Tuesday, October 31, 2006


"The Blessed Virgin -- or Something Diabolical?"

From: Page 45 of online synopsis of Foley, Donal Anthony. Understanding Medjugorje, Heavenly Visions or Religious Illusion?. Nottingham, England: Theotokos Books, 2006.

Foley cites one "Msgr. Farges, author of the celebrated study entitled Mystical Phenomena:

The signs of diabolical intervention are well known. The devil's deeds always carry with them at least some ridiculous, unseemly, or coarse details; or even something opposed to faith and morals.

If his vices were too obvious his influence would soon be unmasked; they are therefore always disguised under more or less inoffensive appearances, even under deceitful traits of virtue and sanctity.

He transforms himself at will into an angel of light.

God occasionally allows him to assume the most majestic forms, such as those of Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin, or the saints.

Nevertheless -- for God could not otherwise permit it -- the disguise, no matter how bold, is never complete, and he always betrays himself in some particular which cannot escape an attentive and prudent observer.

Furthermore, the work of the devil becomes very soon unmasked by evil results, for an evil tree cannot bring forth good fruit.

[Farges, Msgr. Albert. Mystical Phenomena, trans., S.P. Jacques. London, England: Burns, Oates & Washbourne Ltd., 1926.]


"The so-called Spirit of the Society of St. Pius X here in El Paso: is it the real deal -- or Something Diabolical?"

"The Spirit of that small clique of hardcorps Perversos within Fr. Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat Movement Team, who dominate all the rest: are they really some warm and loving fuzzies -- or Something Diabolical?"

"Father Fabian Marquez's claims of acting with the Holy Spirit in inciting the youth of the Teens ACTS Retreat Team to mob action: was it indeed the Holy Spirit -- or Something Diabolical?"

"The Spirit with which Father Rick Mattey lets his padre vicario lose it and run all amok at will, and with which he, Father Rick Mattey, continues to defend John Pilch's attcks on Jesus Christ -- is in indeed the Holy Spirit -- or Something Diabolical?"

Sunday, October 29, 2006

"You acting like a stupid nigger, Roderick," she said jovially. "Shut your face." The class broke up.

Excerpt from: LouAnne Johnson's classic Dangerous Minds, page 28 of paperback edition.


Before 1989, when LouAnne Johnson fought against the tide.
Jaime Escalante
held the high ground against the enemy.
Before the onslaught of the Apparitions of Garabandal in 1961
Before the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana in 1978
Before the Medjugorje 25-year plus fiasco, from 1981 onward
Before the 1987 Guatemalan Apparitions
Before the Teens ACTS Retreat psychotic meltdown of July, 2006

There was the all-American education prophet of 1959!

1959: The same year stock-car racing champion Marty Robbins released his hit single, El Paso.

1959: Don Haskins was in his fourth year as both Boys' and Girls' coach in Hedley, Texas.

1959: The legendary Garcia Brothers of El Paso, Texas opened their equally legendary Meat Market.

The prophet's name? Edgar Z. Friedenberg.

His prophetic book? The Vanishing Adolescent.

So what, exactly, did this man of men say, that could apply to:

Phony apparitions to young people in Modern Spain?

Education of teenagers in Modern America?

A murderous cult in Guyana?

Phony apparitions to young people in developing Guatemala?

Phony apparitions in modernizing Yugoslavia?

The mass invitation to riot of the 2006 St. Pat's Teens ACTS Retreat Team Members by a flaky priest, himself in psychotic meltdown?

Excerpt: Friedenberg, Edgar Z. The Vanishing Adolescent. Boston: Beacon Press, 1959.

Page 15

"I know of no reason to suppose that, at the present time [1959!], there is a crisis in our relationship to youth; and in any case, this is certainly not a book of instructions to be supplied with adolescents.

"But if the function of adolescence is self-definition, one would expect it to be very difficult in a society which suffers from a dearth of individuality and in which alienation is a crucial problem.

"And if the instrument of self-definition is the conflict between the adolescent and a basically humane society -- which nevertheless has purposes of its own, and more to do than take care of kids -- one would expect the self-defining process to break down as that society became less humane and more manipulative.

"A society which has no purposes of its own, other than to insure domestic tranquility by suitable medication, will have no use for adolescents, and will fear them; for they will be among the the first to complain, as they crunch away at their benzedrine, that tranquilizers make you a square.

"It will set up sedative programs of guidance, which are likely to be described as therapeutic, but whose apparent function will be to keep young minds and hearts in custody until they are without passion."

And so, our basic theme here is:

So-called Medications = Drugs = Psychosis and/or Neurosis = Vulnerablility = Seduction by Demonic Visions, Quacks and Charlatans = Clerical, Medical = Worldwide Crisis.

To be continued...

Saturday, October 28, 2006


The Glorious Homeboy Era of demonic Marian Apparitions!

"Is there indeed provable linkage between Scene One, below, from March 1995, and Scene Two, Father Fabian Marquez's spectacular psychotic episode of Monday, July 10, 2006?"

To learn more, click on the website below, and when you reach this phrase:

"(In case you're interested, free PDF extracts of the book are available here.)"

Then, just click on the high-lighted word here, and away you'll go!


Scene One, fragment from this same source:

Prologue -- Assault on a Bishop

"An angry mob breaks into a bishop's official residence. They search for him, going from room to room until they find him. They drag him outside and pressure him to agree to their demands.

