of 6 temporary envelopes with $100.00 each (five in money order[s], one in cash) made in October of 2007, not accounted for, I've still not received regular envelopes for 2008, indicating that while Fr. Quang registered me personally in March 2007, there's still no record, nor am I alone.

"Item Five:
We tried discussing this business of $600.00 in temporary envelopes, any accountability, yes or no? with Fr. Quang personally Tuesday am from around 10:15 to 11:05 on December 11, 2007, zero results.

"Thank you, Father!

"Respectfully submitted, [and signed!]"

Frederick Douglass ponders his master's educational philosophy:

"Learning would spoil the best nigger in the world"

Adapted from pages 56 - 57 of The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein, 2008.

"Young Americans have everything to gain from reading, more civic and historical knowledge, familiarity with current events and government actions, a larger vocabulary, better writing skills, eloquence, inexpensive recreation, and contact with great thoughts and expressions of the past.

"And yet even in the intellectual havens of our universities, too many of them shield themselves from the very activity that best draws them out of the high school mindset.

"Compare their attitude with that of young Frederick Douglass, a slave in Baltimore whose mistress started to teach him the ABCs until her husband found out and forbade it.

"Years later, Douglass remembered his master's words as brutal truth: Learning would spoil the best nigger in the world, he overhears him say."

Then the slave owner continues:

"Now if you teach that nigger (speaking of myself) how to read, there would be no keeping him.

"It would forever unfit him to be a slave."

The author then goes on to make a telling point:

"Douglass listened closely and realized well the liberating power of written words (and why Southern states made teaching slaves to read illegal).

"[He]e pledged in his autobiography, Though conscious of the difficulty of learning without a teacher, I set out with high hope, and a fixed purpose, at whatever cost of trouble, to learn how to read."

Some good points to ponder! :)

First Baptist Church of Brackettville

301 N. Ann St

, Texas 78832

Church Office Hours: 10:00am - 3:00pm
Monday - Thursday

Pastor: Jeff Janca

Pastor's Cell: 563 - 5230

Thanksgiving Community Outreach

Saturday, November 15, 2008

If you would like to help cook or deliver food please call the Church

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"[C]lerical abuse had been recognized for centuries as a grievous but fortunately uncommon failing."

Adapted form Philip F. Lawler's book, The Faithful Departed, The Collapse of Boston's Catholic Culture. 2008.

Pages 137 - 138.

"[C]lerical abuse had been recognized for centuries as a grievous but fortunately uncommon failing.

"When the problem did occasionally flare up and capture public attention, Church leaders were inclined to deal with it openly.

"In 1215, the Fourth Lateran Council reminded bishops of their duty to punish abusers severely.

"[T]he Council declared, Prelates who dare support such in their iniquities shall be subject to a like punishment.

"In 1568 Pope Pius V lamented that the papal states had been polluted by sexual abuse.

"To curtail this detestable monstrosity, he ruled that any priest found guilty of sexual abuse should be stripped of his clerical status and privilege and handed over to the secular courts.

"The secular courts were likely to punish their offenses by the death penalty: a prospect that did not worry the pontiff at all.

"On the contrary Pius V -- today known to Catholics as Saint Pius V -- said that severe punishment would send a useful message to other clerics who might be tempted to pray on children.

"He calmly observed whoever does not abhor the ruination of the soul, the avenging secular sword of civil law will certainly deter."

New Mexico, circa 1940: Mr. Juan Garcia writes a letter to a newspaper...

Adapted from Erna Ferguson's delightful book, Our Southwest.

Pages 71 - 73

Talking about conflict between Hispanics and Anglos, in culture and in the use of languages, abusive politicians, etc. Ferguson assures us:

"These difficulties can be overcome, I believe, only by a courageous facing of the truth.

"And that is beginning.

"We still have the Spanish - speaking politician who inflames his people with false appeals to racial pride.

"We meet the Anglo who, generally through ignorance, practices a silly discrimination.

