Saturday, September 30, 2006

My, oh my, another UTEP Doctor Josefina Tinajero money laundering transaction??!!


Legal Description: 1 LOS COMPADRES 8 & 9 (14072 SQ FT)

Deed/Acs: 0.3230

Certified: N

Total App. Value: $345,553


Previous Owner: Navarro, Susana (REVOCABLE TRUST)
Date: 20030826
Volume & Page: 4665/0306
Sales Amount: 0

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** ** ** ** ** ***** *

Trust company - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

We are Dedicated to Bringing Democracy to Knowledge


A trust involves the administration of assets on behalf of another: an institution or one or more individuals, living or dead.

Revocable trusts

A revocable trust is one in which assets remain under the ownership of the client and the trustee acts solely as a hired manager. As the client still owns the property there are normally no tax advantages involved in this arrangement.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * ** * * * * * * * ** * * ** ** **** * * **

Excerpt from: Day of the Ly'in Hos, The University of Texas at El Paso Story
Copyright: 2005
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster,New York, New York

"The UTEP campus was already rife with rumours that a) Lisa's Sonny had blown his chances in the UTEP 2006-2007 Budget for one of those fabulous so-called Brenda Lynn Castaneda-type grants valued at around a cool fifty grand, for actually doing little or nothing, or b) that Sonny had incurred Lisa's wrath once too often, with the result she had once more chewed through her leash and gone all-bipolar, insisting they dump their house, but hey! What did anybody really know? Yours truly's own knee-jerk reaction was to dismiss 90% of the above in favor of the more probable theory that Sonny's handlers had wisely decided to simply slap him smack into the so-called UTEP ENRON of Texas Style Shadow Payroll, Level II, which simply meant that in a certain accounting sense he was literally invisible, yet still coining money.

"But! Maybe not as much as Lisa desired.

"Then, too, there was the problem of an entity known through an otherwise well-informed tip simply as la cuñada de Carlos, the sister-in-law of Carlos, whose name purportedly was one Nora Hernandez.

"Beautiful! I said to myself, because she, at least was a reputed associate of the UTEP personality calling herself Cynthia Vizcaino Villa.

"And it was the UTEP personality calling herself Cynthia Vizcaino Villa who was reputedly tied to the family of the big time hood Hector Villa III, one time husband of Cynthia M. Villa.

"Hector was a typical high-flying punk with multi-state felony convictions, and a political reach that extended to the White House during the years of President William Jefferson Clinton. His wife's sister was married to Hector's number two man, a City of El Paso accountant, but just who the fly'in flip, then, was Cuñado Carlos?

"Little did we know that the answer to this little riddle would lead to a lot of over-do bad things happening to even worse and thus totally-deserving people."

Stull, Robert

Sent: Sun 1/16/2005 3:07 PM
From: Morony, Dennis P.
To: Stull, Robert
CC: None
Subject: You just MIGHT want to check something out in your department, "and beat the feds to it!"
Attachments: Hoinitdown.doc(37KB)

"Sunday, January 16, 2005

"To: Mr. Robert W. Stull, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, The University of Texas at El Paso

"Re: Possible financial (or other) hanky-panky by one or more of your womens' athletic department employees.

"Dear Mr. Stull:

"Given the hypothetical for instance a certain female employee in your women's athletic department is engaged in some systematic financial hanky-panky, as may may have hypothetically been the case in her previous department, from which she transferred to yours in August, 2003, for whatever reason, our guess is one of your own trusted employees could find out for you, if that employee has an accounting degree, or is already a Certified Fraud Investigator and knows what to look for. I honestly don't think the young lady in question is quite as brilliant as she might think she is, but who knows?

"At least you could then be on record as showing you'd TRIED to clear up any little 'ole financial discrepancies. And, Mr. Stull, it would sure beat the embarrasment and resulting publicity if somebody else -- like the feds for example -- did it instead. But surely you know how SLOW they 'ole boys (and girls) can be!

"For all they now have everything you do, to the power of X.

"Anyway, just a thought!

"You might save time by letting one of your staff members check out our attachment, to see if there's anything there.

"Sincerely yours,
Miners All the Way in 2006! Yea!

"Dennis Paul Morony
Senior, English and American Literature
The University of Texas at El Paso"

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Do'in it with the UTEP Secret Hand Shake?

Or, maybe? Something like:

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, DESTINO! ¡Adelante aún con los gueros!

Do'in it and then suddenly los'in it?

This intriguing little story of two(2) UTEP professors and their fabulous so-called Revocable Trust Real Estate Deal covers the whole nine-yards.

Starring as themselves in part one of tonight's episode:

Professor M. Susana Navarro and Professor Arturo Pacheco!!

a.k.a. "The UTEP Dy-na-mite Real Estate Investment Team!"

Move over, Dr. Josefina Tinajero...

Excerpt from: Day of the Ly'in Hos, The University of Texas at El Paso Story
Copyright: 2005
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.

"Dr. Arturo Pacheco was one of those UTEP professors who really knew how to coin money, even if he had to work two(2) jobs at 50% salary apiece to do it. Don't believe it? Then just check out what was recorded in the UTEP 2006-2007 Budget.

"As Director of the University of Texas at El Paso's College of Education Center for Evaluation Research Enhancement, Dr. Pacheco's 50% employment gave him a pretty cool sum of money, $69,340 a year to be exact, which included a 2.1% raise over the preceeding year's budgeted salary. Now, this particular sum of money flowed his way through UTEP Account Number 14-6475-5909.