"He refuses and says if necessary he will suffer just as Christ had to suffer. This type of language only makes them more infuriated, and some of them press forward, tearing off his pectoral cross, ripping his cape, and then assaulting him.

"He tells them that automatic excommunication is the penalty for attacking a bishop, but they pay no heed, dragging him off and impriosoning him. They hold him until late at night, their mood growing uglier with every moment, his life in imminent danger.

"The mob thinks he has insulted some of their deceased relatives; they shout that they have plenty of weapons.

"Finally a local leader manages to persuade the crowd to disperse, and the Bishop narrowly escapes their clutches.

"This didn't happen during the Middle Ages, or more recently, under a totalitarian regime. This incident happened in March 1995, in an at least nominally Catholic European area.

"The Bishop in question was Bishop Ratko Peric, the Ordinary of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina, a region which was shrouded in obscurity until the 1980's, when the events at a small village called Medjugorje started to become famous in the Catholic Church and beyond.

"Bishop Peric's crime was that as part of the restructuring of his diocese, he had asked the local Franciscan friars to stop using the church hall which had functioned as their parochial centre, and to take up new appointlments.

"They refused, and along with a large group of parishioners decided to take their protests directly to the Bishop.

"The result was the incident outlined above, in which the Franciscans in question chose not to interfere because they have been involved in a lengthy dispute wih the local bishops, a tragic disagreement with deep historical roots, one which has seriously affected the Catholic Church in the region, and which has become linked with the visions at Medjugorje."

SCENE TWO, involving yet another suspected Medjugorje quack: Father Fabian Marquez's very own little creative exercise in mob-inciting as-a-psychotic episode.

This fragment is taken from this blog for that same night, Monday, July 10, 2006. My eye-witness point of view was from the inside area close to the outside door located toward the front of the Cathedral, leading into the open area between St. Patrick's Cathedral and the Elementary School.

Yet Another Medjugorje-inspired Mass-Psychotic Incident, yet another exercise in brainless clergy-incited mob violence?

Right here at St. Patrick's Cathedral, El Paso, Texas?


"Emotional, noisy, screaming exchange beween one Father Fabian Marquez & Unknowns, leading to loud emotional babble by dozens of equally unhinged reinforcements for the Holy Spirit -- or so one might suppose -- from the parishioners prsent as they rushed into the fray, waving their arms on cue and babbling a mile a minute.

"Even the Teens ACTS Retreat Team Members in the choir loft came down on a run [in response to a signal from Fr. Marquez, as he turned slightly sidewise, to their adult female mentor, a signal which I plainly saw!] and all breathless and excited, as they, too, flapped their arms and babbled encouragement to all and sundry.

Date: Monday, July 10, 2006. Place: El Paso, Texas. Address: 1118 N. Mesa Time: Roughly 5:55 p.m., onward. Phone: (915) 533-4451


See original blog entry!

Friday, October 27, 2006

"Remember Father Fabian Marquez's spectacular public performance that first Monday of July, 2006?"

"Remember what happened to Bishop Ratko Peric, the Ordinary of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina in March of 1995?"

"Yet, you still refuse to believe that satanic cults can indeed flourish under the guise of Catholic belief and worship?"

"Even in supposedly nice, progressive, all-Ameerican places of public Catholic worship like St. Patrick's Cathedral in El Paso, Texas?

"Would you, for example, want to know what links these first two items?"

"You do?"

"Are you sure you really want to?"


"Because the answer is simple: it's Medjugorje!"

Believe it, or not...


The first 48 hours of the Men's ACTS Retreat: "Combat mode one: locked and loaded!"

"Tough, competetive, push you to the limit and beyond kind of real-life Christian FTX, right?

"You bet! The first 48 hours is outta sight! It's so real, it's so much dy-no-mite!

"But, then....?

"O.K.! Now, you've asked the Big Question. Why?

"Because what this weekend's retreatants are going to learn (if they haven't already by things being suddenly switched around to keep everyone off balance and psychologically disoriented), whether they're members of St. Patrick's, Queen of Peace, or St. Matthew's parishes, is that anything even remotely approaching Christianity is going to suddenly disappear.

"To be replaced by Satan's Protocol.

"Sound wild?

"Hey, home, it is wild!

"Before those guys are even more than dimly aware that some strange stuff is going on all around them, stuff that demands their participation, too, weird things start to happen.

"Emotional, touchy-feeley, keep your eyes fuc*in closed, recruit!, type of stuff.

"Just keep your fuc*in mouth shut, and go along to get along, cool? so-called Spiritual Exercises, however defined!

"Raw sorcery, Candomblé, Afro-Latino Cult Practices, call it what you will. Because from this point on, retreatant, pay attention you all! There's a New Clown Taking Over This Here Town!

"In fact, starting as soon as that famous New Mexican desert sun has set, Father Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat's hos are going to take control!

"And when the down-low male hos are in control, only Satan dictates how things rock!"

A Special--albeit late!--Thank you, to:

La pareja tan parejo de Mayela y Phil Martinez

"¡Jovenes desempeños, y sobre todo, de muy buena onda!"

"My" copy of their little Golden Book of Prayers that was waiting for me and for so many others that first morning after we were checked in the Thursday night before at the mis-named "Holy Cross Retreat Center," along with the brand-new Bible that accompanied it, were surprises, both of which I've long cherished, going on roughly eight months now.

And as for Mayela and Phil Martinez's little Golden Book of Prayers goes, I've used it twice daily every day since receiving it.