"But they are being met and will soon be outmoded by the intelligent and tolerant of both heritages who speak the same language, whatever tongue they use.

"The best of these are the young men and women of Spanish lineage who are facing facts.

"I know a college professor, a government engineer a labor leader, a farmer who is organizing his people, many teachers, an iron - worker, a trained nurse, who care not at all whether they are addressed as Spanish - Americans or as Mexicans.

"They are Americans, and they believe it is bad for any young man to be told he is entitled to position because of his birth."

Juan writes his letter!

"I find this attitude well expressed by Juan Garcia in a letter to a newspaper.

How can you tell a Spanish - American from any other kind of American?

Surely not by his name.

Judge Otero's mother was a blue - blood New Englander, his grandmother was a St. Louis socialite with not a trace of Spanish blood.

Tradition has it that the first Otero in Spain was an Irishman named O'Terry...

How many thousands of people with Indian blood have Spanish surnames?

Why shouldn't people with Spanish names have eighty or ninety per cent of the political jobs instead of only fifty per cent?

Why not distribute all political pie on a hyphenated basis?

Such and such per cent to Greek - Americans, to Masonic - Americans, to women - Americans?

Let's go to Spain..

Isn't there as much difference between the Andalusian and the Basque as there is between the McCormicks of Chicago and the Morgenthaus of New York?

Yet they are both good American names ...

Anyone who raises the race question is an enemy of the very same people he seeks to protect.

We are all Americans or we do not belong here at all.

I am grateful to Mr. Garcia, whom I know only through this letter, for expressing so effectively what many of us feel and try to live..."

"In The Book of Gomorrah, Peter Damian condemned clerical sodomy..."

Adapted from this source: George Weigel's book, The Courage to be Catholic, on page 60, we read:

"The eleventh century subservience of medieval bishops to their princes led to the reforms of Pope Gregory VII and the struggle between Church and Holy Roman Emperor over the appointment of bishops -- a struggle with immense implications for the next millennium of European history.

"In one of the fiercest tracts of that time, The Book of Gomorrah, Peter Damian, later canonized as a saint and honored for his theological accomplishments as a Doctor of the Church, condemned clerical sodomy, demanded that Pope Leo IX take action against the decadent churchmen of the eleventh century, and argued that some sins render a man unfit for any future exercise of the ministry.

"The corruptions of the priesthood and the episcopate in the immediate pre - Reformation Church led to the reforms of the Council of Trent and a seminary system that served the Church well for more than 350 years.

"In each of these instances, and in the many others that could be cited, reform of the priesthood and the episcopate required a clear analysis of the causes of corruption, which varied from age to age -- even as different forms of clerical perversity and episcopal malfeasance all sprang from inadequate conversion to Christ."

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Culture wars break out when groups form that renounce basic, long - standing norms and values in a society... "

St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish, Brackettville, Texas, U.S.A. 78832.

Adapted randomly from this source: The Dumbest Generation, by Mark Bauer, 2008.

Page 218.

"Good ideas stay fresh by challenge, and bad ideas go away, at least until they can be modified and repackaged.

"Knowledgeable antagonists elevate the process into a busy marketplace of ideas an d policies, and further, at critical times, into something many people dread and regret, but that has, in truth, a sanative influence: a culture war.

"Culture wars break out when groups [like the New Age Revolutionaries embedded in the so - called American Catholic Church, years ago, before they became themselves entrenched and thus became the establishment!] form that renounce basic, long - standing norms and values in a society and carry their agenda into mass media, schools [parishes] and halls of power.

"The battle lines aren't just political or economic, and people don't fight only over resources and access.

"They attack and defend the hegemony, that is the systems of ideals, standards, customs, and expectations that govern daily affairs by ordinary people and big decisions by public figures,.

"Defenders experience the system almost unconsciously as simply the way things are and ought to be [Example: Kumbaya rules! The Lavender Mafia rules!], while attackers [that's the pro - Pope Benedict XVI crowd, aka us!] suffer it as a dynamic, oppressive, and ubiquitous construct.