"Not content with all this, UTEP's Dr. Arturo Pacheco likewise deemed it expedient to cash in with another 50% of his valuable time by donating it to yet another Univeristy of Texas at El Paso Department of Comparative Mumbo-Jumbo, this one called by the unwieldy name of The UTEP Educational Leadership and Foundations. Period!

"From this department, Dr. Pacheco raked in another $47,637, this time through Account Number 14-1516-0001.

"In short, his two half-time salaries gave Dr. Arturo Pacheco a respectable income of: $116,977 a year. He even had enough spare time to show his face now and again in the UTEP Chicano Studies Program.

"Yet, the real estate question was still bound to arise: why the so-called Revocable Trusts, held jointly by Dr. Pacheco and Dr. Navarro?

"Were they laundering money for a third party, and if so, what might the hypothetical for instance be of the money in question relating to proceeds from any one or more of the usual big three all-American university criminal enterprises: gambling, prostitution, or narcotics?

"Surprisingly enough, the answer wasn't going to be too hard to find. The more so as it would become gradually clear to us all that the weak link in this particular chain of UTEP predatory carnivores was one Professor Susana Navarro.

"Because over the course of the past two(2) years she had suddenly lost the UTEP Secret Hand Shake, and with this loss her annual legal income fell roughly $56,000.

"And therein hangs a tale...."


Sunday, September 24, 2006


¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, DESTINO!

¡Ora, Sacnité! ¡Adelante también con todos los demás Huicholes!

"Acepto el cargo de presidente de México..."

Así nos dice: Ands Manuel López Obrador

DE LA IZQUIERDA [Nuestro humilde resumen del original]

Por: Sergio Sarmiento, periodista.
Fecha: Martes 19 de septiembre de 2006

"Ciudad de México -- A primera vista la izquierda mexicana parecería estar unida en torno a Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Todos los integrantes del PRD repiten, con entusiasmo y aparente convicción, el dogma de que hubo un fraude en las elecciones del 2 de julio y que por lo tanto hay que repudiar las instituciones del país. Se ha creado también un Frente Amplio Progresista que busca preservar la unidad que en la campaña tuvieron los partidos de la coalición Por el Bien de Todos.

"López Obrador parece haber perdido contacto no sólo con las instituciones democráticas sino incluso con las más racionales convenciones republicanas. Su proclamación como presidente legítimo de México
en un voto a mano alzada en una asamblea de simpatizantes puede parecer una burla o una parodia. Lo increíble es que tanto López Obrador como muchos de sus seguidores se la han tomado en serio. Quizá por eso el diario El País, usualmente asociado con los socialistas españoles, le señalaba ayer a López Obrador que su comportamiento ha pasado del esperpento a la amenaza real para las instituciones políticas de México.

"Según el editorial de ese periódico titulado De mal en peor, el tabasqueño está siguiendo el camino de los líderes de Venezuela y Bolivia que buscan perpetuar o ampliar las presidencias actuales sin pasar por las urnas. Son la excrecencia de actitudes caudillistas o de simple desprecio a las reglas más elementales que deben respetar todos los partidos democráticos: el ganador, por el margen que sea, gobierna.

"Algunos izquierdistas mexicanos que durante años defendieron la vía democrática para alcanzar el poder hoy prefieren cerrar los ojos a los abuso del cacique. Amalia García, Jesús Orterga y Carlos Navarrete son tres ejemplos de perredistas que hasta ahora habían mantenido posiciones socialdemócratas, pero que ahora aplauden las posiciones anti-democráticas de López Obrador. Es difícil saber si lo hacen por temor a un linchamiento como el que ha sufrido Cárdenas o si, como Andrés Manuel, siempre ocultaron detrás de un barniz democrático sus verdaderas posiciones autoritarias.

"Roger Barta se pregunta en su ensayo de Letras Libres: ¿Cuántas escenas de bochornoso resentimiento tendremos que soportar antes de que las corrientes más sensatas de la izquierda logren frenar a su cacique? Espero que, en la izquierda, intervengan sus líderes más democráticos, sus gobernadores más sensibles, sus aliados más inteligentes y sus intelectuales más críticos. Si no lograron cambiar el curso de la confrontación, se enfentarán al sólido muro de una coalición que representará a la inmensa mayoría de los ciudadanos, y la izquierda seguirá pataleando tercamente como un chivo en la cristalería de la democracia."

"Acepto el cargo de presidente de México porque rechazamos la imposición y la ruptura del orden constitucional."

¡Ora, yo! Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Emperador Popular del Pueblo Mexicano

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Moveover ENRON....

Another fascinating real life UTEP Mystery Novela!

Today's episode:

"So, what happens when you have the bad luck to blow the UTEP Secret Handshake?"


You stand to lose a whole bunch of lana. Don't believe it? Ask our first expert UTEP witness:

Professor Charles H. Ambler

1) Professor Charles H. Ambler was officially classified as the:

2005-2006 Budget.

As such, he had access to to a budget with total budgeted expenses of $547,873. Dr. Ambler's own neat little salary was computed thusly:

Account Number 14-6594-4009:

Dean Charles H. Ambler $123,000 yearly. This was a 3.0% increase over the 2004-2005 Budget.

