Thursday, November 30, 2006

Keeping up with Pope Benedict XVI along with Continuity Catholicism and John Allen!

John covers Pope Bendict XVI in Turkey, this week, etc.

This will get you in, then you might want to bookmark the following:

When the Jews massacred their non-Jewish Cypriot neighbors, and by the tens of thousands!

What your oh-so-politically correct UTEP History of Western Civilization 3301 professor had better leave out of her (or his) lectures!

Source: Hill, Sir George, K.C.B., F.B.A. A History of Cyprus, Volume I. Cambridge, England: University Press, 1949.

Adapted from pages 241-243, including incorporating a foot note here and there where useful.

"The general peace of the island [ Cyprus ] under Roman rule was two or three times disturbed; indeed the Jewish insurrection of 115/6 [ AD ] was perhaps as grave a disaster as Cyprus ever suffered.

"There must must have been a considerable Jewish population in cities like Salamis ever since Ptolemaic times.

"Under Ptolemy I there seems to have been a considerable exodus from Palestine of Jews who settled in many places in the Eastern Mediterranean, and Cyprus must have had its share of such settlers.

"Towards the end of the end of the reign of Trajan, about 115/6 [AD], a wide-spread insurrection of Jews broke out in Cyrene, Egypt and Cyprus.

"In that island [Cyprus] the Jews, led by one Artemion, are said to have perpetrated unspeakable outrages, following the example which had been set to them in Cyrene and Egypt.

"It is said that the dead in Cyprus numbered 240,000, and that Salamis was utterly destroyed and the non-Jewish population exterminated.

"The figure has been questioned, considering the present population of the island, which is roughly 350,000.

"But Salamis was a very great city, and it has been calculated that the ancient aqueduct would serve some 120,000 inhabitants; so that double that number for the slain throughout the island is not incredible.

"We have no indication of how many of the dead were themselves Jews, killed in the suppression of the revolt.

"As a result of this outbreak, no Jew was allowed to set foot in the island [of Cyprus], and even those who were driven there by adverse winds were put to death.

"Such prohibitions, however, are apt to be relaxed after a time, and there is some probability that before long Jewish communities grew up again in the island."


The author gives us a lot of meticulous information regarding the original sources used by him and we can find it in his footnotes on all three of these pages, and this includes historical disputes over actual casualty estimates.

"Can we really be sure there is life after UTEP Miner's head coach, Mike Price?"

¡Adelante, aún con los gueros!

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA!

Now, for part two!

"Is there life after UTEP Miner's Coach Mike Price?"

Price says status quo unacceptable, headlines El Paso's dean of sport's writers, Matt Aguilar!

Under Mark Lambie's photo of Coach Price's embrazo of Reagan Schneider, Matt informs us: "Price has recently been rumoured to be in the running for several vacant coaching positions around the country."

[What follows is adapted from the El Paso Times, Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2006. ]

"Changes are coming, UTEP head football coach Mike Price said Monday.

"I don't think we were a particularly tough, physical team. We were an emotional, intense football team.

"We need to toughen up and get more physical. Our lifting and meeting programs are going to change. Spring ball will change. We're going to change defenses and offenses.

"I'm still real proud of the guys. They have not been a problem to coach. They're disciplined. Few problems socially."

[ C'mon coach! Tell that to those two coeds at the UTEP- NMSU 2005 bash! ]

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Shot down over North Vietnam, Capt. Herbert (Hesh) Altman has a close encounter of the simian kind!

Source: National Geographic, September 1968.

"Hesh graduated from the Airforce Academy in 1962. Hewas flying as navigator in the back seat of a McDonnell F-4D Phantom II, when he ejected, or punched out.

"My pilot yelled, get out, Hesh, get out, and I ejected. It was 7 o'cock and a pitch-black moonless night."

The airman found himself hanging up along the side of a cliff face, bits and pieces of his jet plane burning all about him. Far down below he could see columns of enemy trucks driving south with their headlights on.

"About midnight, Hesh went on, a chestnut-brown monkey came to see the burning wreckage and I said, Hi, monkey.

I petted her for about an hour, happy to have company.

I scratched her under the chin and she really liked that. Seemed to me that she had been petted before.

She crawled up and kept playing with my vest. I was trying to get my strobe light out in case I had a chance to signal.

I had to take off my gloves to do it, and the monkey stole my gloves..."

Yes! Hesh was successfully rescued!