"The conflict veers toward psycho - political and religious terrain where minds don't easily meet and common grounds are lacking.

"The war is ideological [as it is here Brackettville, Texas, U.S.A. Zip code 78832 :) ], a trial of fundamental assumptions about justice, truth, beauty, and identity, and its outcome is sweeping..."

"Old Liturgical [C]ustom, or New Age Novelty?"

Brackettville, Texas, U.S.A. Zip code 78832.

St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish

I guess you could call what follows a truly "International Reaction!"

"Is either the Archdiocese or the Parish Administrator himself, really in control anymore?"

Original posted by one Dionicio to; Catholic Online Forum,

"Hello, good friends!

"A seasoned deacon [ Heh, heh, heh! :) ] announced to us last Sunday that this month of November was going to see some changes in the way our congregation memorializes our deceased.

"1) There will be a tree nearby the altar where we can write down the names of our departed ones on paper leaves ad then hang them on a branch of the tree, where they'll remain until the last Saturday of the month.

"So far, for me, anyway, no problem!

"But ! Here comes number two:

"2) Just before that last Saturday's evening liturgy,we'll all get together in a sort of para - liturgical ceremony, when all the leaves will be ceremoniously burnt up, like prayers ascending to heaven, is a rough translation of what we were told.

"My question?

"Humm .. when did all this start?

"Thanks to everyone in advance!

"Keep the F
aith - error qui non resistur approbatur -- an error that is not resisted is approved

"Dionicio [yo mismo, en español ...]"


Roert, from Montréal, Canada:

"Hi Dionicio, As far as I know, this is not a practice that is widely known. It was probably invented locally.

"As long as it stays paraliturgical, I don't see anything wrong.

"Do you?"

Fabrizio, from Rome, Italy:

"Dionicio, you can always suggest to move the tree out of the Church and burn the whole thing instead of just [the] leaves.

"I mean, that'd be a stronger prayer no? [ Heh, heh, heh: X 3 :) This guy thinks just like me!]

"And, you could all sing Kumbaya as flames reach the sky (as long as it remains para - liturgical chant, mind you)"

Kim, M., from U.S.A.:

"Never heard of this.

"Perhaps you can ask them what official Church document this is based on and I am sure there are none.

"Did the local bishop [Archbishop José H. Gomez] approve of this?

"When you burn the names on the leaves, you are not sending prayers to heaven, since your prayers for them, [go] to Heaven the same instance you prayed for them, throughout the month.

"Heaven does not have a waiting period for us to accumulate our prayers and then push a button (or burn a leaf) to send them up. "

James Daly, from Sydney, Australia:

"Quote: And, you could all sing Kumbaya as flames reach the sky (as long as it remains para - liturgical chant, mind you)

"Ensure that you holding hands."

María Carter, from the U.S.A:

"This lot [Our so -called New Age Revolutionaries given leave to run amok here at St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish in Brackettville, Texas, U.S.A., Zip code 78832] sounds more like witchcraft to me, and makes me feel very uncomfortable.

"Not Biblical.

"I would not join in if they did it at my church.

"Revelation 22: 16 - 21 comes to mind."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Chaput has a historical reality check for those tempted to give up the good fight!

Adapted from his book, Render Unto Caesar, page 97- 98.

"In 1084, a year before his death in exile, an anguished Pope Saint Gregory VII wrote, I cry, I cry and I cry again ... The religion of Christ, the true faith, has fallen so low that it is an object of scorn not only to the devil but to Jews and Saracens and pagans ... These keep their law, as they believe it; but we, intoxicated with the world, have deserted our law.

"We can take two lessons from his words.

"The first is this:

"All people are shaped by their time.

"Gregory wrote in an age of fierce princely intrigue and strong anti - Judaism.

"He also wrote just a decade before the First Crusade, and three decades after the Great Schism with Eastern Christianity.

"In other words, he faced a fractured Christian world under siege from four hundred years of Muslim jihad.

