Friday, February 26, 2010

Rev. William Dillard, Diocese of San Diego, California.

"I researched the homiletic collections of 10 American seminaries...

"I found two books on clowning and the use of clowns in the liturgy."

And then he found another winner:

Weaving the Sermon: Preaching in a Feminist Perspective.

By Christine Smith, who says:

"Jesus is a parable of God... we are affirming that Jesus is not God..."

From the March / April 2010 issue of This Rock magazine. The article title is "Tell the Good News, Father!" By the Rev. William Dillard who -- we are told! -- "is pastor of St. John the Evangelist parish in San Diego. He also serves as spiritual director for the Office of Clergy for the Diocese of San Diego."

"How Did We Get Here?

"Why do so many homilies fall short -- not just of parishioners' expectations but of Church expectations?

"It might have something to do with the homiletic texts and resources available to seminarians.

"I researched the homiletic collections of 10 American seminaries and found catalogs that contained anywhere from four to 250 titles under the heading homiletics.

"At one institution, I found two books on clowning and the use of clowns in the liturgy."

What comes next is by Floyd Shaffer and Penne Seawall, Clown Ministry, page 13.

"One work stated that the chief task is to be childlike, to give of one's self, to elevate other persons to positions of worth, and communicate clearly that hey are loved....

"The authors did not explain to my satisfaction how dressing up as a clown while preaching accomplishes this.

And, now: Christine M. Smith, Weaving the Sermon: Preaching in a Feminist Perspective, page 84.

"In another text, the author stated stated that Jesus is a parable of God ... we are affirming that Jesus is not God, for metaphors and parables point to similarities and dissimilarities, not to literal identification.

"These kinds of texts do not bespeak the importance of formation in homiletics..."

'Way to go, Padre! :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rabbi emeritus of Temple Akiba in Culver City, California.

A rabbi explains the value of fasting.

Rabbi Allen S. Maller in Feed Your Spirit.

From the February 15, 2010 issue of the Jesuit publication America.

"During Lent, Catholics abstain from meat on Fridays and fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday,

"As a general prohibition all year long, Hindus do not eat beef; Jews and Muslims do not eat pork.

"And on Yom Kippur -- the Day of Atonement -- Jews do not eat or drink anything at all for 24 hours.

"Every year for the entire month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from first light until sundown, abstaining from food, drink and marital relations.

"What do the religious practices of abstinence and fasting teach us?

"What spiritual benefits occur when we fast?

"Fasting produces many different outcomes.

"Most importantly, fasting teaches compassion...."

Thanks, Rabbi!

Current: The UTEP Prospector's Poll Results


"Will you participate in early voting?

"53% Yes.

"47% No."

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

Posted online Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

The Pastor's Palace Guard!!

Let all nimble - fingered evil doers beware.

Saint Mary Magdalene's in Brackettville, Texas.

"Serving in the Following Ministries.

"The Collection Counters for February 28, 2010

"Mike & Twilley Young, Shirley Donaldson, Patti Hidalgo"

'Way to go, good people!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"A priest and a rabbi walk into a hospital..."

Rabbi to Episcopalian priest:

"We Jews believe that if someone is suffering and we invoke his or her mother's name in prayer...

"...then God will be more merciful in granting your intercession for that person."

From the timely article A Rabbi Led Me to Rome by former Episcopal priest Taylor Marshall, in the March - April 2010 issue of This Rock magazine.

As Taylor Marshall concludes, after recounting his own Road to Damascus:

"Here was a surprising confirmation that Catholic customs are rooted in a Jewish understanding of the universe.

"The Church reveres and invokes the Blessed Mother because it inherited the Jewish custom of showing profound reverence for the spiritual role of the mother of a family..."

Discuss this article online at:

http: //

Brackettville's St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish & Spofford's St. Blaise / San Blas young men score points for their basketball teams.

In the Tuesday, February 16 game night against Nueces Canyon, player stats indicate that Brackett's HS Varsity players from St. Mary Magdalene parish scored accordingly:

Mr. Danny Molinar -- 22 points.