Thanks again, Señor licenciado y Señora licenciada!

Thursday, October 26, 2006


"Did he grab you by your genitals?"

Female El Paso Police Department officer over in Old Sears Building, during the informal interview process involving Father Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat's all-American down-lo ho in residence.

The ongoing Fr. Rick Mattey -- Mens ACTS Retreat Male on Male Sexual Harassment Saga

To: Morony, Dennis P.
From: UTEP Coed
Sent: Sat 5/20/2006 10:09 AM

"...What happened? Why would it happen? ... this is not heard of and did [yo]u speak to Father Mattey, I don't know what he can do...etc"

----Original Message ---

From: Morony, Dennis P.
To: UTEP Coed.
Sent: Friday, May 19, 2006 7:03 PM
Subject: FW Looks like a sexual situation may be developing within Mens ACTS Community. "Watch out for your man, ladies!"

Hey, Comadre!

"Say, this is just a reminder to all you good ladies out there to Watch out for your man."

"That's right!

"'Cause while the Diocese of El Paso Mens (and Womens') ACTS retreats are over all really cool, I'm afraid in SOME cases the guy you thought you knew just might ocme back traumatized to such an extent that his DNA gets all cross-wired with his libido,oh my, oh my!

"In other words, he not only thinks he is 8 feet tall, but that he is now irresitible to the same sex, as well as to the opposite sex.

"Come the first opportunity at Mass in front of many dozens of people he just latches onto the first pair of pants he sees within reach and doesn't voluntarily let go.

"Would you want YOUR main man reduced to such a state?

"Not unless you think it's time for the mother of all changes in your meaningful relationship, you don't!

"Be careful, you hear?



Apologies to camaradas "Robert" and "Alex."

First: Alex, home, you made it as far as figuring out how to spell your first name in either Spanish or English a while back, but the rest was lost in space.

Second: Robert, Señor, my linguistic ability, in reading at any rate, is severely limited to such mundane languages as English, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Yeah, I gathered from the sinic characters in your email to us Monday that you're operating some clandestine unit way the hay out there on the Manchurian border someplace, but take it from me: Unless you're a Donna Redskins Class of 1966 alumni (like me) turn yourself in to the nearest village commissar and then sign up to get Comrade Yahoo! 'Cause all the mainland Chinese Communist Secret Police subscribe to it, so why can't you? That way you can send your mail to World of UTEP in plain English, o.k.? Thanks!

Day 14 & the Mystery Deepens!

Remember the Certified Mail sent to the Archbishop of San Antonio?

Two(2) weeks ago today?

Return Receipt still not back in our mail box!

"Does the hardcorps militantly homosexual inner clique of Fr. Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat have clout with even the Archdiocese of SA, or what?"

"Or, could this have all been nothing more than a so-called agency intercept?"

Stay tuned....!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hey! Hey! Hey!

"Let's Take Back the Night!"

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Adelante, DESTINO! ¡Ora, NMSU!

Free Writing Rocks!

Free Writing Rolls!

"By do'in it, you can free your soul!"

Aprendan lo, oh mis lectores!"

Dr. Samantha Dena's UTEP Communications 1301-007 !!

Assignment #3: Persuasive Speech

75-second intro w/first poster board already in place


"How many of us have email, and like to write our friends and family for up to five minutes at a time, without worrying about grammar, punctuation or outlines?

"If we start off by writing at maximum speed for at least five minutes, we smash through all barriers.

"I was a published writer myself eleven years before beginning any teaching or tutoring. So I know a little bit about how writing works, in the real world.

"And so, today we are going to learn free writing and what it can do for us. And how it can make us all pros in the writing buisness.

"Let's all free write! Just do it! A revolutionary new policy!

"And actually learn something. Without teachers. Without money.

"Because we don't need to raise tuition to fix the writing problem.

"Any university can boast about its control of the English-writing classrooms by day; but we free-writing guerrillas can boast that we control our own minds by night.

"Free write! Just do it! We can empower ourselves to an education.

Main points:

Roman numeral I will start with B/W transparency: "Money won't solve education problems."

I. Let's all free write! Brilliant and ocntroversial El Paso educator Ramnath Subramanian fearlessly defies the establishment by publicly telling us the truth in his recent article in the El Paso Times: "Money won't solve education problems."

a. Let's all free write! Because as Mr. Subramanian assures us, "In America, education is big business."

b. Let's all free write! Because as Mr. Subramanian says, in his native India "There were no walls," in his elementary school.

c. Let's all free write! Because as Mr. Subramanian tells us, "...the education I received was far superior to anything I have witnessed in American classrooms."

d. So, let's all free write! And so empower ourselves to get an even better education, in that wall-less school of an open mind.

e. Free write! The nights belong to us. Just do it! Today!

Roman numeral II will start with B/W transparency: "You knew...."

II. Authors Edward P. Bailey and Philip A. Powell tell us in their book, The Practical Writer, "You knew what you wanted to write."

a. But we couldn't make things work!

b. The free writing solution?

c. They tell us, "Don't stop to think an ddon't stop writing."

d. These experts say, "Make yourself write for perhaps five minutes...."

e. And don't worry, if as the authors tell us, "A lot of nonsense ... appear[s] on your page."

f. Because both Bailey and Powell assure us, "...buried in the nonsense may well be a few nuggets."

Roman numeral III will start with B/W transparency: "Writing..."