"The second lesson is this:

"Despite the sins we find in every church generation,renewal always reasserts itself.

"Gregory VII was one of the great reformers in Catholic history.

"Later centuries saw uglier behavior from some church leaders: a scandalous papacy, the abuse of church power, and the stagnation that led to the Reformation.

"But in a way, that proves a point.

"The hunger for Christian renewal throughout history is a sign of life in response to a peculiar illness.

"Among believers, the sickness takes different forms in different ages, but the illness is always the same.

"Cardinal John Henry Newman identified the problem eight hundred years after Gregory VII.

"He said that the conduct of most Christians was barely different from what it would be have been otherwise, neither much better nor much worse, if they believed Christianity to be a fable.

"In other words, they lacked real faith."

"Varsity [Girls] VB defeat LaPryor; D'Hanis; Sabinal" II

Adapted from: The Brackett News, Thursday, October 23, 2008.

Saint Mary Magdalene's legendary 3 - woman contingent:

LaPryor on October 14. Assists - Ms. Bianca Terrazas (15); Blocks -- Ms. Nena Molinar (1)

D'Hanis on October 10. Aces - Ms. Bianca Terrazas (9); Assists - Ms. Bianca Terrazas (13); Blocks - Ms. Nena Molinar (1).

Sabinal on October 4. Aces - Ms. Bianca Martinez (6); Assists -- Ms. Bianca Terrazas (16)

Junction (non - district match) on September 30. Digs - Ms. Bianca Terrazas (13); Assists - Ms. Bianca Terrazas (12); Blocks - Ms. Nena Molinar (1).

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish Breakfast November 2nd. 2008

"The Festival Committee, Knights of Columbus, and the Youth Group will be hosting a fund - raising breakfast on Sunday, November 2nd after both the 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. Masses at the parish hall."

Brackettville, Texas, U.S.A. Zip code 78832:

St. Mary Magdalene's Altar Server Schedule

"Sat, October 25th 5:30 pm: Mr. Jerry Lee De Hoyos & Ms. Samantha De Hoyos.

"Sun, October 26th 8:00 am: Mr. Raul Rivas & Mr. José Rivas; Mr. Arturo Castillo & Mr. César Castillo.

"Sun, October 26th 10:30 am: Mr. Sam Stewart and Mr. Daniel Molinar.

"Thursday, October 30th 7:00 am: Mr. Raul Rivas & Mr. José Rivas; Mr. Arturo Castillo & Mr. César Castillo.

"Friday, October 31, 2008; 7:00 am: Mr. Sam Stewart & Mr. Daniel Molinar."

"Surge programa a favor de la educación bilingue"

Por la Stra. Nicole Chávez, En La Frontera, de The UTEP Prospector, "Weekender," October 23, 2008.

"Para contribuir a la solución de los problemas y retos que el cambio demográfico plantea al sistema educativo y en particular a la educación bilingue, UTEP ha creado el doctorado en Educación, Aprendizaje y Cultura (Ph.D. in teaching, Learning and Culture) incorporado al Departamento de Formación de Maestros (Teaching Education) de la Facultad de Educación.

"Dijo Ana H. Macías, directora del Programa de Doctorado del Departamento de Formación de Maestros, Queríamos aumentar los ocnocimientos sobre los procesos educativos de alumnos que están desarrollando ambos idiomas a la vez (español e inglés), para así poder trabajar juntos y servirles mejor.

"El programa fue aprobado en julio por la mesa directiva de educación superior del estado de Texas.

"Después de más de seis años de trabajo, la propuesta logró consolidarse para luego pasar a revisión, evaluación y al fin ser aprobada..."

¡Ojala, qué sí, profe! :)

¡Adelante, DESTINO! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, UTEP!

"Campaña de Sangre de los Chupa sangre" en San Angelo, Texas

Adaptada de esta fuente original: Conexion Hispana, San Angelo, Texas Jueves 23 de Octubre de 2008.

"Halloween está cercano y es tiempo un avez más para la Campaña de Sangre de los Chupa sangre en San Angelo.