Mr. Victor Robledo -- 4 points.

Mr. Sam Stewart -- 8 points.

Meanwhile, San Blas / St. Blaise's Junior Varsity player Mr. Joelson Terrazas scored 4 points for his team, too.

From The Brackett News. Thursday, February 18, 2010.

Hey, all college - bound Class of 2010 High School graduates!

Does the attitude of "My country right or wrong" = "My mother, drunk or sober?"

It doesn't?

It does?

Karl Keating of This Rock magazine, March - April 2010 issue, wants to know!

As he invites us:

"Discuss this article online at: .

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three weekend masses w/ Altar Servers @ St. Mary Magdalene's.

Brakcettville, Texas 78832.

The Show-up Honor Roll!

Saturday. February 20, 2010. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Raúl Rivas + Mr. Patrick Ortiz & Mr. Dante Luna.

Sunday. February 21, 2010. 8:00 a.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Ray Sandoval.

Sunday. February 21, 2010. 10:30 a.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Adam Charlie Resendez + Mr. Nathan Perez Pacheco & Ms. Britney Castilla.

February 23. Feast Day of Saint Polycarp.

Monday, February 22, 2010

¡Hey, Familia!

Hey, UTEP!

"Students pitch in to raise cancer awareness"

And The UTEP Propspector's Ms. Nicole Chávez has the story.

¡Adelante, Nicole!

Published online: Thursday, February 18, 2010.

"Christina Umana, sophomore biological sciences major, never thought that her soft caramel candied apples would be more than a sweet treat, but that changed when the mother of one of her friends died of cancer.

"She, along with members of Alpha Kappa Lambda, knew that they should do something for their friend, so they began to sell caramel candied apples to help raise awareness of breast cancer.

"Umana said, We were in the hospital supporting him, but we thought that we needed to do something else.
That's how we decided to participate in Race for the Cure.

"To register for the Komen El Paso Race for the Cure, they began to sale candied apples.

"They spent long hours at Umana's dorm making around 1,000 of them.

"[As] Umana said, Everyone knows someone who had or has breast cancer, it could be your mother, an aunt, a teacher or a neighbor...."

Good read, everyone. Timely, too.... yet sad. :(

Yet another three BHS Class of 2010 grads looking forward to escaping Brackettville!

Mr. Jay Proulx, Ms. Robyn Flores & Mr. Chris Flores ...

Ready for the real world of college, work or both !

Good luck, good people! :)

From The Bracket News. Thursday, February 11, 2010.

Those Three BHS Class of 2010 members who answer to the last name of Molinar?

They've a message to all the hardworking moms in their future colleges' cafeterias!

As Nena, Daniel & Lila spell it out:

"We're gonna miss OUR Mom's Home Cooking!"

Somewhat loosely -- and whimsically -- adapted from: The Brackett News. February 18, 2010.

Seriously: Good luck, good people! :)

February 22. Feast Day of The Chair of Saint Peter, Apostle.

Friday, February 19, 2010

El R.P. Jesús Camacho.

Del Rio, Texas.

"Cura de la parroquia San José"

"Lo que dijo: Con la ceniza en la frente, la persona está aceptando ser pecadora, que pero también está arrepentida."

"Inicia Cuaresma"

"La Iglesia católica invita a la comunidad a hacer obras de caridad en los próximos 40 días."

Fuente original: Por Hervey Sifuentes. Zócalo / Del Rio. Miércoles 17 de febrero de 2010.

"El padre Jesús Camacho, de la parroquia de San José, dio a conocer que hoy a llevarán a cabo cuatro misas en diferentes horarios para que la comunidad pueda acudir a recibir la ceniza en la frente, para así comprometerse a hacer un sacrificio durante la Cuaresma..."

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The literary key -- at least for me! -- in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code?

It's those bad 'ole trash - talk'in Convict Clowns!

You see?

The Clowns always know! :)

Ask any clown, o.k.?