But! Dr. Ambler's handlers were considerate enough of him to put in a sort of a safety net, albeit only on paper. And that safety net, paper entry though it was, added up to the following:

Account Number 14-2530-0001 (History):

History Professor Charles H. Ambler $80,857 yearly. This was pura cuenta, a book keeping entry reflecting a hypothetical net increase of 8.0% over the 2004-2005 Budget. Officially it was invisible. UTEP Professor Arturo Pacheco just might have been able to do something about all this, but Professor Ambler was no Professor Pacheco!


Oh, no! Professor Charles H. Ambler has lost the UTEP Secret Handshake! No more cool $123,000 yearly salary, he's been demoted back down to the UTEP History Department. Big time!

But, as a consolation prize his wife was re-classified from her 2005-2006 all-American UTEP do-nothing position as number 9 on the payroll of University College with Dean Margaret Smith, where she had been making $32,800 a year under Account Number 14-6593-2709 to this:


[Her new] Account Number 14-6593-2909

Dr. Gloria M. Ambler $38,800 yearly. This is a $6,000 net yearly increase over the 2005-2006 Budget, Account Number 14-6593-2709. Just to make it look good, her own handlers dutifully punched in the supposed fact that her new $38,800 per year salary included a sorry 0.0% rate of increase over the year before, which is UTEP's usual ENRON-style bravo sierra, inasmuch as she had been working for a different department all together as we've seen above.

Meanwhile, for Dr. Charles H. Ambler:

Account Number 14-2530-0001 (History)

Dr. Charles H. Ambler $83,283 yearly. Net loss in yearly salary = a minus $39,727.

Thanks to their frugal budgeting the Amblers have a nice little home over Kern Place way, CAD-valued at $198,000.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

"How to do the 4-way UTEP Secret Handshake, Mr. Daniel Avitia, B.A. - style."

And make a little extra $$$ just by do'in it??

Number One:

"Delegation of Authority Relating to New Construction Projects of $1,000,000 or Less and for Repair and Rehabilitation of $2,000,000 or Less." Second name on list: Daniel Avitia.

Number Two:

"Delegation of Authority to Execute and Deliver Contracts." Third name on list: Daniel Avitia.

Number Three:

"Delegation of Authority to Execute and Deliver Purchase Orders." Second name on list: Daniel Avitia.

Number Four:

"Delegation of Authority Relating to Space Lease Agreements." Second name on list: Daniel Avitia.

"Oh, yes, UTEP ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: let's not ever underestimate the power of the UTEP Secret Handshake. Why? Because with no more than a lowly B.A., or a two-year AAS Diploma from El Paso Community College, the proud Master of the Art of the UTEP Secret Handshake can go -- well, usually -- no where but up, up and up!"


"Of course there are indeed exceptions to this last, as for example, when a would-be Master of the UTEP Secret Handshake screws up and tries shaking down the wrong people. And, perhaps most importantly of all, gets caught do'in it. OK? OK! More about that later!"

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And Now:

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, DESTINO! ¡Adelante aún con nosotros los gueros!

Another Exciting Night of Thrilling, Real Life UTEP Accounting Mysteries!


UTEP's Twin Books of ENRON of Texas-Style Accounting Fantasies.

"Oh, my! And what would those be called? "

The 2006-2007 UTEP Budget, what else?

"Oh, my goodness!"

Tonight's Episode Stars:

UTEP's Legendary Mr. Daniel Avitia, Jr. B.A., as himself, in:

"Having two(2) UTEP salaries sure beats the heck out of having no more than one."

The University of Texas at El Paso

Account Number 14-0225-0009: 50% = Time Worked = $37,750
Account Number 14-6086-0009: 50% = Time Worked = $37,750


A total Combined salary for someone with an ordinary BA Degree + Access to the Secret Handshake = $75,500 yearly + more use of Secret Handshake = Humble Home CAD-Valued at $259,734.


Assistant Director Purchasing & General Services
Ms. Edith K. Harvey

Account Number 14-0225-0009: Between $56,200 and $59,400 yearly.
Home CAD-valued at: $4,318 [This is one lady who must have really blown the Secret Handshake!]

Buyer in Purchasing & General Services
Ms. Sandra Duarte

Account Number 14-0225-0010: $47,750 yearly.
Home CAD-valued at: $67,581

Buyer in Purchasing & General Services
Ms. Patricia I. Myers

Account Number 14-0225-0010: $40,000 yearly. [ O% raise = This lady totally blew Secret Handshake!]

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Just in! UTEP'S 2006-2007 Budget!

Tonight's episode stars, oh wow!

UTEP Athletic Director Mr. Robert W. Stull, M.A. as himself in:

"Did Bob's light bulb merely flicker dimly this time, or did it simply blow a fuse and go out?"

Athletic Director and Miner Foundation Account Numbers:

29-2662-1009 and 19-0420-0009. Mr. Robert Stull. Both reflect a 0% increase over last year. Thus, Mr. Stull is still stuck with a combined yearly salary of only $193.00.

"So, what about Mr. Stull's two leading ladies, was he able to sacrifice his own raise to help either one or both of them out?"

You can just bet he did! And here's the proof (heh, heh!):

Sports Medicine Account Number:

29-2662-6009. Ms. Dawn E. Hearn, M.S., Trainer. A 5% net increase over last year, which gives her $57,750 per year.