In fact, according to the author, Howard Sochurek:

"As of this writing, U.S. Air Force teams in Southeast Asia have bought back 1,300 American servicemen, many of them wounded, plucking them from dense jungle with steel cables [like Hesh, minus his lady-monkey friend!], snatching them from blazing fields of battle, fishing them from enemy waters."

"Is there life after UTEP Miners' Coach Mike Price?"


"When was the last time 20,000 miner fans simply got up from their seats and walked out during the third quarter of a UTEP home game?

"Leaving barely 10,000 loyal fans glumly seated to watch the gran finale?

"Given last night's lack lustre performance against Memphis here in miner territory, who knows?

"After all, Coach Price can follow in Mr. Bob Stull's footsteps and go from coaching to being a so-called Athletic Director some place or the other!

"[Shudder!] Was last night the final playing out of the Curse of the Two NMSU Coeds from the 2005 UTEP-NMSU fiasco over in 'Cruces?

"Because if so, it just might mean Coach Price first a) lost his teams' respect at that 2005 game in Las Cruces, New Mexico, when the two NMSU coeds were verbally and physically assaulted by Miners' team members in his sight and hearing, and then b) went on to lose control of his players this season, terminating in last night's 38 to 19 loss to Memphis, of all places!

"Then again, maybe none of the above.

"I guess that's why this sort of online maundering is called Sunday Night Quarterbacking!"

Saturday, November 25, 2006

[The following is a joke, of course!]


A Special Holiday Message to all Veterans from our VA Medical Facilities all across America:

"Hey! All you Vets! Listen up!"

"Now, don't you all be mess'in with our holidays by coming to us complaining about all your aches and pains, o.k?"

"'Cause nine times out of ten, all we VA medical emergency and sick-call staff really like doing best is showing you all how fast we can fry your brains!"

[Ho, ho, ho! This is an insiders' joke, o.k.? O.K. Ho, ho, ho!]

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Más de San Antonio María Claret!

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!

[Adaptada de las páginas 708-709 del libro San Antonio María Claret, Escritos Autobiograficos y Espirituales. Madrid, España: Biblioteca de Autores Cristianos, 1959]

Tema de hoy:


"Es lógico que los malos se opongan a los hijos de la Virgin, porque se han de cumplir las palabras que dijo Dios allá en un principio a la serpiente:

Yo pondré enemistades entre ti y la mujer, y entre tu raza y la descendencia suya.

Por esto conviene muy mucho que sepáis hacer diferencia de unos y otros, para seguir a la mujer predilecta y resistir varonilmente a la serpiente y a todos los que forman su cuerpo.

1. La mujer del Protoevangelio es María

"La mujer de que se habla aquí, bien conocéis que es María. Su descendencia es Jesucristo, hijo suyo primogénito, y todos los verdaderos católicos son los segundos o hijos adoptivos por la gracia. El mismo Jesucristo, después de la resurrección, nos llama hermanos.

"Pues si somos hermanos de Jesús, María, que es su Madre, será también la nuestra, y Dios, que es su Padre, será también nuestro Padre.

"Es ésta una consecuencia tan legítima como verdadera, por manera que la misma Verdad nos manda que rezando digamos a Dios: Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos. Y San Juan nos dice:

Mirad qué tierno amor hacia nosotros ha tenido el Padre, queriendo que nos llamemos hijos de Dios y lo seamos en efecto, pues que por el espíritu nos ha regenerado y por la gracia nos ha doptado y nos ha hecho particpes de su devina natureza.

Por eso el mundo no hace caso de nosotros, porque no conoce a Dios nuestro Padre.

Carissimos, nosotros somos ya ahora hijos de Dios, mas lo que seremos algún día no parece aún. Sabemos, sí, que cuando se manifieste Jesucristo seremos semejantes a El en la gloria, porque lo veremos como El es, y esta visión nos transformará en una imagen suya."

UTEP Pro-life Movement and its allies are on the move!

"If you even think Continuity Catholicism rocks, just remember: we have allies, too!"

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!

UTEP Baptist Student Union, Sat. Nov. 11, 2006

UTEP Students: $10.00 all afternoon until 5:30 PM

Non UTEP: $15.00 all afternoon until 5:30 PM.

To register:

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

More of: "Does Continuity Catholicism rock?"

"You bet: just ask a lot of hardworking young men and women in Washington, D.C.!"

¡Ora UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!