Even this one! :)

"Interview with Professor Massimo Introvigne on Dan Brown..."

Dan Brown to Panorama magazine:

"I'm much more benevolent towards Freemasonry than the Catholic church"

Biographical note:

From Wlodzimierz Redzioch's timely interview in the February 2010 edition of Inside the Vatican magazine.

"Professor Massimo Introvigne is the founder and director of the CENSUR (Center for Studies on New Religions), the main European institution doing research on religious minorities and sects.

"The CENSUR organizes an international meeting every year.

"Author of many books, Professor Introvigne is one of the world's greatest experts on religions and religious movements."

Question of Professor Introvigne:

"You once accused Dan Brown of being anti - Catholic. Did he reply to you?"


"Interviewed by the Italian magazine Panorama, Brown declared: The objection of this critic [Massimo] is true. I'm much more benevolent towards Freemasonry than the Catholic Church. (Panorama, October 29, 2009, p. 59)"


"You have been studying Dan Brown's literary production for many years. What do you think about it?


"I'm not a literary critic.

"Being a sociologist of religions, I'm concerned about the fact that many people see Dan Brown's books, not just as novels, but also as texts containing hidden truths.

"Dan Brown himself plays on this ambiguity.

"Sometimes he defines his work as mere fiction, sometimes he declares that what his novels say is true.

"The literary value of Dan Brown's books is sociologically irrelevant.

"What does really matter is that millions of people change their religious beliefs after reading his books..."

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"[F]or us, for Jews, demons seem to surface in history.

"These demons have changed something in the Jewish soul."

From the FIRST THINGS magazine 20th Anniversary Issue.

March 2010.

"Demons surface.

"For most people, demons surface in nightmares, but for us, for Jews, demons seem to surface in history.

"Pharaoh, Amalek, Nebechadnezzar, Titus, Torquemada, Chmielsky, and Hitler were real demons.

"They killed real Jews.

"The night demons can be forgotten, but not the demons that remain when the morning breaks.

"These demons have changed something in the Jewish soul.

"I cannot say what the change is precisely, but it amounts to this at least:

"We Jews cannot fully trust the world again."

Original is given as: "[B]y Marc Gellman, The Demon in the Jewish Soul, October 1990."

Congratulations to BHS Senior Ms. Brooklyn Gose & her dad Mr. Keith Gose.

The Brackett News, for Thursday February 11, 2010 tells us all about Ms. Gose's success and that of her fellow students in making a real go out of Project Green (PG) to recycle plastic shopping bags.

Not to be outdone her dad -- Mr. Keith Gose -- recently did everything from connecting the water and sewer systems for St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church's new office building for only $225.00 -- and then added only added $30.00 more to fix a leak!

Man! You're talking 1977 plumbing charges!

For sure Mrs. Cynthia Gose has reason to be proud!

'Way to go, young people!

"Of either generation!" :)

Members of our Pastor's Gold - Plated Palace Guard all ready to DO IT AGAIN!!

Battling nimble - fingered Evil Doers.

Whether they be pre - existing or non - existing!

Next Sunday, at:

St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas.


"The Collection Counters for February 21, 2010

"Tina Meek, Dan & Bernice Yandell, Ricardo & Dalia Rangel"

From our Sunday bulletin: "The Weekend of Saturday, February 13th & Sunday, February 14th. 2010."

St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic Church.

Brackettville, Texas.


Sunday Mass Altar Server Show - up Honor Roll.

Sunday, January 14, 2010. 8:00 a.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Nathan Perez Pacheco + Ms. Britney Castilla.

Sunday, January 14, 2010. 10:30 a.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Jerry Lee Dehoyos -- talvez más unos cuantos duendes, o ¿Quién sabe? :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

...Perché vi impicciate, non richiesti, di queste cose?

"[U]rló Cat con rabbia:

Qui finisce che ci danno la multa perché non abbiamo la bolleta d'accompagnamento delle Imposte di consumo


"...L'ultima operazione della giornata fu quella della Cascina Rossa: la piccola casa era nell'acqua fin quasi al soffitto del primo piano.