"Para más información de cómo hacer su donación de sangre llame al:

(325) 223 - 7500 o

(800) 756 - 0024 .

Pida una cita para la Campaña de Sangre de los Chupa sangre hoy mismo!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Pope Pius XII addressing the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in 1951:

"Ten billion years ago, the matter of all the spiral nebulae was compressed into a relatively narrow space ..."

Our own little free - wheeling adaptation of
Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J.'s article for the November 2008 issue of "U.S. Catholic" magazine, The Godless Delusion.

Rather than undermining religion, the New Atheists are reinforcing antiscience prejudices in the general public. They're undermining science...

As Brother Guy, "the curator of meteorites at the Vatican observatory and author of God's Mechanics: How Scientist and Engineers Make Sense of Religion" puts it:

"I was an active scientist for 15 years before I took vows as a Jesuit brother.

"When I returned to science as a Jesuit, I was apprehensive of the reaction I would get from my fellow scientists.

"What actually happened was what I least expected: Time after time colleagues whom I had known for years would come up to me and say: You're a Jesuit? Wonderful! Let me tell you about the church I belong to...

"Even the atheists who I met during my interviews were sympathetic to my religious calling.

"They were surprised, of course, that I could be employed by the Vatican to do research into the origins of the solar system.

"Given how the media distorts science and religion, they had assumed that all Christians must be creationists.

"But does the following statement sound like it comes from someone who insists on a creationist's interpretation of Genesis?

Ten billion years ago, the matter of all the spiral nebulae was compressed into a relatively narrow pace, at the time of the beginning of the cosmic process ... the average age of the most ancient minerals [on Earth] is indicated at a maximum of 5 billion years ... Although these figures are astonishing, nevertheless, even the simplest believer would not take them as unheard of and differing from those derived from the words of Genesis, In the beginning...

Modern as it sounds, this quotation is, in fact, more than 50 years old.

"The speaker was Pope Pius XII, addressing the Pontifical Academy of Sciences in 1951.

"Unfortunately, the more the New Atheists rail against religion for being literalist, the more they convince devout believers that one must be a literalist and reject science in order to be faithful to their church.

"But this kind of literalism has never been Catholic doctrine..."

"A real witch is a woman who has demonic powers"

Ms. Jennifer Reed
, Thousand Oaks, California, weighs in on Ms. Michelle Arnold's article of the July - August 2008 issue of "This Rock," Witchcraft 101. Her comments appear in "This Rock" for November, 2008.

Adapted in part:

"To know about witches, witchcraft, and Wicca, you should have experienced it or know people who do it.

"Reading an Idiot's Guide from Barnes & Noble and a book fror the 1950s [sic] by Margot Adler will tell you nothing."

Practicing Wicca does not make you a witch ...

"I have relatives who practice Wicca.

"Practicing Wicca does not make you a witch.

"A real witch will never tell you she is because it will expose her.

"Only a person who tries to be a witch (someone who practices without powers) will tell you that witches do not believe in Satan.

"Real witches know that he exists.

"They also believe in God, but refuse to worship him.

"A real witch is woman who has demonic powers.

"This is not something you can read from a book or learn in a classroom while you got your degree..."

And so, Ms. Jennifer Reed's observations are then replied to by Ms. Michelle Arnold, whose response we likewise adapt (or quote) in part.

Now, here's Ms. Arnold's spirited conclusion to her rebuttal of Ms. Reed's remarks:

"If Christian evangelization to witches is to have hope of succeeding, we must be willing to give self - described witches the respect of listening to them carefully and crafting our Cristian apologetic based on their explanation of their own beliefs, and not on what we think they believe."

Humm ..m...m... izzat so? My, my goodness! :)

"I tell my sons, I don't need grandkids!"

One young mother's solution to the priest shortage!

Right here in Brackettville!

That's right...

"A Votre Aimable Attention,

"Nous sommes heureux de vous informer du résultant des programmes internationaux des gagnants de la loterie tenus il y'a Sept jours de cela à notre siège sis à Abidjan.