Adapted from this source: National Catholic Register, Oct. 29 - Nov. 4, 2006. By Nick Manetto, Register Correspondent.

Young Catholics' D.C. Haunts

Caption under colored photo reads:

"HAUNTING LITURGY: It's the vigil of All Saints Day, 'All Hallows Eve' and the Dominicans of Wasington, D.C. have revived an ancient prayer service. It takes tradition and creativity to draw hard-charging young professionals back to Church. (Photos by Brother Pius Pietrzyk, O.P.)"

"WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Candlelight will cast long shadows. Hooded monks will chant ancient anthems. And men and women will invoke the dead.

"Welcome to the Dominican Friars annual Vigil of All Saints, which is becoming a must-attend on the social agendas of young Washington Catholics.

"It takes creative events of this kind to attract the large and active D.C.--area population of young Catholics.

"Held at the Dominican House of Studies, the order's U.S. seminary, the vigil is a Halloween alternative that seeks to take back the now-secularized holiday.

"And it's had a lot of success with the 20- and 30-something crowd that is often looking for deeper meaning in life and ways to connect with peers of their own faith.

"Those who attend are the young people who flock to Washington to work on Capitol Hill, for the federal government or at one of the seemingly endless advocacy organizations that choke the city and its environs.

All Hallows Eve

"This Halloween, rather than attending a liquor-laden Halloween party or taking part in some bar's costume contest, young professionals will jam into a dark-wood English Gothic chapel at the Dominican House of Studies to hear readings from the lives of saints and a inspirational talk, pray ancient night prayers along with the friars, and sing Gregorian chant. The liturgy concludes with a candle-lit procession to the friars' reliquary while chanting a litany.

"Afterwards, there's a social hour with friar-baked goodies and holy cards of saints for the taking.

"The annual event was brought here by a group of young Dominicans from the West Coast, and it immediately began to draw large numbers of college-aged [¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!] and young adult Catholics. It's been that way ever since.

"Our annual All Saints' Vigil draws hundreds for good reason, said Dominican Father Reginald Whitt, president of the Houuse of Studies. We can't but be drawn to the saints and be inspired by their lives."

Caption under last two B/W photos reads:

"Young Catholics pack into the traditional choir stalls at the Dominican House of Studies on Halloween -- the Vigil of All Saints Day -- and sing the Nunc Dimittis of Night Prayer. Meanwhile, Dominican student brothers prepare 'trick-or-treat' candy for the reception that follows. (Photos by Brother Pius Pietrzyk)."

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

¡San Antonio María Claret!

Yo no diré que no haya posesos. Sí, los hay, y he conocido algunos, pero muy pocos...

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!

"De la curación de energúmenos y de las muchas ficciones que hay entre los que se dicen posesos"

"183. Otra clase de enfermedades había que aún era más molesta y que se me llevaba más tiempo. Esta era la de energúmenos, posesos y obsesos. En un principio que misionaba se me presentaban muchísimos que se decía que estaban posesos, y sus parientes me suplicaban les exorcizase. Como me hallaba completamente autorizado, lo hacía, y de mil, apenas hallaba uno del que pudiese estar cierto que era poseso; eran otras causas, ya físicas, ya morales, que aquí no calificaré."

"184. Viendo que muchísimos no tenían tales demonios, y por otro parte, al ver que me hacían perder mucho tiempo, que lo necesitaba para oír las confesiones de los que se habían convertido por la predicación, me dije:

Más necesario es que saques los demonios de las almas que están en pecado mortal, que no de los cuerpos, si es que éstos los tienen.

"Pensé que aun aquello podía ser un engaño del mismo demonio, y así me resolví a dejar los exorcismos y tomar otro camno, que era el siguiente.

"185. Cuando se me presentaba alguno y me decía que estaba poseso, le preguntaba si quería curar...; si deseaba de veras curar...; si creía que, haciendo lo que yo le diría, curaría...Si me aseguraba que sí, le mandaba tres cosas:

"Primero, que tomara con paciencia todas las cosas, que no enfadara nunca, porque había observado que algunos tenían histérico de resultas de su mal genio o de rabietas que cogían y con la paciencia les calmaba."

¡Ay, buuu.., máma! ¡Porque ya viene el famoso lucha del santo en contra el demonio colorado!