III. Now, authors James D. Lester and James D. Lester, Jr. tell us in their famous book, Writing Research Papers, "To free write, merely focus on a topic and write whatever comes to mind."

a. They say, "Do not worry about grammar."

b. They say, "Do not worry about style."

c. Both authors agree, "Do not worry about penmanship."

d. We are told, "But keep writing nonstop for apage or so."

30-second conclusion w/second poster board in place

And so, as Mr. Subramanian tells us, "Money won't solve education problems." But we can say for ourselves "That's o.k., too!" Because while money can control any university's writing classes by day, we can take control of empowering ourselves through learning and practicing free writing by night.

Free write! And take back the night. A revolutionary new policy.

Remember! "The night belongs to the free-writing guerrillas."

Just do it!


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Heroic role of nuns in history!

Source: Fell, Christine, Clark, Cecily, and Williams, Elizabeth. Women in Anglo-Saxon England. Bloomington, Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1984

Page 10

"Written in a very different styple is Lina Eckenstein's Woman under Moasticism, which appeared three years earlier in 1896. Eckenstein makes her views clear in her Preface:

The right to self-development and social responsibility which the woman of today so persistantly asks for is in many ways analogous to the right which the convent secured to womankind a thousand years ago.

"She [Eckenstein] distinguishes much more carefully than Frances Arnold-Forster does beween the reliabiity of differenct types of source material, noting on the one hand the importance of charters, letters and early chronicle references and analysing on the other hand the difference in value between the hagiographical writings of the eighth century and those of the eleventh and twelfth."


Tonight's raw intel feed...
[Revised at bottom Thursday, 10/26/'06 dpm]

Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story

Copyright: 2005
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York

: St. Patrick's Cathedral, El Paso, Childen's School Cafeteria, right after the special combined Mens and Womens ACTS Retreat Community Mass, the last Saturday of April, 2006.

As we saw and heard last episode: Once more, Father Rick Mattey's designated Mens ACTS Retreat male ho-handlers have fallen asleep on the job, the second time in barely an hour: their number one alpha male on male sexual predator has chewed through his leash yet again, and is once more running amok!

DENNIS to HO (Striving to keep his voice down so as not to upset crowd of women and children nearby and all around, the HO is in his element, so cares less!) "You know, unwanted sexual or physical contact can lead to some real problems for you. Just ask any detective [Less than 3 feet away, Capt. Gilbert Piñón is doing a good job of ignoring it all, DENNIS hopes nearby women and children are as successful!], in fact I know one out at the UTEP campus Police Department who could..."

HO (Growing visibly excited as he interrupts.) "...I can do it with them, too!"

DENNIS to HO (Trying to wrap things up fast) "Just keep out of my face; just stay out of my face; just keep out of my face," or words to same or similar effect. He was to repeat this part within hours in an email.

The Mens ACTS Retreat Community's male MC has long since picked up on all this, even if he hasn't actually helped to coordinate it, as would be suggested later. He then announces with a broad grin that in a slight change from the usual protocal, he is going to ask the persons at each individual table to stand up and make a circle holding hands as they do so.

And Father Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat number one alpha-male sexual predator, known in Black inmate slang as a down-low ho, has to face the music and all but defecates in his pants. Big time!

After all, the HO forced his way to Dennis's side, and now he suddenly realizes that his skinny as* is about to go from being possesed by a host of what anthropolgists call penetrating possesion spirits to being more like being repossessed, like maybe even permanently!

For sure this is no time to once again grope, fondle, slobber and blow into some other guy's ear while making some coy suggestion like: "Aren't you going to move over and make room for me?"

Which, come to think of it, is a technique favored by HOS of either sex in pick-up bars on water fronts all over the known world. In fact, this is exactly what the HO had done hardly an hour earlier, trying to force and push Dennis into making room for him in a space barely three and a half to four feet wide, max. And in front of at least two eye-witnesses, Witness One, Gaby, Witness Two, Armando. Mass had barely started, and there were plenty of other seats available.

But! Father Rick's prized HO wouldn't let go, ntil after roughly ten minutes or so, Dennis turned in is seat and said to the HO: "Just keep your fu*ki*g hands off me!" Meanwhile Dennis kept full eye contact with Father Rick's Mens ACTS Retreat HO as he did so.

It was a good thing Dennis did, as the HO'S eyes opened wide in both shock and sheer rage.

HO to Dennis: "But we're in Church!" Dennis doesn't even have to answer as, seething with shock and a narcisstic rage rare to behold, the HO stormed off, little caring who had witnessed all this. Why should he have cared who witnessed all this? He was, after all, deep down, just a HO, maybe also one of Satan's Heralds, as he had been at the misnamed Holy Cross Retreat Center, but essentially still just a Mens ACTS Retreat Community HO. Period.

In fact, this same HO had tried to make a similar move on the embarrassed teenage son of St. Patrick's own security chief while we were all on retreat, much to the young man's obvious embarrasment!

No way would he have told his parents, nor could I blame him. They're both good, hardowrking people, just like the young man's abuelos.

Anyway, to get on with our story, Dennis thought it might be good for the HO to stare eternity in the face, as some aspiring wannabe Candomblé Womens ACTS Retreat lady (or priestess ?) vibrated her way into a long invocation to some spirit.

Unhappily Dennis couldn't help but doubt that it was in any manner shape or form The Holy Spirit, as her voice seemed to undergo curious ups and downs, compatible with the chanting invocations to the Afro-Latino cult divinities by native priestesses.