Student Athletic Services Account Number:

29-2662-2009. Ms. Lisa D. Campos, M.S., Associate Director. A 5% net increase over last year, which gives her $63,000 per year.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Excerpt: Day of the Ly'n Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story.
Copyright: 2005
First Refusal Rights: Simon and Schuster, New York, New York.

"UTEP's Mr. Stull was by this time well aware that it was only a matter of time before he had the feds all over his as* thanks to any number of reasons, including the famous accusations of a Duke University-style pack attack, both verbal and physical against two(2) NMSU coeds in the presence of UTEP Coach Mike Price by trash talking bench warmers on the UTEP Miners team at the 2005 NMSU-UTEP game in Las Cruces.

"Thus, the hypothetical for instance of a civil law suit in federal district court by Ms. Hearn regarding unlawful discrimination by he, Mr.Robert W. Stull, in awarding raises to senior female employees was thus something Mr. Stull desperately needed to avoid. Under these circumstances, awarding each female employee a 5% yearly raise, even though only Ms. Hearn deserved it, while super gofer Ms. Campos didn't, was good sense. At least that's what Mr. Stull naively thought, apparently believing it would look particularly generous in view of his giving himself a 0% increase for that same budget year of 2006-2007.

"But the basic question still remained: would the Feds buy it?"

Monday, September 18, 2006

Amy Tan: First and Latest

In spite of an 18-year gap between her first book, The Joy Luck Club and her latest, Saving Fish from Drowning, in my personal knee-jerk opinion, both books qualify as "Vintage Amy Tan."

The Joy Luck Club has multiple characters, and yet it is autobiographical at the same time. We sort of pick up which character is Amy Tan, herself. O.K. so far? Yet there is so much woven into a complex web of overlapping destinies, that for me, anyway, it just stands to reason that this first best seller represents an emerging genre, at least for books like these in the English language.

And while it may be premature to come right out and say this, my own gut reaction is to at least hazard a guess that a whole bunch of North American Latino authors read The Joy Luck Club, and thought: Dam*, I can do this, too!

And then went on to do exactly that, but no! What about Rudolfo Anaya, and his Bless Me Ultima? If Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club came out in 1987, when did Bless Me Ultima first see the light of day?

What's that you say? 1972? Arghhh.. back to the drawing board, then !

Saving Fish from Drowning is just like The Joy Luck Club in that once you're in, you will most likely not want to quit until you've read it through to the end.

I'm tempted to say that Amy Tan makes a cameo appearance as someone who is her mirror image early in this story of twelve swing'in ding-a-lings who just like to be do'in it right, all day long and into the night, even in the Burmese jungle, until they come slap up against something called reality, moreover, the kind that bites.

But, again, I don't what to spoil anyone's fun by saying which minor character strikes me, at least, as Amy Tan herself.

Both of these books are a good read.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Operation Serendipity


The Marine Colonels' Incountry Vietnam War Revolt of 1969


"Readers familiar with United States Marine Corps history are doubtlessly likewise familiar with the hilariously true story of one of the most succesful conspiracies ever conducted within the ranks of the active duty United States military anywhere in the final years of the first half of the Twentieth Century.

"Unlike the Marine Colonels' Revolt of 1969, which took place almost 100% in Vietnam's I Corps during wartime, this earlier conspiracy most likely took place mostly within the Washington DC area of the United States in peace time.

"It was a conspiracy composed mostly of junior field grade officers, but we suspect today that it was also abetted by some ambitious and dedicated young captains and first lieutenants with recent WW II (1941-1945) combat experience in the Pacific Theater.

"A little over twenty years later these same young captains and first lieutenants would have become field grade officers themselves and in a position to play a key role in Vietnam, and with the wisdom gained in their earlier success.

"While we might say that identity of some of the 1969 conspirators is well known, the identity of others is not. Thanks to the shattering success of the so-called Marine Colonels' Revolt in the battlefields of Vietnam in 1969, though, I think those of us who were there can surely guess which ones participated in the earlier go-around!

"Now, the cover name employed the earlier conspirators used in the 1947 to 1948 conspiracy was a real classic.

"Moreover, it was a cover name inspired most likely by the Greek story of Ulysses, the ship-wrecked mariner and his marine sea-faring crew of antiquity.

"Now, as the story is told by Ancient History, hallowed in turn by that sacred tradition of continuity that has for so longed inspired Marines everywhere, and before even them the Roman Legions, Ulysses, who I suspect was some sort of Super Warrant Officer found himself in a tight spot, along with his crew mates.

"But they were equal to the task. Because when Cyclops, the one-eyed man-eating monster got hungry, these ancient proto-marines did a job on his one eye ball with a burning cedar fence post, most likely the same kind of cedar fence posts we often use to fence in South Texas ranchos.

"First, however these same Marines did their basic intelligence drill in which Ulysses, who never seems to have ever really trusted this one-eyed clown in the first place, lied in the performance of his higher duty by introducing himself to Cyclops as No Man. Yep! Just like it sounds: No Man!

"So, the next thing you know, Cyclops beats feet right out of his cave rubbing his sore and blistered eye socket (whatever's left of it), and gets maybe half a block down the street towards his nearest neighbors.

"At this point, the shock has worn off and the pain has began to really suc*. Big Time! Cyclops loses it now. And he begins doing some kind of noisy song and dance routine, screaming his guts out in pain and just about raising all kinds of hell, much as certain politicians turned US Army generals were about to start doing at the Pentagon in 1948 (or thereabouts).