"Un vecchio e una vecchia avevano trovato riparo in solaio assieme alle loro casa e la loro roba.

"Ogni ragionamento fu inutile e allora Peppone tagliò corto e ordinò a Ringo: Prendete quei due disgraziati e le loro cianfrusaglie e buttateli sulla barca!

"Gli Scorpioni amavano la violenza ed eseguirono senza discutere, infischiandosene delle proteste dei due vecchi.

"L abarca s'era appena allontanata dalla cascina, che la casipola si sgretolò e scomparve nell'acqua fangosa.

"[E]sclamò il vecchio con amarezza. Adesso sarete contentí!

"[G]ridò Ringo imbestialito Dovete essere contenti voi. Se avessimo aspettato cinque minuti a salvarvi ora sareste affogati tutt'e due!

"[S]i dolse la vecchia. Appunto. Adesso tutto sarebbe finito. Invece siamo condannati a vivere seza più una casa, un orto, un pollaio.

"[R]ipose Ringo Lo Stato vi aiuterà...

To Be Continued...!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Las bendiciones de los últimos cinco años"

Por Arzobispo José H. Gomez. Today's Catholic. Friday, February 12, 2010. Un fragmento de su mensaje:

"Así es como me siento al prepararme a celebrar esta semana el quinto aniversario de mi instalación como su arzobispo y pastor.

"Debo decirles cuán agradecido estoy por su amistad y sus oraciones a lo largo de estos últimos cinco años.

"Cada día que pasa doy gracias a Dios por su llamado a estar aquí entre ustedes como pastor.

"Al empezar la Cuaresma esta semana, y prepararnos para celebrar el aniversario de la muerte y resurrección de nuestro Señor, pido la intercesión de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, para que las bendiciones de Dios sean derramadas sobre ustedes y sus familias...."

Giovanni Guareschi:

Un'altra favola del grande fiume.

[Oggi n. 48, 1 diciembre 1966]

"Un motoscafa con funzionari e guardie bloccó la flotta:

Chi siete?

Cosa cercate?

A quale ente appartenete?

Che cosa portate?

Perché vi impicciate, non richiesti, di queste cose

"[L]e rispose don Camillo. Stattene zitta. Non capischi che l'inefficienza statale non può tollerare l'efficienza privata?

"Ringo propose di dare l'arrembaggio al motoscafo e di buttare funzionari e guardie in acqua.

"L'idea era buona ma non ci fu bisogno di metterla in atto: a un bel momento i coordinatori, giudicando di aver a sufficienza ritardato l'opera di soccorso, se ne andarono e la flotta poté riprendere la navigazione.

"I capelloni caricarono gente accampata sui tetti delle case semisommerse.

"Portarono i poveretti sugli argini, li vettovagliarono e poi, col camion e il trattore, li accompanarono nei paesi risparmiati dalle acque.

"Distribuino, persona per persona, viveri, coperte e indumenti.

"L'ultima operazione della giornata fu quella della Cascina Rosa: la piccola casa era nell'acqua fin quasi al soffitto del primo piano..."

To Be Continued...!

February 11. Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tom Cabeen:

From the Desert to Paradise

"My parents became Jehovah's Witnesses in April 1954, shortly after my fourth birthday...

"Late in 1973, I began dating another Bethelite, a lovely young woman named Gloria, whom I had met shortly after she arrived in 1971."

Then after marriage to Gloria..

"We eventually settled into an independent evangelical Baptist fellowship.

"I still knew virtually nothing about the Catholic Church.

"I begin to read Catholic writings enthusiastically.

"We were received into the Roman Catholic Church on Friday, June 9, 2006....

"..and are completely happy within the ancient church of Jesus Christ.

"Most importantly, we are home."

Way to go Brother Tom! :)

Adapted from the "February 2010 Newsletter" of The Coming Home Network International.

February 10. Feast Day of Saint Scholastica.