Ya no más me importas, lo que piensas tú de mí, porque con este demonito rojo, me quisiera yo casar ♪ [ Hecho con bastante licencia artistica por sus humilde servidor, ¡sí! ¡Sabemos! ]

Sin embargo, San Antonio María Claret, como vemos abajo, era un santo que sabía bien su chamba espiritual...

"186 Segundo, les mandaba que no bebieran vino, ni otro licor, y que esto se les exigía como indispensable para echar a esa especie de demonios, pues también había hallado que algunos bebían demasiado, y para tapar sus disparates, echaban la culpa a los demonios.

"187 Tercero, les hacía rezar cada día, siete veces, el Padrenuestro y Avemaría a la Santísima Virgen, en memoria de sus siete dolores; y además, que hicieron una buena confesión general de toda la vida y que después comulgaran con la más fervorosa devoción. Sea lo que fuere, lo cierto es que después de algunos días me venían a dar gracias, diciendo que ya estaban libres y curados.

"Yo no diré que no haya posesos. Sí, los hay, y he conocido algunos, pero muy pocos."

"Does Continuity Catholicism rock?"

You bet!

Just check these following web sites for two(2) dynamic Catholic priests right here in the good 'ole U.S.A. whose ministries easily prove the thesis:

"Yes, Virignia! Continuity Catholicism rocks, big time!"

So, no! You don't have to be in thralldom to such perversos as El Paso's so-called Society of St. Pius X, nor to the over-medicated loonies at St. Patrick's Cathedral and their Fifth Gospel According to Dr. St. John Pilch and his ilk.

And, last, but not least, you don't have to kow-tow to that militantly homosexual hardcorps element apparently operating deep within Father Rick Mattey's Men's Acts Retreat Community.

Unless, of course! Either one or both of those two(2) Satanic extremes appeals to you; at least this way you will have been warned...

So! Here's a sort of random Who's Who in the contemporary Continuity Catholicism scene:

Father Quinn Mann. Motto: Duc in Altum, Put out into the deep.

Father Andrew Bloomfield.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Was General Ike Eisenhower's book, Crusade for Europe, in reality a Children's Crusade?"

An alternative look at Kurt Vonnegut's character of Billy Pilgrim.

UTEP Senior English Abstract

Kurt Vonnegut was himself no Billy Pilgrim. Instead, he was a U.S. Army combat infantry scout in his own right. One, moreover, with more than the modicum of basic training that was the lot of the Billy Pilgrim crew. For it was the Billy Pilgrim's sorry lot to be led to an unrelieved horror of suffering, or of captivity, or of death.

For this indeed was the lot that pertained to so many thousands of Billy Pilgrims in the European Theater by the Fall of 1944. And it was a lot which grew out of General Dwight David Eisenhowers's written authorization giving the go-ahead for sending tens of thousands of poorly trained teenage GIs, some with as little as three or four weeks of basic training [as Stephen Ambrose and others have claimed], into instant close battle against a tenacious well-supplied enemy. And without the time either to adjust to the combat zone, nor the time to receive the orientation in front line survival they so vitally needed.

A written authorization which in turn may have derived from the disturbing rumors picked up by U.S. Army Intelligence in 1943, what authors John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr call "vague rumors of secret German-Soviet peace negotiations," in their recent book, Verona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America.

Be as it may, we are prepared to stake out a literary claim of our own, and our literary claim is going to be this:

The results of General Eisenhower's policy would make a lasting impression on at least one former US Army combat infantry scout named Kurt Vonnegut, whether as author or narrator author -- that he would never seem quite able to shake...

And therein hangs a tale!

Now, Don't Be Jive'n: The UTEP Faculty Jazz Combo November 3, 2004!

¡Ora, UTEP! Hooray for the UTEP Music Department and Music 1327 !

"While the program for this night's performance was drawn from a variety of jazz classics, ranging from Theloneus Monk and Cootie Williams' Round Midnight to the UTEP combo's rendition of The Nearness of You by Ned Washington and Hoagy Carmichael, it would be safe to say that Elisa Fraser Wilson's vocal arrangement of the old World War II Nat King Cole original Straighten Up and Fly Right (1943) sent the main message for the entire evening's event, for all the order of the pieces performed was often improvised.

"Perhaps it was merely a subconscious reflex, perhaps not. But it immediately struck this reviewer that the selection and stellar performance by all concerned of this particular piece was amazingly appropriate, and for any number of reasons. Number one was timing.