As we've been told: "A number of sex-changing, or ambisexual divinities (like Logunedé and Oxumaré) are said to inspire and legitimate the same-sex desires of their male worshipers. Birman also observes the cultural controversy over whether men start out homosexual, even if their natal relationship to a given divinity made them so, or are turned into homosexuals during the initiation process (Matory-2004.)"

[See also Matory's notes and comments on the Afro-Cuban religion called Regla de Ocha.]

Thus, with such predatory down-low hos openly running amok within Father Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat Community, of what use would it be to invoke the Holy Spirit ? No way! Even though she was most likely sincere, this particuar young woman could of had no more idea of what she was doing than the proverbial man in the moon!

HO [anxious to have the last word] "I'll pray for you."

Dennis: "Cool."

At last the charade was over and we all got to go home...

And at last the war was on.... una guerra de resistancia, una guerra sin cuartel...

The Real Life Archdiocese of San Antonio Mystery!

One: Our Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, Article Number 7006 0810 0001 8338 5446 dispatched on Thursday, October 12, 2006 to Dr. Carol Thornbery, Franklin High, etc. made it there on October 13, 2006, and was duly signed in.


The copy sent that same day to the Office of the Archbishop of San Antonio, welll.. that just might be another thing altogether!


Two: Our Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested, Article Number so and so left the same day, Thursday, October 12, 2006 outbound to the Archbishop of San Antonio, and then .... well, ... hummm! -- disappeared??!! Or, what, exactly?

"Guess we'll give 'em another month or two and see what happens. Hey! San Antonio IS a long way from El Paso!" (heh! heh!)

NMSU coeds 2, LT. COL. David Abbott, US Army 0 ?

That same Lt. Col. David Abbott, US Army suspected of personal involvement in the Real Life NMSU-UTEP Mystery Case?

The appointment of a female Lieutenant Colonel to the US Air Force side of the NMSU program leads to speculation!

News came in last Thursday's El Paso Times (Oct. 19, 2006)

Guess we'll just have to wait and see....

Monday, October 23, 2006



The Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story, Copyright 2005.

First North American Rights to Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.

The Last Saturday in April!

"Oh, no! Oh, my goodness gracious sakes alive! How could this have ever happened?" (heh, heh!)

Father Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat Community designated male ho-handlers fall asleep at the wheel for the second time in barely an hour: they're number one male on male sexual predator, by now in the classic so-called down-low ho mode, chews through his leash, and starts running amok, yet again!

The HO enters the St. Patrick's Cathedral school dining room from the childens' restroom area in the back. The rest of us have been seated for a while and we're all, women, men and children, intent on only minding our own business and having a pretty good time doing so.


HOS just love public adulation and attention and this one, whether the name he uses -- Charles Lujan -- is his own or (as we've grown to suspect) stolen from someone else's store of personal information, is no exception.

The following inspiring dialogue takes place, more or less in the order given. Capt Gilbert Piñón is sitting across from me and to my left less than three linear feet away. Gilbert and I were on the same six-man ACTS Mens Retreat initiate's team.

Luckily for Gilbert, me, and all of us regular guys on my home team, however, Father Rick Mattey's designated Mens ACTS Retreat ho-handlers were apparently insistant on feeding the HO to someone else.



HO: [to me] : "I want to talk about what happened...."

DENNIS: "I don't like other men coming on to me sexually." [I try to keep my voice low and even and I hope the little children to my right are totally deaf, because you never know. Father Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat male HO knows this of course. But! Being a male HO like Charles Carlos Lujan is, pity the poor sod's next of kin, means simply that the welfare of the little children at our table too, is likewise so much zip, nada.]

HO: "It's not like that at all." Then, the HO says one of two things "I didn't know you were going to take it like that," or "How was I to know you were like that?" [Captain Piñón is studiously ignoring all this, for all I'm trying to keep my voice low and even. The HO doesn't. After all Charles Carlos Lujan (or whatever his real name is) comes by his reputation as the number one Mens ACTS Retreat predatory alpha male-down low ho honestly, so I think it is only just and equitable to give Mr. Lujan his due.]


600 Holy Cross Rd.
Mesilla Park, New Mexico 88047 US

Telephone: (505) 524-3688
FAX (505) 524-3811

email: info@holycrossretreat.org






Late 2007- Early 2008: Now it is the turn of the comically misnamed Holy Cross Retreat Center in Old Messila, New Mexico, to be rocked by lawsuit after lawsuit.

Tough, take-no prisoners Las Cruces and Albquerque law firms senting victory after having successfully settled out of court with both the Catholic Diocese's of Las Cruces and El Paso, for an estimated 2 million dollars or so, aggressively push the final all-out attack against the last remaining bastion of the adherents of Dr John Pilch's so-called Fifth Gospel of Jesus Chirst and John the Baptist as co-members of the same so-called possession priesthood.....

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fax II Cover Sheet

Date: March 5, 2003
To: Fathers J. Pfeiffer & C. Leith
Company: Our Lady of Sorrows, Phoenix, Arizona
Fax: 602-276-9609
From: Dennis Paul Morony
Company: Self
Tel: None

Number of pages including this one: 4

Comments: "What happens when a Novitiate Director loses control of his own charge & the Prior begins a gentle slide into apostasy."


* * * * *** **** ***** **** *** ** **** ** ** * * ********** * * * *

NOTE ON SUNDAY, October 22, 2006: These 2 priests received the same enclosures as did the two(2) Bishops.