"Now, we have to remember that the Cyclopean Neighborhood Watch were a lot like the American Congress was in the years immediately following World War II (1941-1945), busy doing all kinds of things, so in turn they contented themselves with yelling back at Bellowing Buddy (or whatever Cyclop's name was in Cyclopean Tribal Jive) with something that roughly translates today in Early 21 st Century English as Hey, what's with all the noise?

"So Cyclops bellowed his answer right back:

It's Noman. Noman's doing it to me. Help! Listen to me. 'Cause I'm trying to tell you all something! Noman and all his guys all su*k! Noman's fixing to kill me good.

"But, alas, gentle reader, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, all of 'Ole Cy's yelling and screaming was in vain.

"Because his Cyclopean neighbors throughout the hood just shook their heads with incredulity, like many congressmen and senators did a few thousand years later.

"Instead of rushing over to help poor 'Ole Cy, they more or less advised him, Since you keep raising all kinds of hell about how No Man is your problem, just go on back home and either sleep it off, or at least do us all a favor and shut the f*c* up!


Helene Hanff:

The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street

Scene: London, 1971

Page 41. Here we read how the American author Helen Hanff and her good London, England friend, Nora Doel, are invited to lunch and Nora tells her something of a fascinating experience.

"Wednesday, June 23

"Nora and I were taken to lunch by a rare-book dealer, and over lunch a bizarre story form Nora.

"I gather book dealers are as clannish as actors, and the closest friends Frank [Nora's late husband] and Nora had for ten years were a book dealer named Peter Kroger and his wife, Helen. The Doels and Kroers wsere inseparable despite the fact that the two men were competitors. One New Year's Eve, the Doels gave a party, and Helen Kroger arrived looking very exotic in a long black evening dress.

"Helen, you look like a Russian spy! said Nora. And Helen laughed and Peter laughed and a few months later Nora picked up the morning paper and discovered that Helen and Peter Kroer were Russian spies.

"All the journalists came swarming round to the house, Nora told me, offering me a couple of thousand quid to tell them about 'the ring.' I told them the only ring I knew anything about was my wedding ring.

"She visited the Krogers in prison and Peter asked if she remembered telling Helen she looked like a Russian spy.

"It must have given them a turn, I said.

"I don't know, said Nora. He just asked it I remembered it. Then we talked about something else.

"She and Frank went to the trial and discovered that everything the Krogers had told them about their past lives had been invented. I asked it this bothered her, Nora said No, she understood it.

"They were the best friends we ever had, she said. They were fine people, lovely people. It was all political, I s'pose they had their reasons.

"A year later the Krogers were exchanged for a British spy held by the Russians. They live in Poland now. Helen and Nora still write to each other at Christmas."


"Sunday, July 4

"Got very gloomy remembering the days before the Viet Nam War when I gloried in my country's history and July 4 meant something."


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Frank Snepp's Decent Interval.

Snepp, Frank W. III. Decent Interval, An Insider's Account of Saigon's Indecent End Told by the CIA's Chief Strategy Analyst in Vietnam. New York: Random House, 1977.

Agent Polgar: Soviet CIA mole, or merely the mother of all dupes?

Question: "Is it possible that Frank Snepp's own boss, Tom Polgar, who was Viet Nam's number one CIA agent as Saigon's CIA Station Chief, was actually a double agent or mole working for Soviet Intelligence?"

Adapted from pages 86-89

"Tom Polgar was born of peasant stock in southern Hungary in the early 1920s, and like many others of his vintage, became passionately attached to the land.

"Because of his accent and his past Polgar always considered himself an outsider in the CIA's ivy-covered bureacracy, and as an outsider he felt obliged continually to demonstrate his knowledge and astuteness.

[It soon came to pass that the US Ambassador to Saigon, Martin, ordered Polgar to deal with the Hungarian delegation to Saigon so that he wouldn't have to.]

"The Hungarians [newly arrived in Saigon a year after the cease-fire of 1973] were delighted. They knew Polgar was the CIA Station Chief and were determined to make the most of their unique liason with U.S. intelligence. A year after the cease-fire they brought several special operatives to Saigon [ heh, heh!], led by Anton Tolgyes, to orchestarte the affair. Ostensibly political counselor to the delegation, the fifty-year-old Tolgyes in fact was a brilliant and accomplished intelligence officer, a Hungarian Jew who had been converted to Communism during a stint in a Soviet prison camp in World War II. His prime mission in Saigon was to trick and mislead the CIA's Chief of Station.

"It is an old and trusted axiom of the intelligence business that East European émigrés are the most nostalgic people in the world, particularly vulnerable to the blandishments of heritage and homeland. Tolgyes must have believed this heimself, for he played heavily on Polgar's own nostalgisa, inviting him out from time to time to drink barach and to exhange non-political anecdotes about old Hungary.

"Soviet-bloc specialists at CIA headquarters remained deeply skeptical of Tolgyes and warned Polgar to be on his guard. But Polgar's own skepticism seemingly remained in abeyance. Perhaps he could not beleive a fellow Hungarian would deceive him, or perhaps he felt he could best Tolgyes at his own game. In any case he allowed the Hungarian to draw him ever more deeply into a relationship of openness and intimacy that would ultimately cloud his own vision of what lay ahead."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * *

Excerpt from: Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story.
Copyright: 2005

"In August of 2005 the mail-room of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, located at 3523 International Court NW Washington, DC, 20008 recieved a large manila envelope post marked El Paso, Texas.