"As the author Daniel Mark Epstein tells us in his excellent biographical work, Nat King Cole (New York: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, 1999), on page one hundred: "Straighten Up and Fly Right, the song about the monkey who takes a ride on a buzzard, is Nat's greatest composition. The song is so superior to his others that it stands apart, marking not only the peak of his own creative powers but also a certain moment in history and the mood of a nation, black and white, at war."

"There can be little doubt that for those lucky UTEP students who witnesed this UTEP Faculty Jazz Combo's performance some sixty-one years later, on the night of Wednesday, November 3, 2004, the mood was once again that of an America black and white, at war."

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Extra! Extra!

"Blogger shoots self in foot with a burst from Tech-9!"

"Learns that pain su*ks!"

[Revised Sunday pm, November 5, 2006 ]

We hereby apologize to all UTEP Professor Richard S. Gutierrez's fiercely loyal fans, students, friends and fellow UTEP staff members, who have been so vocal in their unqualified support of him and Fr. Rick Mattey's Men's ACTS Retreat Community.

Turns out they were right!!

Because, now, here's what UTEP Professor Gutierrez actually said in his Mark Foley wannabe email to yours truly, so-called, because he doesn't seem to care if he says things that are liable to boomerang back on his Men's ACTS.

Which, of course, they have!

This is all part and parcel of what we might call the aftermath of the famous incident in which one of Father Rick Mattey's sexually aggressive down-low male hos broke loose from his Men's ACTS Retreat designated male ho-handlers by chewing through his leash and running amok.

From: Gutierrez, Richard S.
Sent: Tue 5/2/2006 10:54 AM
To: Morony, Dennis P.
Subject: RE: Looks like a sexual situation may be developing within Mens ACTS Community.

"Dennis - I am sorry to hear about this incident. I hope you understand that neither ACTS or the church is responsible. This occured at the church where certainly all people are welcome. It happens that both parties are part of the ACTS community but that is the only connection. I certainly do sympathize with you, especially since you had such a positive experience at the retreat. I hope and pray that this does not minimize the experience for you. Know that you are in my prayers -- Richard."

To share your joy at hearing this great news, please feel free to call this number and leave UTEP Professor Richard S. Gutierrez and Father Rick Mattey's Men's ACTS Retreat Community your celebratory message of good cheer:

St. Patrick Cathedral

Parish (915) 533-4451 FAX (915) 532-8761

"Just do it now!"

Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Then there was the real life case of that solemn and unhappy-looking Judge at La Malinche's Mexican Restaurant yesterday noon... "

"The tough, honest young judge -- and one of Father Rick Mattey's Men's ACTS Retreat Team Members -- developed tunnel vision, but fast!

"He did this when it came his turn to join the line of satisfied customers paying their tabs as they exited back out to the busy downtown El Paso, Texas, sidewalk.

"For all it was early Wednesday afternoon, November 1, 2006, The Feast of All Saints, he stared glumly straight ahead.

"Some of his fellow members of the bar had already attended the 12:05 Mass at a downtown Jesuit-run Catholic Church before they too, had gone to lunch.

"I know, for all that I'm by no means a member in any way, manner, shape or form of that same exaulted community of true believers.

"After all, I'd seen those other lawyers, too, since I was at that same 12:05 Holy Day Mass and now that Mass was over had just now inadvertently picked a ringside seat in La Malinche's looking directly in the unhappy judge's direction.

"He had apparently seen me, although I hadn't yet registered his presence.

"I guess you could honestly say I was totally involved with La Malinche's fantastic menu of fine food. With even their famous Mexican plate going for less than $7.00!

"At any rate, the judge got up and quietly made his exit from Malinche's....

"Who could have possibly known what fears he might have been soberly entertaining for the future of Father Rick Mattey's Men's ACTS Retreat Community?

"Did he finally realize that he and his fellow members of the bar had blown it by letting a small group of perversos take over the Mens ACTS Retreat Movement?

"Just so they could run it right smack into the ground? The almost certain penalty for any nominally Catholic organization bent on allowing Satan's Male Hos to take control?

"Only time would tell...


"Meanwhile, La Malinche's kept filling up with more and more satisfied customers, like yours truly, and dozens and scores of others.

" Fantastic food. Fantastic service. Fantastic prices.

"Because even in the worried, frowning judge's absence, the show just had to go on!

La Malinche!"