Fact: Their pastoral work was superb and it showed, at least up to May of 2001. In conformity with what Pope St. Pius X himself mandated, these two priests -- plus a handpicked brother or two actually teached the catechism every single Sunday in person. They were able to do this by having the first Sunday Mass at 7 am and the second Sunday Mass at 10:00 am.

Parishioners attending the first Mass, and those arriving early for the second Mass could both take advantage of the situation to learn more of their Catholic Faith.

And so many did that the priests were constantly running out of room. I was in Phoenix myself for roughly three weeks in a row in December of 2000, and it was a marvelous experience to see what can be done.

Yet while Satan's Protocol didn't (at least at that time) dominate the ambience there as it does St. Patrick Cathedral's Mens ACTS Community and the Pius X mob at El Paso's hilariously misnamed Jesus and Mary Chapel, the priests in Phoenix still exercised zero restraint over their wayward brother priests in El Paso, just as Father Fabian Marquez is ham strung by his own pastor, himself in thralldom -- at least in a psychological sense -- to Satan's Protocol.

And Satan's Protocol is firmly rooted in the militantly aggresive homosexual component deep within the ranks of the St. Patrick Cathedral's Mens ACTS Retreat team members themselves.

On the hand, Satan's Protocol dominates the ambience of the Society of St. Pius X in El Paso's location at Jesus & Mary Chapel by simply infecting the entire leadership element in varying degrees, whether lay or clerical. It a fascinating experience to watch how all these things develope over time.

Only by being an insider yourself, or better yet a charter member of the palace guard in either geographical location in El Paso, Texas, for example, can you ever really hope to understand even the bare-bones outline of how Satan's Protocol really rocks.

Fax Cover Sheet

Date: March 05, 2003
To: The Most Reverend Fabian W. Bruskewitz, D.D., STD, Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska.
Fax: 402-488-3569
From: Dennis Paul Morony
Number of pages including this one: 4

Comments: "I think the US Bishops would do well to reserve the right of each ordinary to decide for himself to accept or reject overures from so-called Pius X Priests in his diocese."

Page two of Fax. Regarding:

"What seems to be a falling apart of the so-called Society of St. Pius X, at least here in El Paso, Texas, which in turn prompted us to compose this little enclosed prayer, in the hopes of alerting the faithful, while reminding them, that yes: there is still a real world out there, and a real Catholic Church!"


Ms. Austin Powers, or simply a fugitive female DA?

License plates: Kentucky KPH 904

To: Mr. K. David Kersey, Esq., 203 Main St., Williamsburg, Kentucky, 40769
From: Dennis Paul Morony
Date: November 25, 2002

Re: Person flashing ID, showing herself to be a former Deputy County Attorney for Whitby County, (or wherever) Kentucky.

"Dear Sir:

"Would this person be the same lawyer with KBA membership no. 84323?

"Out here in a small denominational school in El Paso, Texas -- where she's teaching high schoolers -- this woman is beginning to really slide off the rails, making some of us wonder if she just might not be from some other profession, let us say a much older one!

"Thank you for your assistance.

"Sincerely yours,

"Dennis Paul Morony"

Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Last words of one of those famous old time Western gunfighters?"

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!

"Hey, check out the real-deal live quote below!"

Things could change again. Maybe someone will blow my head off. There's no guarantee that my final hand will be a good one.


"This man's enemies were real. Unlike his less fortunate Mexican PRI political compadre, however, he was even lucky enough to have had a friend or two who was also real.

"And, no Virginia! These enemies were not computer-generated invading electronic alien space NAZIs, like the ones that terrified one poor old priest at St. Pat's sometime back, as he caught them red-handed in a brazen attempt to to take over the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. The first Monday in July, 2006, a night of the full moon.

"Nor were this man's real-life enemies those bad 'ole spiritually-penetrating (heh, heh!) entities sent down by that equally legendary bad 'ole Afro-Latino goddess, Mean 'Ole Mama Whang Bu*, like the ones that helped gave such a riebald thrill to the Mens ACTS Retreat Communty's favorite clown-ho in his role as Satan's Herald, at the misnamed Holy Cross Retreat Center in Old Mesilla, New Mexico, March 2006.

* True, her name does bear a fascinating resemblance, in turn, to the character of a female brothel owner in a famous South African homicide detective novel, but real life is like that some times, "so what can I say?"

"Instead this man's enemies finally had enough brains -- as did their KGB masters in Moscow -- to yank his military record and exam the evidence therein very closely indeed.

"What they found was disturbing.

"He not had not only made his share of real life combat patrols with live ammunition in his supposedly peaceful native country in the mid 1960s, he had won special leave for being a crack rifle shot. Then, like many of his equally tough and aggressive spiritual soul brothers less than ten years earlier in old French North Africa, this man, too, had then gone on to attend a grueling special nine-month NCO Academy.

"There he had won his corporal's stripes, awarded personally to him by a serving general, more than likely himself a man with extensive wartime combat experience, probably in his case with the usual WW II stay-behind partisan units.

"Fact: These same Comrades had earlier on dismissed him as a looney.

"Fact: On the opposite side of the political spectrum, the supposedly anti-Communist American Catholic Church Press had likewise blown him off. In their case, it was because this man is nothing more than another publicity-loving flake.

"Fact: The senior general reviewing all this in conjunction with the man's military record book suddenly experienced a most gut wrenching personal epiphany:

"Fact: The so-called reasoning behind the first two so-called Facts above was really nothing less than a real fu*k up.