"The manila envelope itself was addressed to one Ms. Miriam Vypalova, classified as the Third Secretary, Political Affairs.

"In the bad old days of the so-called Cold War, this would have been as good as an advertisement saying that she was a specialist in intelligence matters for her country's government.

"In this case, the sender of the manila envelope addressed to her from El Paso doubted that things had really changed all that much in the past fifteen years or so.

"The envelope contained a number of items, some in particular related to the odd coincidence that shortly before a certain professor at UTEP had purchased a home for around half a million dollars, an item had appeared in a German newspaper detailing the rumour that ex- East German STASI, or Communist Secret Police, had taken a leaf from their NAZI forerunners and pooled their resources into an organization modeled on the NAZI's Odessa organization.

"The German newspaper claimed that, again like the NAZI's Odessa organization, the modern STASI equivalent was designed to help its members take care of financial business and find safe avenues for investing their pooled funds.

"Obviously, any American investors, themselves born and raised in former Soviet Bloc countries might well be in a position to give these ex-STASSI personnel most useful advice and counsel, for a cut of the action to be sure!

"Only time would tell, as San Antonio newspapers had published garish accounts in the late 1980s of consistent rumours from the Mexican side of the border of drug convoys heading north from the interior.

"Further, the San Antonio papers claimed that these Mexican drug convoys were reportedly provided with armed escorts composed of both Cuban and East German gunmen, at least up to a point within ten miles or so of the border, at which time local hoods took over the security details.

"Would there ever actually be a provable connection? As it turned out, it wasn't going to take too long to find out.....!"

Friday, September 15, 2006

¡Tan suave!

Pope Benedict's spin on 40 years of meaningless warm and fuzzy ecumenism makes Islamic version really rocks!

¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, DESTINO! ¡Ora, MEChA!

¡Ora, MULTIDIVERSITY! ¡Adelante los gueros!

For the NPR September 16, 2006 Religion section and Sylvia Poggioli's take, please see story below:

"Pope's Remarks on Islam, Violence Spur Anger"

Saturday's Update:

"Pope Said to Be Upset Muslims Offended"

from The Associated Press
NPR - National Public Radio

"VATICAN CITY September 16, 2006, 9:51 a.m. ET -- Pope Benedict XVI sincerely regrets that Muslims have been offended by some of his words in a recent speech in Germany, the Vatican said Saturday -- stopping short of issuing an apology the Islamic world has demanded."

Then, the end:

"Two churches in the West Bank were hit by firebombs Saturday, and a group claiming responsibility said it was protesting Benedict's words."

The whole story:

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Mexico does it again!

Or, do American Universities still want us to believe that all literate civilization grew up in Mesopotamia?

¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, UTEP!

"Earliest New World Writing Discovered"

Source: NPR -- National Public Radio
Date: September 14, 2006
Dept: Health & Science
By: Christopher Joyce

"Morning Edition, September 15, 2006 -- A heap of debris taken from a quarry in Veracruz, Mexico has yielded a stone block inscribed with what appears to be the oldest writing ever found in the Americas. Numerous symbols are carved across the block in rows. Experts say the block dates back almost 3,000 years, and was created by people from the Olmec civilization. The Olmec were an early central American people who rose to prominience before the heyday of the Maya.

"It is a once-in-a-lifetime discovery, says Stephen Houston, an archeologist at Brown University."


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Día de las Putas Equivocadas: la Verdadera Historia de la Universidad de Texas El Paso

Un fragmento: del prólogo.
Derechos reservados: 2005

"En tales facultades como el famoso Instituto de Ciencias Nucleares, de la Universidad Autónomo de México, la Secretaría Académica se ha publicado las normas y reglas relacionadas con la tarea de solicitar su definitividad un profesor, o profesora.

"Tampoco leer los es un ejercicio que debe dificultar nos en comprender estas mismas reglas con claridad, como podemos ver aquí:

Solicitud de definitividad

Para solicitar su definitividad un académico debe presentar los siguientos documentos:

1) Carta razonada, dirigida al Director del Instituto, en la que se justifica la solicitud de definitividad.

2) Curriculum vitae actualizado.

3) Informe global de actividades.

4) Plan de actividades

5) Documentos probatorios (reimpresos, preimpresos, diplomas, constancias, nombramientos, citas...)

"¿Pero, aquí, en el lado estadounidense de la frontera Mexicana con Téxas?

"¿En la Universidad de Texas El Paso?

"¿En el Departamento de Idiomas de la Escuela de Artes Liberales?

"¡De ni modo perdimos tiempo con reglas y normas para solicitar su definitvidad !

"¿Por qué?

"Porque si es usted una profesora de español dispuesta para linchar algunos de sus propios alumnos por razones ideológicas, mientras platicando mucho de tales temas como la necesidad por un cambio político, y afirmando también su profundidad mediante de declarar en clase, y casi a lágrimas, sí, yo sé como es ser una pobre madre soltera, y excetera, no es necesario para usted probar nada, aun menos para demonstrar su capacidad pedagógica.

"Al contrario: las hermanas pueden arreglar su definitividad, que consiste de un paquete financial de hasta miles y miles de dólares más para su salario cada año.