Monday, February 08, 2010

"The Collection Counters for February 14, 2010:

"Allen Kreiger, Jaime Ballew, Lydia Tipps"

Way to go, guys! :)

All Three Weekend Masses well - served.

At Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish.

Brackettville, Texas.


Saturday. February 6, 2010. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Dante Luna + Ms. Danielle Gerardo.

Sunday. February 7, 2010. 8:00 a.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Nathan Perez Pacheco + Ms. Britney Castilla

Sunday. February 7, 2010. 10:30 a.m. Mass TEAM Mr. Patrick Ortiz + un tal Sr. Cuatito Desempeñoso.

Super S. Personality Mr. Roland Rivas, Jr. joins cousin & Youth Group / Altar Server personality Mr. Raul Rivas.

Along with Ms. Cheyenne Billings.

In planning their own "Great Escape!"


Three more B.H.S. Seniors of the Class of 2010 ready for their very own Freedom Bird!

Original source: The Brackett News. Thursday, February 4, 2010.

Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Parish Youth Group / Altar Server Personalities do well.

Along with those from our Kinney County - wide community as a whole.

In the Stock Show Yearbook 2010.

A random sample of those many St. MM's winners just might look like this:

Mr. Sam Stewart. 18th Place Meat Goat Doe Kid.

Ms. Abigail Gutierrez 2010 Champion Meat Pen Rabbit. *

Mr. Mike Flores. 3rd. Place Meat Goat Aged Doe.

Mr. Ramón Gutierrez. 3rd Place Swine Light.*

Ms. Icela Rueda. 5th Place Breeding Rabbit Doe.


At least Dos Reinas de la Cancha;

Ms. Elidia Molinar & Ms. Abby Gutierrez (again!) as FFA and 4H Sweethearts respectively.*

And, as representative of our Kinney County youth overall, the Krazy Chicken's Ms. Cheyenne Smith did very well indeed w/ her Reserve Champion Breeding Rabbit.

Way to go everyone!

From The Brackett News. Thursday, February 4, 2010.

All three (3) of these fine young people + their moms (whether "Mom" was in the kitchen that fine morning or taking money out front!) did a terrific job -- along w/ many of their friends and relatives + our tireless CCD Director Mrs. Julia Terrazas + our equally tireless Altar Server Sponsors Mr. & Mrs. Jerry and Janie DeHoyos -- on that memorable Sunday just this past January 31, 2010 when the Parish Youth Group did a fantastic Breakfast Barbacoa Fundraiser after both Masses.

Confusing the name issue, to be sure, were the number of fine young men and women who were swirling around as they kept things moving along.

Young men and women with such fascinating and instantly interchangeable nicknames sounding like Hue Lá one minute and Ne Lá the next, along with tough young fellows called something like Daniel or Julio or Raul one moment and M'Bacho the next.

But, hey!

That's what being young is all about.

And so far as the barbacoa went, my own guess is that it would have been around October / November 1991 that I'd last tasted anything so good.

And that was in Saltillo, Coahuila.

Maybe 300 or so miles south of Del Rio, Texas.

As a courtesy to us a from a most loyal student of bilingual ESL - el Señor Ingeniero en electricidad Vasquez Mendez.

¡Ay! Los años Saltillenses:

Una época fabulosa -- todavía en mi memoria -- a pesar el mero hecho que ya está perdida -- y para siempre -- en las famosas neblinas de la pre - historia.

February 8. Feast Day of Saint Jerome Emiliani.

February 8. Feast Day of Saint Josephine Bakhita.

Friday, February 05, 2010

"[L]a Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Estado de Coahuila (CDHEC) estará visitando las diversas escuelas...

"Con el fin de prevenir o detectar el abuso a infantes...."

"...ya que éstos al crecer se convierten en los nuevos agresores....

"...pero los focos rojos o los menores en mayor riesgo se dan entre los 12 y 15 años sin distinción de sexo..."

Adaptada de esta fuente original: por la Sra. Licenciada Alma Proa. "CDHEC impatirá pláticas en las escuelas." El l Zócalo de Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila. Lunes 1 de febrero de 2010.