"Et nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncez que vous êtes l'un des hereux gagnants de ORANGE WORLD LOTERIE...


"Note: Qui conque sous l'âge de 19 ans est automatiquement éliminé..."

Wow! ¡Guau! :)

Can Brackettville Basset Hounds really suffer from acute separation anxiety?

Due to their master leaving them abruptly to go do his patriotic wartime duty?

Case scenario:

Their Big Guy suddenly disappears.

He leaves his pickup in a carport available to them in his front yard.

After a while the pain of this stress - induced anxiety is just too much!

His enraged and bewildered huerfanitos take to chewing any wiring underneath his truck they can reach.

Surprise! Surprise!

This seems to cause both his granddad and mother to lose it, thus aggravating the miserably unhappy little furry ones' predicament.

Because the vehicle, you see?

Yes! We see!

The vehicle is promptly moved off - premises.

Balked of their sole consolation -- which appears to be confined to chewing on their master's truck's wiring, hence protesting Bush's War -- they suddenly erupt in mutual caninecidal violence one Sunday evening: by attacking and chewing on one another!

So strange ... so sad ... so perhaps this is a sign!

A sign that we must all, all!

All just go out and just do it!

Just do what?

Vote for Obama!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The UTEP Prospector's Ms. Stephanie Soto finds the good food on campus!

Food fair offers diverse cuisine

October 21, 2008 edition.

"With food from all around the globe at an inexpensive price, a variety of student organizations are coming together to share different types of cuisine at the annual International Food Festival from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Oct. 22 [Darn! just missed it! :) ] at the Union Plaza.

"Students from the Indian Students Association, Bhutanese Student Association, Anime Student Association and the [UTEP] language and linguistic department will prepare food from countries like India, Bhutan, Japan and Iran..."

U.S. Catholic Magazine's pimps and ho's theme party expose!

"College Sex 101"

"SEX: Lies & Hook - Up Culture"

Adapted from their November 2008 edition

"When Donna Freitas offered a class on dating and spirituality at St. Michael's College in Vermont, she didn't know her students would want to change the social scene at the Catholic liberal arts school.

"But when they learned that none of them liked the culture of casual sex on campus,they decided to create a newspaper discussing hook - up culture and got the whole school talking about it."

Question of Ms. Freitas by the editors:

"How prevalent is hooking up on Catholic campuses?"

Ms. Freitas:

"The reality is that Catholic colleges are like secular colleges.

"Everywhere I've been, students say the same thing about hook - up culture.

"The only exceptions are evangelical schools.

"People lie about how much sex they're having and inflate what's going on because the social pressure to hook - up is really enormous."

Question of Ms. Freitas by the editors:

"How do evangelicals and Catholics handle this issue differently?"

Ms. Freitas:

"If you want to study sex and religion within Christianity, the real place to do it is among evangelicals.

The Catholic conversation is almost nonexistent.

"There are orthodox young Catholics who toe the party line, but they are the exceptin to the rule.

"They are the ones who fit in with church teaching.

"To be young and evangelical is really to be immersed and participating in or creating a youth culture.

"They are young theologians of a sort.

"They are interpreting scripture, writing books on dating, overseeing their own faith lives, and holding their peers accountable.

"Joshua Harris wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Multnomah Books) at age 21.

"When students look at his picture on the back cover, they think he looks like a cute, cool guy.

"So I ask them if they'd be more apt to listen if someone like him were asking them to practice chastity.

"Then I ask students who are the young adult Catholics talking about dating are, and they can't think of one person."

The UTEP Prospector's Ms. Vanessa Juarez breaks loose with the undisputed truth:

"Burglaries increase at UTEP"

¡Adelante, Vanessa!

October 14, 2008.

"The most committed crime at UTEP in 2007 was burglary, occurring 29 times on campus, according to the Annual Clery Campus Security Report and Clery Statistics UTEP Police released Oct. 1.