"De nuevo preguntamos ¿Porqué? Y, de nuevo la respuesta: por que aquí, en la Universidad de Téxas El Paso, aun la presidente corriente llegó a ser así mediante desempeñando el papel de profesora de sciencias linguisticas, y ahora ella tiene el derecho de disfrutar su propio paquete financial fabuloso de $300,000 dólares cada año.

"Y para ella, poco vale los datos que nos señalan una realidad pésima: la falta de casi 96 por ciento de los nuevos ingresados en cumplir la licenciatura en un plazo de tiempo de cuatro años, y la falta de 73 por ciento de alumnos en cumplir la licenciatura aun en un plazo de tiempo de seis años.

"Por eso, para lograr con la definitividad, por lo menos en algunos departamentos y facultades, aquí en la UTEP es la política sobre todo.

"Así es la vida en una universidad del estado cuyos gerentes -- unos viniculados con el crimen organizado -- lo manejan como una empresa criminal en el famoso estilo del ENRON de Téxas."

Monday, September 11, 2006

¡Hey, Familia!

Tip from a young keyboard-playing charismatic married couple after Catholic Mass last Sunday:

"Do you know what the acronym of the word BIBLE stands for?"

Me: Nope!

"Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth!"

Me: Cool!



Bible Studies Class on Letter of St. James!

Starts this Thursday, September 14, 2006

10:00 am

St. Patrick's Cathedral

Call (915) 533-4451 to reserve your space.

These UTEP Personalities are waiting for your call, to help you with your Bible Studies questions:

Joe, Crystal, Claudia

Sunday, September 10, 2006

¡Ay, los famosos perritos chihuahueños silvestres!

¡Ora, DESTINO! ¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, UTEP!

Página: 703

"Acampamos a campo raso como lo veníamos haciendo desde que salimos de Agua Prieta, pero antes, en cierto modo, nos cobijaban como paredes las rocas y los árboles de la sierra, y ahora aquí en los llanos de Chihuahua ni siquiera mezquites había, y el viento helado soplaba sin clemencia alguna.

"Apenas cerró la noche comenzó un ladrerío de perros. ¿De dónde salían si no había en derredor casa alguna, jacal, ni nada? La noche era clara y la luna brillaba y alumbrada el llano. Seguía el ladrerío, pero no se veía a los perros. ¿Serían cosas del otro mundo? ¿Almas en pena? ¿Espíritus?

"Los [soldados del] Cuatro [Batallón] de Sonora nos explicaron todo. Ellos ya conocían aquel terreno porque habían operado contra Pascual Orozco. Efectivamente había ladridos de perritos chihuahueños que allí viven en el llano como ardillas, en pozos que ellos mismos hacen. Que beben de raíces que sacan de la tierra y ladran siempre, especialmente de noche, y más si hay luna."

¡Ay, mamá! ¡Hace bastante nieve aquí en Chihuahua!

Páginas: 703-704

"Al día siguiente el sol se declaró en huelga, siendo algo así como si la tarde hubiera comenzado desde la mañana. Junto con la falta de sol llegó el viento con intenso frío. Al mediodía se fue el viento y llegó la lluvia, y está se transformó en fuerte nevada.

"En un instante el llano pardo se hizo sábana blanca.

"Por fortuna la jornada de ese día la rendimos en el rancho de Ojitos, primer lugar poblado al que llegábamos desde que salimos de Agua Prieta.

"Nos cayó de perlos estar en las habitaciones, en los galerones, en los jacales y en los mismos corrales de aquel bendito rancho.

"Nos apretujamos unos con otros para defendernos del intenso frío y tomamos harto café bien caliente repetidas veces. Afuera, en los corrales, resistían los caballos la fuerte nevada, y en las avanzadas, los compañeros a quienes les había tocado el servicio, se las estarían viendo negras.

"Amanecío igual, nevando. Don Venustiano dispuso que ese día no se caminara, y habiendo tenido conocimiento de que en la bodega del rancho había dos barricas de aguardiente, le ordenó al pagador que las comprara y que de ahí se diera a toda la columna una ración de armada para contrarrestar el frío intenso. Nos supo la gloria aquel buen trago de aguardiente que entonaba el cuerpo aterido.

"Nos entró, junto con el alcohol, el buen humor y nos salimos al campo cubierto de nieve. Parecíamos chiquillos jugando con la nieve, correteando, haciendo monigotes de nieve y lanzándonos bolas unos contra otros. Don Venustiano, bien abrigado con un grueso capote de pieles, parecía, con su florida barba y con aquella ropa, un rey legendario de esos de los cuentos nórdicos."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** *

¡Qué cosa! Esta cuenta me ayuda mucho en recordar un cierto mes de febrero de 1996, en Bakersfield, California. Eramos tres compañeros de trabajo, dos de Guerrero, México, y yo mismo todavía radicado en Ciudad Juarez, Chiuahua. ¡Ay, qué juguetones fuimos! Haciendo monigotes de nieve y lanzándonos bolas unos contra otros.....

Búfalo Bill y Gral. Venustiano Carranza: Un encuentro casual..

Bullalo Bill Cody Meets General Venustiano Carranza!


In Agua, Prieta, across from Douglas, Arizona.


Most likely in early 1914

Source: Urquizo, Gral. Francisco L. Obras Escogidas. Esta Edición: México, D.F.: Tezontle, 2003.