"Fact: The only fact that mattered, the general concluded, was that this man, this Looney-Flake he was about to meet face to face was as potentially dangerous as hell itself. Both to him and to his Moscow KGB comrades.

"Fact: In short, this general reasoned, the man's military record and his often times repeated personal philosophy of life (above) added up to one and the same mystery:



"Just what were those people of his really after?"

Friday, October 20, 2006

Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story

Excerpt from: Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story. Copyright: 2005
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.


"It have been both stupid, indeed arrogantly so, for me to have ever had had anything to say in any way negative about the process of para-military initiation into what is called the Mens ACTS Retreat Community, a process that ran from late Thursday p.m. to mid Saturday afternoon, a little less than 48 hours.

"In retrospect what might now be called with at least a resonable accuracy as the militantly homosexual component had been held in leash. For me, it is simple justice to say that the organizers, presumably straight male personnel with conservative gay backing, had really scored a bll's eye.

"Although by no means coming up with a retreat in the classical sense of the word, these men had done one hell of a superb job. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd have gone furher and given them an eleven, they were that squared away.

"Had the retreat ended right there and then, the Mens ACTS Retreat Community would have been gathering laurels for years to come. The bus could have had us back in time for the 5:15 PM Mass at St.Patrick's Cathedral, followed by the mother of all welcome back parties.

"And then disaster struck. There seemd to come a curious pause in the activities, followed by an exercise similar in scope to that found in a US Army 1964 publication detailing the work of rifle company commissars in the Soviet Army of Occupation. Our teams would do skits. Hey! Get a bunch of clowns together. Damn! Don't you know we'll all have some good boys in the band fun? You can bet on it.

"But then a funny thing happened, right from the start: Satan's Herald made is debut, from out of Anne Coulter's Chicks With D**** take on Sex and the City, or whatever it was called.

"I can't get no respect! My life is barely fifty-fifty! He shouted at us, with a glassy-eyed stare, microphone in hand. Father Rick's assistant Retreat Master, Father Tony, sat quietly staring right back at him with a medicated grin dutifully pasted on to his round and kindly face, he had already been very helpful to so many of us. But when that which would happen next came to pass, once the sun was really down, he would still need to steel himself with drugs.

"Satan's Herald raved on. Who knows? At this distance, based on the past six months of research we've done here at UTEP, I'd say he was summoning certain spirits associated with very specific Afro-Latino gender-changing deities.

Half Viagra! Half Exlax! Satan's Herald moaned, gobbled and howled into the microphone, already showing signs of so-called spirit penetration. He repeated himself, I can't get no respect! I'm feel like I'm always either coming or going!

"He was plainly showing, just as Ms. Coulter points out in her brilliant and controversial anthropological master piece, Chicks With D**** (2000), that he was both randy and ready.

"Almost none of us thought him particulary funny, nor amusing. Nor did many of us laugh, or for that matter even snicker.

"But Satan's Herald of the forthcoming Rites Within the Shadows of Darkness didn't really care. After all, you see, he was a pro. And his gender-changing Afro-Latino spirit-masters were everywhere on the march.

"Looked at from the point of view of anthropology Satan's Herald was in un-holy communion signaling the spirits of his demonic Afro-Latino gender-changing gods that he had accepted their mass spiritual-penetration of his body, mind, spirit and soul, and that when the Dark Shadows finally fell after supper that night, he, too, would do his part....


Thursday, October 19, 2006

"Blasfemous!" Father Paul Tague, SSPX, reportedly screeched in rage.

I guess you right say that around me personally, Father Paul Tague had the good judgement to keep his mouth shut.

And while at least one of his leading male hos, Brother Gabriel, didn't, that's another story...

But what, if anything, Bishop Wilton D. Gregory's staff thought, I honestly couldn't say!

So, anyway, here it is:

Pages 3 and 4 of the famous FAX to Bishop Wilton D. Gregory, March 05, 2003.


Saint Anne, Grandmother of our Savior, PRAY FOR US!

Saint Anne, Mother of Mary, the Blessed Virgin and Mother, PRAY FOR US!

Saint Anne, Vigilant grandmother to all her grandchildren and sturdy help-in-need, especially to those her Divine Grandson, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother alike hold most dear, the young who have been systematically conditioned to docilely accept the most horrendously satanic blasphemies of the sacred image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, under the pernicious guise of tradition, by those priests, who, animated by the spirit of Satan himself, have tried to reduce the Aztec image of the Mother of Christ to the level of the Aztec goddess of latrines, sexually transmitted diseases, and various loathsome practices. PRAY FOR US!

Saint Anne, Wisest and most tender grandmother to all young girls, left feeling hurt, angry and bewildered by unwise and foolish rebukes from haughty and impious teachers and religious superiors, and these often times for no other reason then that the girls may suffer from some slight personality defect that they are not yet able to control, leading in turn to really vicious -- and prolonged -- public exposure that is materially grave enough to qualify as greiviously sinful, on the part of those responsible. PRAY FOR US!

Saint Anne, Vigilant grandmother of all her little handmaidens and other grandchildren, implacable foe of those wicked men, as imitative as the ape that would like to pass for a human being, [who with] shameless effrontery say that the Catholic Church is to be found only with them. PRAY FOR US!

Saint Anne, Most patient and watchful grandmother and celestial doctor to all expectant mothers throughout the ages with worrisome pregnancies. PRAY FOR US!