"There were no incidences of robbery reported in 2007.

"The amount of motor vehicle theft on campus has risen from five(5) occurrences in 2005 to 17 in 2007.

"According to [UTEP Police Department Chief Clifton] Walsh, the [UTEP] campus sees about 200 thefts and burglaries in total every year.

"The number is expected to remain rather constant.

"Crime has remained relatively low in and around campus, with occurrences of aggravated assault n the decline from six[6] instances in 2005 to only one [1] in 2007.

"Forcible sex offenses on campus have increased from one[1] in 2005 to four[4] in 2007..."

The UTEP Prospector: "Navy aims for diversity"

October 14, 2008.

Mr. Jorge Gomez has the story!

¡Adelante, Jorge!

"The U.S. Navy will come to campus Oct. 14 to talk to students about the different career opportunities in the naval forces.

"The event will be headlined by keynote speaker rear Adm. Patrick H. Brady, deputy director of the submarine warfare division at the Pentagon, and the first Hispanic to be named Commander of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center..."

Friday, October 24, 2008

"La historia del Cardenal Francisco C. Nguyen van Thuan es una de las más dolorosas.."

Adaptada de esta fuente original:

Nuestro Sr. Arzobispo José H. Gomez, que nos comparte su muy ameno comentario, Creciendo en la esperanza cristiana, mediante página 36 de "Today's Catholic Newspaper," 24 Octubre 2008.

"La historia del Cardenal Francisco X. Nguyen van Thuan es una de las más dolorosa e inspiradoras del siglo veinte.

"Acababa de ser nombrado coadjutor de la Arquidiócesis de Saigón cuando los comunistas Vietnamitas tomaron el poder en 1975 e impusieron una dictadura brutal.

"Arrojaron al Arzobispo van Thuan en prisión, donde sufrió por los próximos 13 años, nueve de ellos en una celda solitaria.

"Durante esos años, rezó y escribió mensajes a su gente en pedazos de papel que fueron sacados de contrabando y más tarde, publicados.

"El tema constante de sus escritos era la esperanza.

"Una vez explicó que el cristiano está llamado a dar testimonio de la esperanza en la salvación que nos ofreciera Jesuscristo.

"[D]ijo, Los cristianos son luz en la oscuridad, sal para una vida sin sabor, y esperanza en medio de una humanidad que ha perdido la esperanza.

"El Cardenal van Thuan, que murió en 2002 y está siendo considerado ahora para posible canonización, fue uno de los grandes profetas de la Iglesia sobre la esperanza cristiana..."

¡Gracias, Sr. Arzobispo!

"Monsignor Robert Trupia was threatening to reveal that the late Bishop James Rausch had been an active homosexual"

Adapted higglety - pigglety, higglety - pie from this source: Philip F. Lawler's The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston's Catholic Church, 2008.

Pages 239 - 240.

"In a word, some bishops may have been subject to blackmail"

"Why did the American bishops tolerate misconduct among their ranks, and thus increase the risk of scandal?

"One possible explanation is that bishops were cowed by the threat that even greater scandals might be laid bare.

"In a word, some bishops may have been subject to blackmail.

"In 1992 an Arizona priest, Monsignor Robert Trupia, was accused of molesting an altar boy.

"Suspended from ministry and faced with the likely hood that his crime would become public knowledge, Trupia warned Bishop Manuel Moreno of Tucson that he was prepared to publicize my direct knowledge regarding another bishop's activities, which knowledge was potentially of a highly explosive and damaging nature to the Church in Arizona.

"Bishop Moreno understood the message; Trupia was threatening to reveal that the late Bishop James Rausch, the former Bishop of Phoenix, had been an active homosexual.

"Trupia's threat pointed clearly at one prelate.

"And the public exposure of misconduct by Bishop Rausch would indeed have been explosive, not only for Arizona but for Catholicism throughout the United States.

"Rausch had served as executive secretary of the U.S. bishops' conference.