"Con material didáctico de acuerdo a la edad de los menores, el personal de la Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Estado de Coahuila (CDHEC) estará visitando las diversas escuelas de la localidad para realizar pláticas de prevención y protección de los niños para evitar que éstos sean víctimas de algún maltrato físico o sexual.

"El programa nacional de prevención y protección de los niños, niñas y adolescentes, víctimas de maltrato y conductas sexuales, tiene como finalidad el prevenir que se sigan cometiendo este tipo de agresiones en los menores y cortar la cadena que se forma al momento de que un menor es agredido sexualmente, ya que éstos al crecer se convierten en los nuevos agresores...

"En lo que se refiere a las edades, éstas son variadas, pues se had dado incluso casos de bebés de escasos meses de nacidos hasta los 15 años, pero los focos rojos o los menores en mayor riesgo se dan entre los 12 y 15 años sin distinción de sexo..."

February 5. Feast Day of Saint Agatha.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Next stop, the shredder machine? :)

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish "$$$ accounting department $$$" has a special announcement!

In Brackettville, Texas 78832

"NOTE: If you are interested in getting the offertory envelopes, please come by the office to pick them up."

Curt and to the point, huh?

Literally anything and literally everything to avoid fiscal transparency.

But why?! :)

Taken from last Sunday's bulletin.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

African "Cardinal Kodwo Appiah Turkson"

And his timely warning!

"The Catechists often only have a superficial education,

"and old beliefs often continue to live in the hearts of the converts.

And yet, in spite of all the above:

"If some of them choose to become priests,

"the danger is doubled..."

This snippet is quietly lifted from Ms. Angela Ambrogetti's timely observations in the Roman Catholic publication, Inside The Vatican magazine, January 2010 edition.

Are there any internal problems in the African Catholic Church...?


"Among the internal problems of the Church, on the other hand, Turkson believes one of the most serious problems in Africa is the education of priests and faithful alike.

"The catechists often only have a superficial education, and old beliefs often continue to live in the hearts of the converts.

"If some of them choose to become priests, the danger is doubled.

"What should be done?

"The cardinal believes that the future priests should study in Africa, and not be sent to study in Europe before their ordination.

"Local seminaries must be strengthened and African anthropology and philosophy must be studied deeply in order to shape a formative and informed theology, he says.

"As bishop of Cape Coast in Ghana, Turkson invited deacons to live with him some months before their ordination, so that they might know each other better and learn to work together.

"What else should be done?

"This cardinal from Ghana believes that the most important thing of all is to stimulate the Africans' capacity, their positivity, their richness, their Africaness."

He was at the October 2010 Roman Synod of African Bishops!

"At the Synod, the cardinal shook his fellow bishops and told them not to feel sorry for themselves but to act and react."

A future black pope?

"As new president of Justice and Peace, he talks about justice in Africa, in the family, in the relationship between man and woman, with their children and says When I talk about family I also think about the tribe, which in Africa is a broader family. We don't even have a word for cousins and nephews: in our country, my cousin is my brother.

"And in the future?

" Turkson once said If God would wish to see a black man as Pope, thanks be to God."

Good points! :)

¡Ora, UTEP!

¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO!

"Student Identity Exposed"

"Mailed tax statements reveal Social Security numbers"

The UTEP Prospector's Mr. Aaron Martinez has this weeks headline - grabber.

¡Adelante, Aaron!

Adapted from the Tuesday, February 2, 2010 online version.

"An unknown number of UTEP students have received an official letter from UTEP alerting them that their Social Security numbers were revealed when their tax forms were mailed to them.

"José Carlos Hernandez, vice president for Business Affairs said I can't tell you whether it was five, 10, 20 or 1,000 students that were affected, since we have no way of knowing how many students may have been affected.

"[S]aid Fernando Hernandez, junior computer information systems and marketing major, UTEP made a big mistake and now all I can do is wait and see if anything happens to me..."