Vatican K.O's yet another flakey American Catholic Bishop for losing his nerve at a critical point in modern spiritual combat!

Is the growing scandal of Father Rick Mattey's Men's ACTS Retreat and Old Mesilla's mis-named Holy Cross Retreat Center destined to become yet another episcopal grave yard?

"Fourth Diocese Files for Bankruptcy"

Source: National Catholic Register, Oct. 22-28, 2006.

"KCCI-TV, Oct. 12 -- Just two days after Davenport, Iowa, became the fourth diocese in the country to file for bankruptcy protection, Pope Benedict XVI accepted the resignation of Bishop William Franklin and appointed Cleveland Auxilary Bishop Martin Amos, reported the Des Moines television station.

"Bishop Amos is to take the helm Nov. 20.

"The bankruptcy filing came less than two weeks before a trial involving a former priest accused of sexual abuse.

"While Bishop Franklin said he regretted the decision, he said that the financial pressure from as many as 25 outstanding claims of abuse is too great and that bankruptcy is the best way to ensure the continuance of the Church's mission.

"In 2004, the diocese paid $9 million to settle 37 claims dating back to the 1950s and 1960s."

Nero Wolfe's Archie Goodwin and his words of wisdom!

Excerpt: Rex Stout's In The Best Families, New Bantam May, 1968, paperbook version of 1950 Viking Publishing Company original.

Like, maybe? We could say that the following is Archie's personal philosophy in which he cleverly unites the twin virtues of Experience and Intelligence??!!

Page 76.

"Experience tells me that pants wear out quicker sitting down than moving around.

"Intelligence tells me it's better to wait till you die to start to rot."

Don't you know this was one home that had life all figured out??!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Famous Exorcist Father Hermanagild Jayachandra, pastor of St. Martín de Porres Catholic Church in Boulder, Colorado, interviewed by The Catholic Register:

"Once you are corrupt to evil ideas, the door is open for the devil to get hold of you, he said.

"He also believes that [both] mental illness and possession can often exist at once in the same person, and that psychological illnesses are frequently caused by persistent sinful behavior."

[Issue of October 29 - November 4, 2006]

Note One: Anybody personally witnessing the satanic monkey-shines indulged in by the Men's ACTS Retreat Team Members on the last evening and night exercises of Father Rick Mattey's Men's ACTS Retreat of March 23 to March 26, 2006 at the mis-named Holy Cross Retreat Center in Old Mesilla, New Mexico, should have no problem with this one.

By sundown, after supper was over, and the call earlier on by the sicko playing Satan's Herald to the otherworld, the last vestige of orthodox Christianity simply vanished.

Note Two: Anybody witnessing Father Fabian Marquez's spectacular nuclear meltdown on Monday, July 10, 2006, after the 5:15 pm Mass was over, should likewise be easy to convince that both mental illness and el diablo can co-exist.

Curiously enough, not only was there a full moon that night, but one of the National Institute of Health's (NIH) listed websites that we checked almost immediately on a hunch later on that same evening had an interesting article indicating that MD psychiatrists have come around to accepting that persons suffering from schizophrenia can indeed be affected by the full moon!

¡Un nuevo Santo Mexicano!

National Catholic Register, 10/29-11/04/2006:

Texans Celebrate Bishop's Canonization

"SAN ANTONIO -- One of the Church's newest saints is truly one of us, Archbishop José Gomez of San Antonio and retired Archbishop Patrick Flores told the Catholics of South Texas.

"Pope Benedict XVI canonized Mexican Bishop Rafael Guizar Valencia, who came to south Texas during his exile from Mexico because of government persecution of the Church.

"St. Rafael still has family living in the San Antonio area. Attending the press conference with the archbishops were Augustin Mora, the new saint's great-nephew, and Tito Guizar Jr., his great-great-nephew.

"Archbishop Flores said the life of St. Rafael has become a part of his own, since he now owns the episcopal ring that once belonged to the Mexican prelate."

[Adapted from original article]

Wow! ¡Guau! At last! ¡Por fin!

Our little green-colored Domestic Return Receipt makes it back to El Paso!

Envelope Originally Addressed To:
Archbishop José Gomez
2718 W. Woodlawn Ave.
San Antonio, Texas 78228

Date left El Paso, Texas:

Date receipt signed in San Antonio, Texas:

Signature reads:
We'll just say, A non-combatant

Picked up in mailbox, in El Paso:

"Mission (finally!) accomplished."