"There he had had worked for, and eventually replaced, the future Cardinal Bernardin, who had subsequently emerged as the most prominent Catholic in America.

"If Bishop Rausch had been an active homosexual, he would himself have been subject to blackmail threats, and all his work on behalf of the US bishops' conference would be open to scrutiny. .

"Trupia's threat worked, at least temporarily..."

"[BHS Girls'] Varsity VB defeat La Pryor; D'Hanis, Sabinal"

The Brackett News, Thursday, October 23, 2008.

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish youth group members and altar servers helped their sisters score some points, too!

Ms. Bianca Terrazas, Ms. Biannca Martinez and Ms. Nena Molinar.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Tuesday, February 19, 2008"

"To: Mr. Fred Fraser, M.A., Instructor. Christendom College, Front Royal, Virginia.

Re: Accuracy of this quote: The Greek word in the Gospels which is often translated as sin is better translated as missing the mark.

Dear Mr. Fraser:

"I would be only too happy to hear from you regarding this passage in a booklet (Number
26) from a series called the Growing Faith Project, copyrighted in 2005 by a Mr. William T. Huebsch, and issued under the NIHIL OBSTAT of the Rev. Dale Nau, Chancellor of the Diocese of Duluth, Censor Librorum, and bearing as well as the IMPRIMATUR of the Most Reverend Dennis M. Schnurr, Bishop of Duluth.

"Continuing on down from the quote we've already given above, we read:

An archer with a bent arrow cannot hit the target. The arrow will fly off in an errant direction and the archer will have to chase after it, straighten it out, and then try again. We are like that arrow: we are made for love alone and when we fail to love well, we miss our mark.

"When we were so rash as to ask our facilitator what the linguistic / doctrinal cites were for all this, we were assured that none were really necessary.


"Because the local Parish Pastoral Council [note!] had voted more or less unanimously to go with this body of material as is, although one does have the right to express an opinion, although not necessarily an opinion to the contrary.

"Such being the case, Mr. Fraser, I would indeed appreciate a second opinion regarding the accuracy -- in terms of the original Greek word for sin and how it should have been translated these past 2,000 years or so, as we quoted above.

"Thank you so much!

"Respectfully submitted,


"Catholic Parish of
"St. Mary Magdalene's Church
"Brackettville, Texas 78832."


We been told since then that two(2) members of the Parish Pastoral Council at that time were Lourdes Z. and Yolanda R.

Note two:

Mr Fraser's welcomed letter in response was short and to the point, you can well believe it! :)

So, too, were a a number of others, including letters from highly qualified professors themselves from first - class secular universities here in America.

Brackettville, Texas: Catholic Altar Server Schedule

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Thursday, October 23, 2008. 7:00 A.M. Ms. Icela Rueda & Mr. Garón Rueda & Mr. Johnny López.

Friday, October 24, 2008. 7:00 A.M. Mr. Tony & Mr. Michael Flores.

Saturday, October 25, 20o8. 5:30 PM Mr. Jerry Lee De Hoyos & Ms. Samantha De Hoyos.

"Cosme Hoang Van Dat, S.J., arrives for his episcopal ordination ceremony in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, Oct. 7"

Adapted from the Jesuit magazine, "America," October 20, 2008.

New Bishop Ordained in Vietnam ...

"Cosme Hoang Van Dat, S.J., arrives for his episocpal ordination ceremony in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, Oct 7.

"Bishop Hoang Van Dat became the first Jesuit bishop in Vietnam more than 400 years after the Portuguese Jesuit missionaries set foot in the country.

"Vietnam, with eight million Catholics, is the second largest Catholic community in Asia after the Philippines."


You know folks, it'd be my own uneducated guess that this is one tough man; or to put it another way: I'll bet you dollars to donuts that the local Vietnamese equivalent of the Archdiocese of San Antonio's hypothetical Lavender Mafia, that is being used to describe what one or more Catholic authors casually refer to as black - mailing bishops (and priests, too, you can be sure!), has had to luck black - mailing this hombre!