"Con rapidez se hicieron los preparativos de marcha y una mañana salimos en dos trenes militares de Nogales con rumbo a Naco, Sonora.

"Al caer la tarde, arribamos a la pequeña población fronteriza. El pueblo estaba congregado en la estación; era aquel un aocntecimiento inusitado; abundaban las gentes americanas de la ciudad vecina.

"Al día siguiente, una jornada a caballo, de Naco a Agua Prieta, a la República de Agua Prieta, como llamaban a esta última población sonorense situada sobre la línea divisoria con los Estados Unidos.

"El [Séptimo] Batallón de Sonora, mandado por el mayor Alberto Cabañas, hizo honores al Primer Jefe; haciendo alarde de buena instrucción la valla que tenían formada y desfilaron en columna de pelotones.

"Muchos americanos de la vecina población de Douglas, Arizona, ocurrieron a presenciar nuestra llegada.

"En la noche hubo banquete y discursos precursores del próximo rompimiento con el gobernador Maytorena. Más tarde, muchos de los recién llegados fuimos a la función del gran circo que actuaba en el lado americano.

"Búfalo Bill, un viejo cowboy de grandes bigotes y piocha canosa, dueño del famoso circo que actuaba en Douglas, fue a estrechar la mano de don Venustiano Carranza. Aquellos dos viejos famosos, cada uno en su género, se saludaron con simpatía; los empresarios de los grandes espectáculos ecuestres en jira se sonrieron amistosamente en su encuentro casual."

Saturday, September 09, 2006

UTEP Miners--Duke U. Pack-Attack on two NMSU Women Students in 2005 Game: Part VII

And how Lt. Colonel David Abbott shot himself in the foot with NMSU's own Board of Regents.

Eager to give his patriotic all in the coverup? What was his specific price, if so? And who made the payoff, from here at UTEP's end, and how??!!

A real life UTEP-NMSU Mystery!

Like the Story of the Admiral's Statue that Mysteriously Peed!

For three days straight!

That's NMSU's fearless ROTC Colonel!

"¡Ora, MEChA! ¡Ora, UTEP! ¡Ora, NMSU! ¡Ora, DESTINO!"


Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 14:56:44-0600
To: Dennis Morony
From: Regents Chief of Staff
Subject: Re: Allegations of Harassment and Assault Againsts[sic.] NMSU students at UTEP/NMSU Game.

"Mr. Morony, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I have been investigating the incident you have brought to our attenion. Below are the answers from Chief Jaime Chavez of the NMSU Police Department and Lieutenant Colonel David Abbott, Adjunct Academic Department Head, Military Science at NMSU, respectively.

"Mr. Morony, it does seem reasonable to assume incidences of the type you describe actually occurred, that there would have been a healthy reaction on the part of the Las Cruces community in attendance -- to say nothing of a reaction by NMSU students! I certainly appreciate your reaction to the reports you had heard, and the fact that you brought this to the attention of the Regents of New Mexico State University.

"With very best regards,

"Pat Williams"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** *

Note: Usual Bravo Sierra! "Why?" Because these incidents involving the two women took place on the UTEP-side of the NMSU stadium, or are we supposed to think that NMSU fans would be so brain dead as to have forced their way into seats already taken by Miner's fans?

Note two: Personal! "Lady, that cocky, arrogant, attitude of yours could and would and maybe even someday will, all but gurarantee your reputation as an NMSU representative being torn to shreds on any witness stand in any reputable court of law, whether local, state or federal. "

Nor is this all!!

Date: Unknown, forwarded to Dennis Paul Morony by NMSU's Dr. Williams, as cited above,along with reply (ha!ha!) of NMSU Chief of Police Jaime Chavez, that we blogged sometime back.
To: Dr. Williams
From: David L. Abbott, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army

"Dr. Williams,

"Mr. Morony sent me the same complant. I have talked to my students in question, and apparently a minor incident did occur with a few inebriated UTEP fans. My cadets did not think the incident noteworthy enough to file a formal complaint.

"I cannot comment about the incident involving the two female photographers that Mr. Morony also relates.


"David L. Abbott,

Lieutenant Colonel, US Army"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Note: The issue here, folk, is not whether Lt. Col. David Abbott won his impressive rows of ribbons while gaining actual combat command experience in Iraq, Afghanistan, or who knows where; or if he instead earned them by a rare facility for falling out of the as*-end of mess trucks during his own cadet years on FTXs.

Instead, the issue is simply this: "What ever happened to the old Brown Shoe Army's dictum of Yes, sir! -- No, M'am! -- No excuse, Sir! ??" Not that the US Marine Corps hasn't had its own share of Lt. Col. Abott-syle losers.

'Cause believe you me, it has!

But! Inasmuch as at least one(1) of "Mr. Morony's two female photographers " mentioned in the colonel's own letter to Dr. Williams, NMSU Board of Regents Chief of Staff, above, is herself clearly indentified by at least one eye-witness as a member of Lt. Col. Abbott's own ROTC unit, well, then??

Just why the f*c* can't he have a comment to make??!!

"The dead hand of the Academic Mafia and their UTEP Sin Cara hoods is long indeed, you better believe it!"

And, folks: That's the moral of this little 'ole story, just one of many that help to weave the fabric with threads of steel, the real life fabric of that warm, fuzzy, feel-good best seller of Fall, 2007:

Day of the Ly'in Hos, the University of Texas at El Paso Story

Copyright: 2005