Way to go guys, good luck! :)

First Tuesday Evening Mass for February 2010 well - served.

At St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Parish.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Young Mann + Ms. Britney Castilla. TEAM MOM Frances.

A good turnout of better than 25 folks.

The Mass was preceded by a candle lit procession w/ some young lady -- she knows Praxie! -- carrying a little bundle - wrapped Baby Jesus in her arms.

February 3. Feast Day of Saint Blaise / San Blas.

And so?

Where else but in Spofford
, Texas Zip 78877?

Would we find a message like this one:

"All major downtown financial institutions will be hereby closed starting today and until further notice, the better to celebrate Our Special Day." :)

February 3. Feast Day of Saint Ansgar.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February 2. Feast Day of the Presentation of Our Lord.

Y, mientras tanto....

"[D]enunció las practicas de
magia negra que supuestament mantenían al ex dictador en el poder.

"Eso le valió la sentencia de muerte.

"[R]elató [que] Aristide asesinaba a niños en el Palacio Nacional para ofrecer sus corazones en ritos vudú...

Adaptada de está fuente original:

Por la Sra. Licenciada Claudia Solera. Zócalo / México. Lunes 1 de Febrero de 2010

Con Cariño para Haití."

"No Para los Haitianos"

"Los mexicanos se volcaron a ayudar a Haití el 12 de enero, cuando el derrumbe de la capital caribeña evidenció la miseria de aquel país.

"No obstante, a los Haitianos que viven en México no les llega la solidaridad, el apoyo y ni siquiera el respeto.

"[L] mayoría ha sido invisible en esta tierra, y ha sufrido discriminación, más pobreza y exclusión.

"En cualquier caso, sólo a 126 se les ha dado esa calidad migratoria a partir de 2005, cuando la violencia y las persecuciones aumentaron con el Golpe de Estado que derrocó a Jean Bertrand Aristide, según la Comisión Mexicana de Ayuda a Refugiados (Comar)."

Rose Marlene es una de ellos...

"Rose Marlene es una de ellos.

"Huyó de Puerto Príncipe en 2004.

"Asegura que como pastora de una iglesia cristiana denunció las prácticas de magia negra que supuestamente mantenían al ex dictador en el poder.

"Eso le valió la sentencia de muerte.

"[R]elató [Rose Marlene que] Aristide asesinaba a niños en el Palacio Nacional para ofrecer sus corazones en ritos vudú....."



The legendary recording artists named "Jack" and "Misty" ...

... but maybe not their Epic Records label -- are still an item.

"Jack" just told us so.

Don't believe it?

Check out their posting on the "Misty Morgan" item in yesterday's blog.

'Way to go good people!

As recently as 1972 to 1974 your song was still making waves on Armed Forces Radio & Television Service in such places as NATO Base Keflavik, Iceland.

Monday, February 01, 2010

February 7, 2010:

Our Pastor's Gold - plated Palace Guard all set to do it yet again!

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish Church.

Brackettville, Texas.


"The Collection Counters for February 7, 2010.

"Hector & Gloria Jimenez, Mike & Lupe Cortinas."

First & Last Weekend Masses of the New Decade well - served:

Saint Mary Magdalene's Catholic Parish.

Brackettville, Texas 78832.

Saturday. January 30, 2010. 5:30 p.m. Mass. TEAM Mr. Justin Hidalgo + TEAM Mom: Patti.

Sunday, January 31, 2010. 10:30 a.m. Mass. TEAM Ms. Danielle Gerardo + Mr. Justin Gallegos + TEAM ABUELITA: La Sra. Jean Gallegos.

"Demons will not voluntarily leave their human abode...

"...they have to be evicted..."

By that real - deal 2010 exorcist:

Rev. Father Thomas J. Euteneuer

Líbera Nos a Malo...

"The Church's Warfare of Exorcism"

Micro - snippets from the January - February issue the New Oxford Review.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen!

That New Oxford Review!

Now, we even have:

"New Oxford Review ¡ en español -- catolicismo robusto!

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