Saint Anne, Picked with prudent solicitude by Salesians to be the ever-attentive and gracious Grandmother personally to all those whose lives have been in anyway affected advesely by malicious and false prophets and teachers, with your special attention most resfully and humbly drawn to [mention here whoever you like to recall: name, name, plus name, etc...] PRAY FOR US!

V. For of all such women as are named herein let it be wisely said, She is clothed with strength and dignity...

R. ...And she laughs at the days to come.

V. For God has so loved Saint Anne.

R. And delighted in her beauty. And in that of all her worthy handmaidens of all races, ages, and stages of life, from the dawn of Ages, until the End of Time.

Let Us Pray

Almighty and Eternal God, who did choose Saint Anne to be the mother of the Mother of Thine only Son, grant, we beseech Thee, that we who keep her in remembrance, may through her prayers, attain to everlasting life, through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

R. Amen!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Father Rick Mattey vs. Father Paul Tague, SSPX!!

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Adelante, DESTINO!

"Lay your money down, gents!"

"And remember the talismanic chant, o.k.? O.K.!."

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which one of Satan's two handpicked clowns is the biggest loser of them all?

So what happens when Fathers Rick Mattey and Paul Tague, two tough and charismatic Diocese of El Paso rabble rousers give us a textbook example of what it means to error in pairs?

"Whose side should we take?"

Afterall, both priests act as though they really do loath and despise Jesus Christ and His Mother based on what they're more than ready to tolerate within their own palace guards.

"Whose side should we take?"

Because as shocking as it may sound, especially to the over-medicated followers of either, both men also act as though they hate and despise Pope Benedict XVI even more.


"Whose side should we take?"

Excerpted from: The online New Advent (www.newadvent.org), October 10, 2006.

"So whose side should we take? C.S.Lewis has the best answer in the form of a warning:

The Devil always sends errors into the world in pairs -- pairs of opposites. And he always encourages us to spend a lot of time thinking which is worse.

You see why, of course? He relies on your extra dislike of the one error to draw you gradually into the opposite one.

"In the early Church, it was Nestorianism vs. Monophysitism. In the last century, it was Communism vs. Nazism.

"And in 2006 -- and probably in 2056 -- it's Islam vs. Secularism."

In the case of both priests here, for example, we have men who loath and despise women in general. Father Rick hides this; Father Tague flaunts it.

Father Rick Mattey = influenced by so-called New Age Sorcery and Witchcraft.

Father Paul Tague = influenced by a conglomeration of Medieval sects, such as the Cathars (or Albigensians) who worship a sort of Dualistic God.

Mathematically we might say: One(1) Father Rick Mattey + One(1) Father Paul Tague = A dual entity representing Satan's Protocol.

When subjected to the right amount of psychological pressure, shrewdly applied, both men unmask their inner cores and literally lose their habitual outward appearance of icy self-control and go off, in a bizarre manifestation of some deep-seated pneumo-pathology ( disease of the spirit ) or a combination of other suspected pathologies, making both men potentially dangerous and unstable, alike to themselves as to their own followers.

Although neither man could ever be even remotely described as a so-called practicing militant homosexual, both men are held in psychological and spiritual thralldom by those of their respective palace guards who are.


Let's see:

Because as J. Lorand Matory assures us:

In the absence of proof to the contrary, Bahians tend to assume that a male possession priest [As Father Rick Mattey's required Bible Studies Class text states of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ] is a bicha or adé (that is a man who is sexually penetrated). In the allied tradition of Cuban Santería, or Ocha, most male possession priests [Like some of of the Mens ACTS Retreat hardcorps cadre, UTEP's Professor Richard Gutierrez etc. & Father Tague's inner circle, such as Father Pffeifer, Brother Gabriel, etc.] I know might be described as homosexual. They and my priestess friends discuss the matter freely.

Moreover, the oft-repeated official prohibition on the entry of women, homosexuals and people possessed often by their gods into the Cuban Ifa divination priesthood entails an implicit recognition that all of these groups are strongly present -- symbolically and demographically -- in the broader Cuban-inspired Ocha tradition.


[And if this all sounds harsh and judgemental, do a random sample of the American Catholic Bishops and see just what they have to say about giving a big, wide smile and a warm embrazo to: a) Father Rick Mattey's Mens ACTS Retreat Community and their Candomblé-style secret initiation rites over in New Mexico, and b) Father Paul Tague's clowns.

Please Note: the Society of St.Pius X priests in Phoenix up to May, 2001, were neither militant homosexuals nor were they clowns. Instead they were dedicated, hardcorps Roman Catholic priests with a superb grasp and sense of mission and purpose. Yet they, too, were in a degree of thralldom to Satan's Protocal, as they openly aided their erring brethern.]


I have not observed anything describable as homosexuality in the West African Yoruba possession priesthood, though later in this essay I will detail one striking account thereof reported to me by a highly reliable Yoruba scholar.

I have never said or believed that the West African transvestite priests were or are in any sense homosexual (Matory 1994, etc.)

At the time of my research in Igboho, I had never heard of a named or symbolically marked category of men who are penetrated sexually by other men, but, in sum, I could see that those who are regularly penetrated spiritually [Ah, ha! Fathers Rick Mattey and Paul Tague?? This would explain a lot!] by the gods [St. Pauls devils?]have a great deal in common (sartorially, professionally, and symbolically) with the Brazilian bicha or adé category (Matory, 2004).

Y, así lo fue .... ¡Buenas noches!